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Border Crisis Surge Hits Terrifying New Records Under Biden



Border Crisis Surge Hits Terrifying New Records Under Biden-ss-Featured

The border crisis, which began when President Joe Biden took office, just continues to get worse every month.

According to the data provided by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, they apprehended 188,829 illegal immigrants for the month of June. Meanwhile, for July, they came across 210,000. Their total for the fiscal year so far, which will end on Sept. 30, has reached 1.3 million.

The last time the border apprehension rates crossed the 1 million benchmark was back in 2006.

Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies said that the final numbers for the fiscal year will reflect that the border crisis continues to go from one record high to another. It only shows its continuous upward climb into a border crisis that may defy any control, “short of a radical about-face by the Biden administration.”

He also said that the facilities provided by border patrol “are overrun in the crisis’s Texas epicenter, as are hundreds of border communities that have rarely experienced anything like the steadily worsening chaos of wandering immigrants; high-speed car chases; crime; fear of Covid; and widespread insecurity.”

Border Crisis Numbers Set Record Highs Each Month

According to a leaked presidential briefing document, 20% of unaccompanied migrant children who illegally crossed the southern border have tested positive for COVID-19 after Border Patrol had released them into communities.

NBC News managed to obtain the document, which also reveals that 18% of migrant families have tested positive for the virus following their release by the Border Patrol.

The NBC report revealed that, despite the border crisis happening amid a pandemic, migrants do not undergo COVID-19 tests while under Border Patrol custody unless they show symptoms. However, they are all tested when they leave. Those illegal migrants who have been allowed to stay in the country for asylum are also provided tests when they get transferred to the ICE, HHS, or to NGOs.

It further states that, as of Wednesday, Border Patrol has over 15,000 migrants in their custody, per CBP data.

“As of Wednesday, more than 15,000 migrants were in Border Patrol custody, according to Customs and Border Protection data obtained by NBC News,” the report added.

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  • Mark Hiatt says:

    As long as these fucking Democrats are in charge nothing will change

  • Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t any other political official start bitching and start a resistance to what is happening

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe we the people should go and line the border and refuse them entrance to this country. It’s time for this to stop!

  • grinnie says:

    Also just read that they have seized 2.5 million pounds of Meth and Fentynal. (sic)

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Anonymous your right on, locked and loaded

  • The other side says:

    That’s what all you people that voted democrats get. Trump had that shit under control. Thanks for nothing

  • Bob says:

    Someone wants to be King. Pray for America and your grandchildren. Dear Mr Biden its not too late to save your soul and become a real leader. How can you let this happen? You can save your soul. Eternity is forever. I know where I’m going. I will pray for you.

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