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Ted Cruz Calls B.S. on Biden and Harris Not Visiting The Border During Crisis



Ted Cruz Calls B.S. on Biden and Harris Not Visiting The Border During Crisis-ss-Featured

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas slammed both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris the way they're handling the border crisis. He said that by refusing to visit the area, they’re trying to hide how bad the crisis actually is.

In a Fox News appearance, Cruz said the message that the country’s southern border is open has already gone out. Because of this, it became “a natural path” to head to for anyone who intends to do harm.

The senator added that he found it curious when Harris spoke at a press conference. Harris said they enforce the country’s laws when in fact they do not. Cruz described it as a “giant turnstile” with the way the administration is letting people go at the southern border. He then pointed out that the administration is showing footage of the wall. However, they stopped its construction and left gaps open.

He then continued his rant, claiming that Harris refuses to go to the border because reporters will likely follow her. Cruz said the administration doesn’t want this to happen as it is trying to cover up the border crisis.

He then thanked Fox for airing the interview and pointed out that mainstream media wouldn’t because they don’t even acknowledge that the crisis exists. The Senator then claimed this as the reason why neither Harris nor Biden intends to visit the border as it will only increase coverage. He said they didn’t have a solution to the crisis and they’re ready to let it become worse and worse.
The number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the southern border from many different countries saw a significant increase.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection managed to flag over 173,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border for April. In 2020, this number was only over 17,000.

Over 33,000 of those migrants came from countries outside of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico, such as Haiti, Cuba, and even Romania and India.

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