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Ted Cruz Is Stealing Trump’s Ideas Now



A screaming pro-Cruz shill gets shut down hard by a Donald Trump Supporter on CNN.

Ted Cruz went way back bringing out Iowa conservative radio host Steve Deace, a man that was screaming for Cruz way back when Iowa was important. Deace predictably goes nuts on a Donald Trump supporter to dares to mention Colorado in his presence. According to the Cruz camp, Colorado had a vote of a few thousand people which is good enough.

Steve Deace won't stop yelling until he is repeatedly told to calm down by the host and that's when Kayleigh McEnany goes off on him. Showing much more restraint and compassion than her Deace, she makes quick work of his hollow argument.

Ted Cruz's whole campaign has come down to him trying to convince the public that he is now the outside, anti-establishment, politician. A case he would be able to make if he were running against Jeb Bush, but against Donald Trump, it is laughably bad.

The Gop has done everything in their power to make Ted Cruz their representative and he has still failed. Now he is trying to play off his unlikability as being outside the party. Ted Cruz, you are in the party as far as it gets, you're just not very good at politics.

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  • Mikel Snedeker says:

    Most of his ideas were heard many months ago in Trumps speech’s. AND he (Cruz) keeps saying he doesn’t bad mouth Trump then proceeds to go on for ten minutes doing just that. LYING TED.

  • Chris Smith says:

    Let’s see, he’s hated by the establisjhment because he held his promises to Texas to fight the ACA. He schooled Feinstein on the 2nd amendment and so called assault rifles. Donald only recenty has become a champion of the 2nd. I swear I think you Trump humpers woke up yesterday to pay attention. Donald says Ted is hated by the establishment and then says he’s establishment. Do people really suffer from alzheimers? Ted is fighting in the pitsn and now Donald is doing the same by courting delagates, but his mentally inept supporters won’t hhold him to the same standards. I swear people are in some twilight zone with Trtumpm

  • Frank says:

    Ted Cruz has been fighting the establishment since he got elected to the senate. Ted has been the one fighting against illegal immigration way before Donald Trumph ever be gain his run for office. Ted has been fighting for the constitution, to uphold the constitution a proven fighter and a leader.

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