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More Texas Democrats Tested Positive For COVID-19



Austin, Texas, USA at the Texas State Capitol | More Texas Democrats Tested Positive For COVID-19 | featured

An additional two Texas Democrats tested positive for COVID-19, joining three other Texas Democrats with coronavirus who remain outside the state. The lawmakers are currently staying in Washington DC to avoid having to attend the Texas Legislature and avoid a quorum. 

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Five Texas Democrats Tested Positive

According to reports, there are now five Texas state legislature members that tested positive for COVID-19. Coincidentally, the news comes the same day that Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris dropped by Walter Reed Medical Center for a “routine” visit after meeting with Texas lawmakers last week. 

More than 50 Texas Democrats decided to skip town last week to avoid achieving a quorum during a special session of the Texas Legislature.

Instead of attending to business and doing their jobs, the Texas Democrats hopped on a chartered flight to Washington DC to ride it out until time runs out for the session. The more to flee the state effectively obstructed Republicans’ attempt to pass election integrity legislation the Democrats opposed. 

Travel To Washington DC

In their plans to flee Texas, the Democrats chose Washington DC as their destination. They hope to garner support from the rest of the country in their fight against the Democrats.

Instead, they received heavy criticism for posting pictures inside the plane without wearing mandated face masks. Once the authorities found out a member of the fleeing party was COVID-19 positive, the rest of the 50-person group underwent testing. 

Earlier, Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized the Democrats’ move to avoid a quorum as abandoning their sworn jobs. Political experts said that the state can compel these lawmakers to return to Texas to fulfill their job duties.

Abbott did say that he will continue to call for special sessions until the Democrats return. He also threatened to arrest the Democrats once they stepped back into Texas soil. 

What Are They Against?

So what do the Texas Democrats want to avoid? The bill in question aims to strengthen voter ID requirements for mail-in ballots. This was a concern during last year’s presidential campaign and during and after the elections.

However, Abbott dismissed the claims that the voting rights bill makes it harder for citizens to vote. In a tweet on Sunday, he said that “Facts matter.  Reckless rhetoric doesn’t. The Texas election integrity bill doesn’t disenfranchise Texas voters.

It makes elections fair and uniform. Anyone saying that the bill denies people the right to vote is simply lying.”

Watch the NPR video commenting on why Texas Democrats fled to DC over voting rights:

What should Texans do about its absent Democrat lawmakers?

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How do you feel about the Texas Democrats who fled the state? What do you think about their stunt, especially when some of them tested positive for COVID-19? Should Governor Abbott arrest them and compel them to do their jobs?

Tell us what you think. Share your comments below.

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  • Richard Stokes says:

    If anyone,anywhere else,working for any company decided to take a leave of absence to avoid the task at hand, they would be fired. These people were hired by the people to do a job, but because they didn’t like the task, decided to take a vacation to D.C. . Don’t pay them for not doing their job, and arrest them or fire them.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree…

  • john french says:

    they all need to be fired their districts need to vote in better people i really hope the dems are proud of themselves for tearing this great country apart the ring leader of this group “the so called speaker of the dumb” needs to be impeached the Texas dems needed to run home to mommy crying we need help what should we do well i guess the first thing you all should have taken the shot and if you did i guess it did not work the all saying “to bad so sad” stay in DC the Texas people do not need any one who runs from a problem i certainly would not want you in a fox hole with me i guess you are like the little boy who goes to the park he gets ruffed up a little and goes home running to his mommy who is that oh must be nancy

  • Dan Grant says:

    If they were from my state I would be out like all the other protester with a sign to get rid of them they work for the people / people /people/ come on fire their asses and lock them up . NU WAY TO DO THEIR JOBS.

  • LRBJR says:

    Impeach Them or Indict them, Sue them for Breach of Trust (if possible).. make it very painful. Indict them for Insurrection.

  • LRBJR says:

    Add charges of Dereliction of Duty, Make them provide proof of Covid 19 positive tests and force quarantine when they return for proof of antibodies if and if none file fraud charges

  • BINH THAI says:


  • Robert says:

    Without any hesitation these marxist dems should be arrested, put on trial and placed in the rottenest prison we can find. Preferably we can rent space in a Mexican prison to accommodate this worthless garbage. Embezzlement should be one of the charges if this group of lowlifes put in for one cent of salary or expenses

  • Anonymous says:

    It is completely wrong. They have done exactly what the younger generation is doin by refusing to go to work. They need to be fined and suspended without pay. It is their job to stay and fight for what they believe

  • Drifter says:

    I want to know who is paying for all this stupidity!! They are the ones who deserved JAIL time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David says:

    So did they get arrested or is Abhot a true RINO? it’s shocking to hear how many democrat politicians in Tx. It’s hard to take the flu seriously when the party saying how dangerous it is, and how badly they want to kill people with the “vaccine” doesn’t take it seriously. Interesting, it was like that all last year too, pelosi, newsom, nadler, waters, and on and on and on.

  • anonymous says:

    I agree with all the above. Shame on Texas voters for putting such rotten garbage in office.
    Seems no one wants to work and do the job the best they can. They took an oath to do a job, running off to DC is not doing their job. Maybe all of them will get the virus, if so bar them from coming back, and if they do come back, do not give them any pay while they are gone when they come back fire them and lock them up. Let them pay the price for their stupid actions.

  • BBA says:

    Too bad COVID has such a good survival rate in this situation.

  • sherril henderson says:

    Pass a bill that if they don’t stay and do their sworn duty as a representative they would automatically be kicked out of office. How does these type of people get elected in the first place? They are part of the problem in this country. Everyone knows they were paid to do this. Nothing is out of bounds for these kind of people!!!!

  • Linda says:

    Don’t believe any of them test positive. Can’t force them back to Texas if they are quarantined. Just another lie to keep laws from being passed to make voting secure in the state of Texas.

  • Wilson says:

    It sure looks like a rebellion to me. If Texas doesn’t have any laws to cover this, then make them quick. Fine them for everyday they are gone and charge them for everyone else’s paycheck while they could not vote because of their absence . If they refuse to pay the fines impeach them and send them back to their districts. Inspire the people in their districts to start recall petitions. They surely cannot be happy with this type of representation.

  • ali says:

    Wow, look at that using the China virus to their advantage. I’ll say it again Republicans better learn how to fight dirtier if they want to keep this country from imploding!!

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