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Texas Gov. Abbott Announces Plan to End State Mask Mandate and More



Texas Governor Greg Abbott-Texas Gov. Abbott Announces Plan to Fully Open Businesses and End State Mask Mandate-ss-Featured

Gov. Greg Abbott announced his plans to open Texas “100%” by next week. This comes almost a year after COVID-19 first started spreading throughout the country and in different places around the world.

The Republican governor announced his plans of issuing an executive order, which will rescind previous orders implemented in the state. By next Wednesday, all businesses in Texas will now have permission to fully reopen. On top of this, the mask mandate in the state will be nullified.

Abbott stated that rescinding these orders “does not end personal responsibility,” in connection to his decisions. He reminded people to have “personal vigilance” and to continue following the safety precautions required to limit the spread of COVID-19. Abbott then explained that the removal of the orders just means that they’re no longer needed.

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The Texas governor then mentioned several positive data findings while laying out the state’s plan for reopening. These findings include a decrease in active COVID-19 cases and hospital treatments. They also included the lowest positivity rate recorded in Texas in months.

In connection to this, Abbott also mentioned that vaccinations contributed a lot to Texas’ ability to reopen safely. He added that health officials are expecting 7 million more doses to be distributed across Texas by next Wednesday.

Abbott then said that they expect all seniors to have the ability to receive shots when they want to “in the next few months.”


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  • Paul says:

    Great decision! I hope Florida will follow.

  • David says:

    This is not only common sense it’s great for the people! The “science” is clear, they’re not needed, not effective and not wanted. California, NY, etc., will be COMMUNISTICALLY ORDERING them for years.

  • William Poston says:

    How about West Virginia. Talk about Almost Heaven

  • Chas says:

    It’s the only right thing to do at this point…! Are government has shown that they are drunk with power!……🇺🇸……

  • Lynn says:

    Conveniently all the politicians have been inoculated. I know many 65 and above who tried and were not able to get the shot. I am a public school Teacher turning 65 this month. I was not eligible for the shot. The only teachers in my district in the southern part of San Antonio are the ones with health issues or who pretended to have health issues. We have had more that 20 adult staff get COVID in the last year, 8 high school students last week and almost one every day this school year. Sure it is safe to put 2000 kids back in the building.

    Has any politician walked the halls of a 6A high school. Apparently not.

  • David Mac says:

    I don’t believe any one will ever know the true numbers regarding COVID-19 illnesses and deaths; it has become too political to trust any government agency. But one thing is for certain, businesses – especially small businesses – suffered the most the past 12 months.
    It is past time to open up the economy. May more business survive than don’t.

  • Chase says:

    It’s time for the teachers to get there ass’s back into school. They are getting paid to stay home. Many of them are not even staying home, but rather off on vacation and still getting paid I might add. These teacher unions are not for the kids, nor the tax payers…many of these schools that remain close tax payers are still flippin the cost to run them with no one in them. I don’t hear anybody mentioning that the tax payers should be refunded for the year or better that they have remain closed! I believe either the teachers show up back to work in school, or fire them. I am sure there is many unemployed teachers out there who would love to have a good paying union job in today’s economy!


    America, Is time for all 50 states to open up. Thank you Governor Greg Abbott for opening our Lone Star State, TEXAS. May God Bless America.
    May God bless you Governor Abbott.

  • Tl says:

    This is the same BASTARD that said everything was ok april 2020…lots of people have died …my friends family members WE BURY ONE TOMMORROW!!!!This bastard knows nothing!!!..the virus is real ..just because your vaccinated means NOTHING… THE VIRUS IS OUT THERE!!!HE SHOULD SERIOUSLY RESIGN..

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    We have to be responsible for ourselves and our families, like we did during the last two flu events. Stores still have the right to require customers to wear masks so don’t dump yours.

  • Jude says:

    This planned destroyer of freedom, forcing mail in ballots (covid was excuse), ruining small businesses, causing deaths, etc should end in all states. Of course. It will not. I have not worn a mask nor do I intend to do so. This should be your choice and if folks feel the need to do so for the rest of their lives, that is okay. This was a super strain of deadly flu, nothing more.

  • Cecil Simmons says:

    It’s about time.. all this shit is bogus. I never have been in favor of this communist bullshit.. THERE’S TWO WAYS’S TO CONTROL THE PEOPLE. WITH FORCE OR WITH FEAR..THEY’RE USING FEAR RIGHT NOW.. BUT EVENTUALLY THEY WILL USE FORCE..

  • Frank Garza says:

    No now is not the what kind of idiots believe this is the right time to open Texas 100%. The Governor is the biggest idiots of all what he wants control of the State just like tRump wanted control of the United States

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