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Thailand Fights For It’s Life Versus An Unknown Enemy



  • Five providences in Thailand were attacked as eleven different bombs went off in the span of twenty-four hours.
  • So far only four people are pronounced dead.
  • Thai authorities do not believe that the bombings are related to any Islamic State activity.
  • No one, so far, has come forward and claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Five providences in Thailand were attacked yesterday, eleven different bombs ripped through the cities in less than twenty-four hours. This calculated attack may just be the most devastating that Thailand has experienced in years.

So far, only four people have been reported dead, but over thirty people have been claimed to have been injured in the attack.

The thing that is making Thailand officials worried is, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Not only that but now they are questioning if the attacks were even connected. Thai police have said that there is no evidence that links the attacks to international terrorism.

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As a news conference on Friday the Deputy Police Spokesman Maj. Gen. Piyapan Pingmuang said, “These incidents are different from the usual terrorist acts, they are more local sabotage on certain locations and provinces.”

Authorities think that the evidence points to a local hit. The attack came just days before the one-year anniversary of the Erawan Shrine Bombing, which claimed the lives of twenty people. The country had also voted on a new constitution just five days before the attacks happened. Even though officials are suspecting that the attacks were from a local in Thailand , they do not believe that the bombings are linked to the Erawan Shrine Bombing.


  • The first explosion occurred at 3 pm in Tang providence, killing one man and injuring six.
  • Two more bombs went off in the resort town of Hua Hin, one at 10:15 pm and the other at 11 pm, one woman died and 21 people were injured.
  • Two bombings occurred at Phuket, Friday morning, one at 7:45 am and the other at 8:45 am.
  • Two bombings happened in Surat Thani, one at 8:01 am, the other at 8:30 am.
  • Two bombings also went off in the Phang-nga Providence at 9 am.

The majority of the bombs hit local resort locations. The bombs were hidden inside tree planters, near bars, or beach locations. Since the bombs were placed in such dense population areas, it's lucky that more people weren't hurt.

Scott, a local of Phuket for five years told CNN, “People really don't seem to care. Just as long as they can do what they want to do with their holiday.”

Well, whatever the statement was that the person (or people) was trying to make with these bombings, doesn't seem to be working. Let's just hope that they aren't planning something bigger later.

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