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All Lives Matter: The Desensitization Of America



I'm worried.

The American population seems to be numb to the images, videos, and stories of brutal deaths that take place every day in our country. You can find videos of suicides, pictures of severed heads, and images of bombing victims by easily going to Google and typing it in. Then, for the people who know where to look, there are small communities, hidden deep within the internet, of people who share videos of deaths online. How unimportant has human life become, that videos and images such as these can exist?

Yet the problem is that you can't get rid of the images either. You can't make a list of things you can censor and things you can't. It's wrong to take away the people's freedom of press or expression. Yet, the growing number of videos and images like this show a drastic change in the American people.

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However, what do you expect when stories of murder and violence are broadcast on a twenty-four-hour basis? How can we expect the new generation to be “sensitive” to human life when there are movies that depict its ill importance? Or games that allow you to take someone's life into your own hands?

It's only been seventy years since it was considered immodest for women to not wear bras in public. Look how far we have come in those seventy years. Now there are books and movies glorifying people who have no regard for human life. American Pyscho for example. A movie about a man who is so self-involved in himself that taking the life of another person is as easy as eating cereal.

The thing that worries me the most, however, is how do you re-sensitize a desensitized nation?

How do we gain back the respect for human life? People are dying on a daily basis for no reason. People get angry, people get self-involved, and they take the only thing that makes them feel powerful: another life. We can't continue to allow that.

We must regain that sensitivity for human life. People are important. Lives do matter.

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