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Election 2016

The Election Is Too Easy For Trump



Trump Might Have The Nomination In The Bag, see more at:

Trump Might Have The Nomination In The Bag (Image: FastCompany)

In a recent poll by NBC/ The Wall Street Journal/ and Marist, it shows Trump up by 15 points for the Indiana Presidential Primary tomorrow. If he keeps on that track, all of Senator Ted Cruz’s hopes to stop the GOP front-runner will be washed down the drain.

At the moment, without Indiana, Trump needs to win 46% of the rest of the delegates to get the 1,237 delegates needed to win him the nomination. Indiana is the tipping point. Indiana awards its 57 delegates in a winner-take-all fashion, as well as winner-take-all in each congressional district. Therefore, if Trump wins, Trump wins. That would mean that he would only need to win 40% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. The hope for Cruz and Kasich to stop the powerhouse front-runner would be all but defeated.

It’s not necessarily because of the Kasich/Cruz alliance that Ted Cruz is having such a hard time, but a poll, again by NBC/The Wall Street Journal/ and Marist, shows that 58% of likely Republican primary voters disapprove of the said alliance. Now Cruz needs to win 130% of the primaries to win the nomination. 

Not only has the alliance between Cruz and Kasich backfired in a big way, but now even delegates who had been on Cruz’s side are starting to warm up to Trump. After his giant victory last Tuesday, winning five states all in one day, it appears that Cruz supporters are getting spooked. Of the ten North Dakota delegates on the Cruz slate reached by National Review, five express serious reservations about backing the Texas senator on that crucial first ballot. It seems that Trump continues to gain more favor, power, and speed as the primary elections go on. To make matters worse, Senator Ted Cruz is coming at this race with a win or die trying attitude. Recently he was asked if he would back Donald Trump if he got the nomination, the senator refused to answer. Not only would he not answer, he said he believes that Trump will lose to Hillary if he gets the GOP nomination. “If we lose this, we lose our country. We lose the Supreme Court for a generation, religious liberty is taken away, our kids are bankrupted,” he said.

Not to discourage Bernie Sanders but his hopes and “promise” for a contested convention are very far from reality. The Democratic nomination isn’t determined by just pledged delegates. A candidate becomes the presumptive nominee when he or she crosses the 2,383 magic number consisting of both pledged delegates and superdelegates. Now in 2008 Obama passed that “magic number” with massive help from superdelegates, which consisted of 20% of all delegates (not it only 15%). Yet if we go by only ‘pledged’ delegates Hillary now has a delegate lead that is three times the size of Obama’s back in 2008. Not to mention that Clinton has 61% of all delegates compared to Sanders 39%. Clinton has to win 19% of pledged delegates t0 win the nomination, whereas Sanders has to win 81% to get the nomination.

It’s becoming clear that the Presidential election is going to come down to Trump and Hillary.



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  • Name says:

    Two many against him

  • Landon Paxson says:

    He will win

  • Jude McGregor says:

    Surely you jest when you make the statement about this election cycle being to easy for Mr Trump. Most all news printed has been nothing but negative. Almost All of the established GOP in Washington has been very vocal about their dislike of Mr Trump. The voters have had their say ( a large percentage ) has supported Mr Trump. Just look at all of the money these Never Trump folks & Super Pacs have spent against him. Finally, I think we as Americans that love our country have had our fill of politicians that are only interested in padding their pockets, living the good life for Life at the expense of the voters. I honestly do believe that the ones who hate Mr Trump so would rather have Hildabeast in theWH. That includes many supposedly conservatives.

  • Peggy Harvey says:

    It isn’t easy for anyone who is trying to make his or her points and people don’t pay attention to what is going on or said around them, I really hope Trump wins, he is for the people, and he isn’t using the peoples money.

  • Denny says:

    Mr. Trump SPEAKS TO THE COMMON PEOPLE NOT AS A POLITICIAN, NOT BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT, BUT AS A PERSON WHO KNOWS BUSINESS. Peopl are angry as He** regarding the illegals taking out jobs at half price, sneaking int our country and depleteing bennefitts for Americans, Taking our Social Security, Getting the Earned Income Tax Credit which rtget do not deserve. Kick the llegaALS OUT. dEPORT THEM. iFTHEY WANT TO COME BACK LEGALLY, THATS FINE. come BACK. but COME BACK AS Americans NOT law breakers.

  • nurse1935 says:

    Too many of our countrymen are angry enough to go along with his LIES and his continual DEMONIZING of the other candidates and chose this smut mouth/lying man who starts every question with the song and dance about his success as a builder is, how much money he has and how stupid all the other candidates are. Ted Cruz, God Bless him, should be the front runner and his intelligence far surpasses King Trump!

  • Gregory J. Kuhl says:

    This election is not about candidates running, it’s ; ” Gotta stop Trump! Let’s gang up on him and jump him!” Schoolyard gangland bully tactics. What a bunch of whimps! My man,Trump!

  • John Adelman says:

    The system is very frail due to corruption from within. Trump just exposed the failures, and gained more and more respect.

    Many spend more time celebrating Thanksgiving than considering a Presidential candidate. Lives are busy and what we expect if more Government and More Taxes, no matter what name it is given.

    Trump is not going to hurt any individuals Special Interest. Government has always be a terrific place for THEFT from employer.

    Why is every new Law, a BILL, before it is LAW? Oh, it’s going to COST US..

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