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The Gravy Train Has Stopped



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When state economies hastily closed in mid-March amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Congress rushed to pass the $2.2 trillion CARES Act. The economic stimulus bill included $1,200 checks for many Americans, and an overly generous weekly $600 federal unemployment boost to the nearly 40 million Americans who found themselves out of a job.

For 6 out of 7 workers, the $600 federal unemployment benefit coupled with their state unemployment payout, left them in a better position than when they were working. As businesses began to reopen across the country, many employers struggled to bring back workers who were making significantly more money from unemployment.

As of July 31, the $600 benefit has expired, and officials have indicated that a compromise is not close to being reached. Democrats have sought to reinstitute the $600/week supplement until January of 2021, which will cost billions of dollars in taxpayer money and increase dependence on government redistribution of wealth. Republicans introduced a much more modest $200/week supplement in their proposal for a second stimulus package, but the package has been panned by Democrats.

Since the Democrats and Republicans introduced their proposed packages, a third unemployment proposal has surfaced, coming from Republican Senators Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Martha McSally. The newest attempt at a compromise offers federal unemployment benefits of $400 or $500 per week in addition to state benefits. In September, the benefits would move to a flat supplement of $400/week, and in October – December, recipients would receive 80% of their prior wages, or a maximum of $300/week.

This decreasing or “weaning off” approach to benefits seems to strike a middle ground that encourages the unemployed to get back to work, but Democrats are dragging their feet. Now, the House of Representatives is in their August recess, with the Senate to follow at the end of the week.

President Trump has been vocal about his support of additional stimulus money for the American people, signing a measure to provide an extra $400 in weekly unemployment benefits this past Saturday.

The mainstream media has been supportive of a renewal of the $600/week benefit, citing it as critical aid for families, especially for part-time, low-wage, and freelance workers. Despite the reluctance of the unemployed to return to work, the focus is on the “meager” unemployment benefits some states pay. Unemployment benefits vary by state and can range from $5 to $1,234.

It is only a small number of workers that receive a state’s minimum payment, typically those that barely earned enough wages over the past year to qualify for unemployment benefits. “Mixed earners” who make an income from more than one type of work will also earn lower benefits – but may still be earning from one or more jobs while collecting unemployment. The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program had already extended the $600/week benefit to include self-employed, freelance, independent contractors, and gig workers that were previously not eligible for the benefits.

It is time for Americans to get back to work, and ending the over-reliance on government programs and taxpayer dollars is the first step in repairing the economy. If Democrats were willing to use common sense, a fifth round of aid could have been approved last week.


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  • Mae Winkler says:

    People want to work. It’s healthy and good for the soul to earn a days wage.
    This is too much Government control. We plead for independence of big government. Let the businesses open. Let the people work again.

  • Tyer Roger D. says:

    I know that our government faces big decisions but they are either acting like kids on both parties or the are in recess

  • Tyer Roger D. says:

    I know that our government faces big decisions but they are either acting like kids on both parties or the are in recess for a dam vacation. If our government deciders would quit worrying about how to outdo each other,, I think 🤔 things will be a lot better!!!!!!

  • Paula B Winkler says:

    I am a senior citizen and it kills me to see my grandchildren who HAD great jobs until this virus and now WONT go back to work because they are making more on unemployment than they did working. Two of them refused to go back to work when offered their job back and are still living on unemployment. They both had ESSENTIAL jobs. I thought that if you QUIT your job, you were not allowed to draw unemployment because it is your choice to quit and you could draw if your employer was at fault like hazardous workplace etc. I only quit one job in my life. I quit because I was working 80+ hours on a salaried 40 hour job, hard manual labor that caused lots of pain. Ways told by my doctor to get some help On the position or resign due to it was causing my body damage. The unemployment group sided with me and allowed me to draw but only for 3 months. I chose to quit. I did not file for unemployment. They contacted me. Now one of my granddaughters are living with her 1 year old baby with her boyfriends parents free of charge (not the baby daddy), don’t have to buy groceries or anything for the baby, boyfriend don’t work either. She fills out any form she finds from the government to get money. She just got $5000 and won’t tell me or her mother how. I love my granddaughter very much but I do not these types of influences to her and eventually her son. She is a true believer that we have White Privilege. She then laughs every time she says White Privilege . Really makes me mad. I only have between my husband and a Few hundred left from our Social Security each month and money rolls off trees for a 25 year old single mother. That’s not right for the country’s tax money going to support lazy, disrespectful, kids in the thousands and we seniors who worked their whole life are living off pennies. Does nobody monitor this? Are the people in Washington over this “free” money so scared of the “groups” or “organizations” which really are thieves, thugs and brats, that they can’t tell them “NO YOU DO NOT QUALIFY!”. Are they Afraid they might say NO to the wrong color? That’s what it looks like. I have enough respect for our country that I would never cheap my fellow tax payers like that. I was raised not to be that way and I’m in my 60s and I never will be that way. We raised our son to work for what he was Wanted and we helped pay for 4 years of college but he wanted a doctorate and he got it and paid for it and worked full time. He now has a great home, just proposed to his girlfriend, No kids, a great job and takes care of himself with no help from no one. I wonder if others feel as I do about the was kids are today? I’m talking 25-35 years old. Old enough to know better. I’m sick of seeing everything handed to them for free. I’ve tried stepping back and looking at it from the other side of the pond but every time I try, I just drown.

    • Regina R Kamedula says:

      I’m right there with you in those thoughts. You are absolutely right.

    • Cindy says:

      Paula, I understand and agree w every word you wrote! Only the names changed. Breaks my heart the little ones are going to suffer bc of the disrespect and indifference of their 20 to 35 yr old parents. I go thru stages feeling I must have failed but then realize I too worked 2 jobs, attended college and raised 2 hard working daughters w help of my parents who instilled that work ethic in me. Most of my grandchildren have chosen to stand on their own feet and be self supporting but then there are a couple who think the world owes them a living. Hurts! So I’m sure we are not alone. I wish I had all the answers to the solutions. Thank you for your message. You have made my day!

  • Devria says:

    Get your fact straight. The Democrats only wanted to continue the $600 if it included a lot of non related items that benefited only a few so they refused to consider anything else. President Trump signed an order to continue a $400 bonus the Democrats refused to except without their perks.

  • Brian says:

    People for the most part want to work at least where I am at. It’s the business owners here that won’t open up to put people back to work.
    They received their PPP loans and said screw the little man that put
    them where they are today. The business owners should be ashamed
    leaving their loyal long time employees out to dry.

  • Kazoo86 says:

    My wife and I are still waiting our stimulus check, with an AGI, of $68K, we should qualify. If it ain’t pay by next year, I will deduct it from any taxes owed

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