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The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming!



The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming!, see more at:…lamic-are-coming/

The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming! (Image: HungarianAmbiance)

The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming!, see more at:…lamic-are-coming/

The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming! (Image: Heavy)

We have been warned. Multiple times the Islamic State has told us, whether it be with their not so subtle actions or with literal threats, we have been warned that they are coming for us. We know that they have come forward and admitted to having a mole inside one of the top levels of the British government, and they said it was their plan to infiltrate America and England secretly. We are not taking necessary actions to protect ourselves. It has just come forward that 369 suspected Islamic extremists have been found hidden within the refugees that have just entered Germany. 

680,000 refugees are scheduled to come into America under the order of President Barack Obama. A couple of numbers have been thrown about with how many refugees have entered Germany so far, but an estimated 1 million is the closest number. Now although 369 ISIS radicals doesn’t seem like much compared to the 1 million refugees that have entered, yet that doesn’t include the 600,000 refugees that Germany has “lost track of”. With that the estimated 100,000 conversions to Islam in Germany, you get a frightening number of enemies behind friendly lines.

The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming!, see more at:…lamic-are-coming/

The Islamic Are Coming, The Islamic Are Coming! (Image: The Razor)

Along with those conversions to radical Islam, we are seeing increasing numbers of small, but tragic, attacks around the world involving ISIS. Train stabbings, car bombs, shootings, everywhere that the Islamic State seems to plant themselves in soon becomes a baby war zones, resulting in death and harm to innocent people. It has been confirmed that around 60% of migrants entering Germany cannot be accounted for because they do not have proper identification, which results in the “lost” migrants.

Again that goes back to 600,000 (which I stated above) possible Islamic radicals enter into Germany with no problem at all. If America has the same statistics as Germany does that means roughly 60% of our intended 680,000 migrants will be untraceable, in turn, there could be 408,000 Islamic radicals enter into America without so much as a questioning glance. It only took three men to cause the damage that they did in Brussels, only a handful of men were needed to destroy New York during 9/11 and yet we have potentially 408,000 men coming into our country with the intent to harm our people.

It is time for us to greatly consider our safety because we have migrants sneaking into America every day from the southern border. What happened during 9/11 was a tragedy and was completely unexpected (so they’ve told us) and it has taken us years to piece back together that wound that was formed after that event. We are in the midst of a new election, we have an old President getting relaxed and ready to leave, and we are trying to vote for the new President that is going to come in and take over. We are vulnerable, we are weak but only for the moment. If there was going to be an attack it would be now.


And it seems like ISIS knows that and they are slowly putting their pawns in place.

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  • David says:

    Because we are not taking the fight to them!

  • Frank Corby says:

    I agree the Islamic are coming. Actually they are already here and more will follow each month unless Trump wins the election.

  • Name says:

    No problem, I’ll blow the sand niggers away from a mile out….

  • Howleyesque says:

    Yep, as the Liperal CHILDREN pretend that there is NO problem.

  • Ron says:

    All you have to do is look at Europe and see that they are under siege with migration Jihad. Their society is being destroyed with political correctness.

  • Erika says:

    Islam (ISIS) are not coming, they are already here and they are dangerous. We Westeners are too tolerant (and civilized) and not agressive enough to stop them. I guess only Military action will be able to rid us of that perasite.
    Not only do we allow them into our western culture, they are voted into office in certain cities. We allow them to demonstrate and make demands to change our laws to appease them. They will destroy the western civilization and we have no one to blame but ourselfes for letting it all happen.

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