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The Islamic State Has It’s Hands In Our Government




Yesterday a group of ISIS operatives, linked to Britain, released a list of U.S. military personnel and called for their murder by fellow Muslims. The military personnel are believed to have been involved in drone strikes, against ISIS, in Iraq. It was a full day of bearing gifts from the Islamic State, they also announced that they have a mole working inside the British military. Referring to him as their, “brother in the UK.”

Of course, the Minister of Defence in Britain refused to make any comment.


The hackers that released the information are believed to have been led by Junaid Hussain, who was killed in a drone strike last year. They have promised to get vengeance for his killing. The Islamic State warned that they have another list that contains “secret information” on the location of other U.S. personnel that they say was gathered by their mole inside Britain.

To validate their threats, the terrorist organization boasted about their next leak of information on their website (according to the Express):

“In our next leak, we may even disclose secret intelligence the Islamic State has just received from a source the brothers in the UK have spent some time acquiring from the Ministry of Defence as we slowly and secretly infiltrate England and the USA online and off.”

It has grown more and more apparent that ISIS is fully aware of the damage they can cause electronically. We have seen numerous cases where teens or young adults, have been converted by the Islamic State through Facebook or other social media sites.

The Islamic State has just announced their intentions. They plan to “secretly infiltrate England and the USA online and off.” Those are their words. Many years ago a dictator wrote a book telling the world of his plans, Mein Kampf, and no one read it and no one listened. The result was the Holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of people died because we didn’t pay attention. Now our technology is more advanced, and yet so is theirs. We have been warned of their plans and we must take action accordingly.

In an attack like this, we find ourselves skating on thin ice. We can’t become too paranoid that everyone becomes an enemy because after all that could be their plan, and yet we can’t be so relaxed that we aren’t prepared for anything. We as a country need to pay attention and fight against the Islamic State. No one knows how close they already are.

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  • Gary Sanzone says:

    Currently too much chaos in the American govt. with election process. With a weaken guard on national vigilence opportune time for infiltration and influence of bureaucracy and policy. Are we 100 percent alert and aware as we should be at protecting are inner core?

  • Bob says:

    Obama has loaded his czars with Muslim9s aND Valarie Jarret is a Muslim as is Humans Abaden.


  • Bill says:


  • Bob Loblaw says:

    Your quote from the VFW guy is directly in opposition to the facts laid out lower down.
    Killing men strengthens the idea that is the foundation of ISIS.
    Moreover, military solutions to a cyberspace threat is asinine and counterproductive.
    The US military may be the finest most powerful fighting force in history, it is still a sledgehammer good for resistance that must be smashed. When cockroaches infest a home, a sledgehammer is not the tool.
    Islamic terrorism is amorphous and multidimensional, killing the leader only creates other leaders who have martyrs to bolster new support.

  • Gary Flor says:

    This administration has made most, if not all, decisions concerning ISIS in their favor. This is treacherous, and our Congress has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop them, except yell how they are going to do this or that. Then they proceed to do NOTHING!!!!

  • Jude McGregor says:

    Why would any one with a brain not know that. Obama has loaded our government departments, the WH, etc with radicals, Muslims, degenerates & only my God knows what else. He said he would transform America. & that he has done.

  • omccobg says:

    Muslim Brotherhood all around White House, Clintons, think tanks!!

  • Teresa Dickens says:

    Why else would they be trying to take away out 2nd amendment, remove “Under God” from everything from money to all the government buildings to the original writing that established our groverment in the first place.

  • Name says:

    The President

  • Denny says:

    How did this happen? Ask Obama who is a Muslim.

  • Stacy Church says:

    Were do you think they get all there weapons, and why is it they drive brand new Toyota pickups. yes I think that our great ol Obama has something to do with it.

  • Terry says:

    Obummer is a muslim sympathizer. He stated when he ran for office the first time, ” if it came down to protecting the USA or muslims he would pick the muslims. Sad, very sad time in our history. A traitor president doing all he can to destroy the only last great hope on the planet.

  • William Scully says:

    Nothing would surprise me

  • Clifford Singletary says:

    Obama is Muslim no doubt now right? He has brought other Muslim into the White House and appointed many in our government and his cabinet. He will not secure our borders so Isis cane walk right into the US. They have gotten into our country and put together cells. They plan to attack our country when they are given the order. They have arrived here also though I Obama bringing immigrants from places like Syria and other country’s without the government getting them. We are going to give our country to the Muslim faith and shiria law! He promised Americans change! Hope all the voters can live with the fact they voted to elect him!

  • Gordon Dolley says:

    Obama is one of them! Who were the first organization in invited into the White House? Muslim Brotherhood! Then he refused to meet with Israeli Mr. Netanyahu.



  • Name says:

    Obama wants more isis Syrian rufugees to come into our country.there is no way to vet them,he wants to destroy our country like he has been doing with his policies

  • GENE T. BASS says:


  • Don R Brown says:

    Obama has placed far too many “czars” into government, and too many of them are Islamics.

  • Donna Hunt says:

    Reports of Muslims raping and killing Americans . Illegals trying to take over everywhere.

  • HelenBack says:

    the muslimbrotherhood had been appointed by barry sotero

  • Forrest London says:

    look at how many are working and visiting the white house and clintons top aid

  • Leo Jablonski says:

    Just look at the news.

  • Stan Feinberg says:

    OBAMA is too soft on killing them because they are his BROTHERS.

  • Pam says:

    I agree because it’s obvious that these terrorists are already in this country, determined to remain here, and determine to take over. Obama has done nothing to stop this; he has in fact, encouraged this.

  • Jack Motter says:

    I don’t believe that ISIS has infiltrated our government and country. ISIS has been invited into our country and appointed to high government positions by Obama. This is a gross failure of our elected officials.

  • Connie Ellis says:

    Just look at the number of Muslims President Obama has appointed to key positions within the White House. It’s very disturbing!

  • Dosia says:

    They are everywhere.

  • Bella Gray says:

    Easy answer Obama!

  • Bella says:

    They need cleaned out of every position in our government! Every refugee needs removed and resettled back in the Middle East in safe-zone. We need to stop paying out foreign aid period. Even emergency aid outside our country has to have a cap, and no aid beyond that amount is every allowed to be paid out. We have to stop paying out money we don’t have.

  • Bella says:

    They need cleaned out of every position in our government! Every refugee needs removed and resettled back in the Middle East in a safe-zone. We need to stop paying out foreign aid period. Even emergency aid outside our country has to have a cap, and no aid beyond that amount is ever allowed to be paid out. We have to stop paying out money we don’t have.

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