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Donald Trump Is Victorious



Trump won a landslide victory in Indiana and Ted Cruz suspended his campaign as a result.

Ted Cruz's said “with a heavy heart, but boundless optimism” he is suspending his campaign on Tuesday evening.

This was the same day that Cruz had called Trump a pathological amoral mindless liar. All the same, I am glad that once Ted Cruz saw there was no chance at victory, he decided to drop out.

Now, if only Kasich would look at the math, do everyone a favor, and drop out as well.

Donald Trump also gave a pretty somber (by his standards) victory speech in which he thanked Ted Cruz for doing the right thing. A thing which he said was very brave and hard to do. Trump also spoke of the important task ahead of him of bringing unity to the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has declared him their presumptive presidential nominee.

Donald Trump can finally turn all his attention to beating Hillary Clinton. Trump has defeated sixteen other candidates and now he will just have one more.

However, Hillary won't go down easy and she will be backed by a rabid liberal fan base that will do anything to get her elected. It's sad to say that this will undoubetly be the dirtest election we will have ever seen.

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  • Felicity says:

    I think that Mr Trump should not be underestimated, we have had a farmer, a movie star, a family who think that they are God (Bush) as Presidents, this businessman will correct the wrongs of Hussein Obama and Fatima Merkel.

  • Tom Connell says:

    we need term limits some of those old politicians just never leave. We need new ideas.

  • Tom Connell says:

    we need term limits some of those old politicians just never leave. We need new ideas.

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