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The Philippines Is Addicted To Violence



The Philippines is in a state of national crises right now. One in which the police are openly slaughtering drug users and dealers at the President’s request, while the national chief of the police protests the actions. I have rarely seen anything like this before.

The police along with local death squads have taken to the street, killing anyone they find suspected of anything drug related. Over 1,900 people have been killed in about two months time. That comes to about 36 people a day.

Now, the Filipino population seems fairly split on this issue with half liking the direction the nation is going and the other half fearing for the future of their country.

This has all been done under the command of their newly elected President Duterte who, putting it mildly, is outspoken about what his country needs. He won a narrow victory at the beginning of the year and has wasted no time in implementing the change he wants to see in his country.

However, no one can argue that openly murdering every level of drug offender isn’t on the extream side. Also, with so much of the violence being public executions by citizens, I have no doubt that many of those killed were probably innocent of all crimes.

Now, for the moment, this does seem to be what the majority of Filipinos  want. Where do you stand? Is this a necessary evil or have they gone too far?

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