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The System Is So Rigged It’s Broken



Rigged System

The term rigged system has been thrown around all week.

The right has used it to express the idea that Donald Trump isn’t getting a fair shake from the GOP. Whoever you support in the fight, it’s hard to argue against the fact that the GOP is doing everything in their power to prevent the candidate with the majority vote from winning (however small a majority that may be).

The left is facing the same thing to an even worse extent. I know that there is no love lost from our site for the democrat’s side, but the truth is that their voters don’t want Hillary in the White House any more than we do. The super delegates are the least democratic thing I can think of and makes me happy that at least the Republican Party hasn’t instituted such a monumental attack on the voice of the people.

While it is hard to feel sympathy for the “opponents”, the truth is that they aren’t our opponents yet. Any Bernie Sanders supporter who looks at the way Trump is being treated by his party and says good, is missing a bigger point. The same forces on the left conspiring to stop Bernie Sanders from winning are the same forces on the right united against Trump.

It makes no difference who you want as president, you have to understand that our vote is being stolen from us.

Both Trump and Sanders have succeeded in rallying the disenfranchised voters who are sick of the status quo establishment agenda, only to find out that, guess what? Their vote really didn’t matter.

Donald Trump lost Colorado with no votes being cast. A victory that Ted Cruz has reveled in, saying “we won through superior organization.” Is superior organization what the founding fathers had in mind when picking a president?


Bernie Sanders has won 7 out of 8 contests against Hillary Clinton and yet he hasn’t even come close to catching her. She started the race with 25% of the needed count. Imagine playing a football game where your opponent starts at 14 points. All they would have to do is play defense.

Sanders won Wyoming with a commanding lead and yet only got half of the delegates that Hillary got. That is clearly a rigged system.

If Hillary makes it to the White House, it’s not the voters you have to blame. It’s the corrupt party that is stealing the election.

As far as the GOP is concerned they had a monumental opportunity on their hands. Their voters, who felt constantly betrayed by the system, came out in force to support a very unlikely candidate in Donald Trump.

And instead of recognizing this and channeling the anger and frustration, the Republican Party ignored it, hoped it would go away, and now are actively engaged in stopping it.

Furthermore, does anyone really believe that the Republican Party will give Ted Cruz the nomination when he has fewer delegates and states then Trump? Ted Cruz, who the GOP hates more than every single other person not named Donald Trump?

The GOP is using Ted Cruz and once his usefulness has come to pass, they will discard him and pick a Mitt Romney or a Paul Ryan or even Jeb Bush. Someone who really embodies the spirit of the powerful elite that runs this country.

History will prove 2016 to be an election cycle of monumental importance. Where both parties had the chance to listen and learn from the people, but instead chose to fight them and cast them out.

So, when you get to the ballot box in November and you have the choice between Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan, who will you vote for? After all, it’s a two-party system, you have to vote for one of them.

The system doesn’t work. The system is rigged.


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  • Cliff says:

    The people are suppose to be the ones to pick not the elete.

  • Paul Wayboer says:

    The system has been rigged for years. Our founding fathers never had a 2 party political system in mind. They would roll over in their graves if they knew. If everyone were forced to run independently, their would be a lot less corruption. What we have now is an absolute travesty!!!

  • Debra Miller says:

    Delegates are supposed to represent the voice of the people. Not who bribes them the most. It should be one vote for one citizen. We need to scrap this delegate BS. It’s unfair and not representative of the will of the people.

  • Michael says:

    When the People want someone and the Idiots in the Electoral College want someone else, and then they give all the delegates from one state to someone because they DON’T want the front runner to win, THAT IS NOT A DEMOCRACY…..

  • Joan Brennan says:

    The purpose of voting is for the people to choose who THEY want and not have the political establishment, who just want to continue their cushy lifestyle and care nothing for the good of the country, choose for them.

  • Don says:

    There is a difference between a majority and plurality. Using the rules is not always rigging the system. A runnoff between the top two is not rigging
    Super delegates and bringing in people who have not been in the primary is rigging ,the system.

  • Charles Bryan says:

    Abolish the conventions. That is a ruse to allow the party to do what the political bosses want. After we vote in the primaries, the person with the most votes should be the candidate for President. He or she selects the Vice President. That’s all!!!

  • sal-junior says:

    The vote of the People does not matter. See Colorado as example. The Cabal want Hitlery as she is just like those who have stolen from the People. She is a criminal like the rest of them. The Cabal don’t want Trump because he will stop their gravy train of stealing from the People. Hopefully the People are waking up.

  • Jay Manahan says:

    Each States’ party has its own rules…Some involve voting some not. If you want to play the game you need to learn the rules. Drop the emotion learn the facts…

  • keith says:

    This Country(WORLD) is run by a bunch of “CLOWNS” w/BOZAMA at the head of the Troupe.. If something doesn’t change ASAP “WE THE PEOPLE DON”T HAVE A CHANCE”

  • Karen Foote says:

    First of all, though we are in most aspects, a Constitutional Republic (NOT a Democracy as people seem to think, which is why they think if 2/3 of a group of certain people say you can’t have something, such as a Flag in your yard, that they can just trample on that individual’s rights, which they can’t) but for voting purposes we do vote “democratic” simply because this is the way to really see how the people feel, it is a way to gauge the pulse of “we the people” or at least it used to be, before Big Pharma, Big Grocery, Big Agriculture, Big Medical, and Big Government became so corrupt and have completely hijacked the whole DA*N system! I call BULL$HIT on the GOP and the current Obama Administration for allowing this to happen and even encouraging it! I am so sick of all the nonsense the DNC and RNC are putting “we the people” through and it seems to me the reason they don’t want Trump is because he actually is a Patriot, does love our country and really will clean house! However, I believe most of the “experts” are wrong when they say the GOP is against Cruz, I believe they are using him to screw Trump out of the rightful Nomination, and therefore screwing “we the people” out of our Constitutional right and duty to vote for our next Leader aka Leader or at least example of the whole Free World! America is counting on us but even more is that the free world and those that strive for freedom are counting on us too and the elite GOP is changing rules, deliberately misinterpreting them or outright doing away with them just to spite Trump and consequently “we the people”!!! The GOP/DNC are the same snake with two heads and both need to be dismantled and reinstated with players who WORK FOR US not the other way around! I am NOT voting for Trump simply because I’m PI**ED OFF I’m voting because I agree with most of his policies and his character, intelligence, PATRIOTISM and heart! It is important to me he believes in God but not that he is a perfect Christian since we are not electing a Pastor, we are electing a Leader! Thank you so much for letting me finally express this so Facebook can get a rest LOL! God Bless the USA, our Military, our Police, Firefighters, Trump and family and my Fellow Patriots! Together we can Make America Great Again! 🙂

    • Reggie says:

      Agree. Cruz is not eligible. I’ve read 2 different ‘versions’ of natural born. There was no dual citizenship when he was born. Therefore, his mother was required to fill out paperwork for him to be a natural born citizen. if she did not, he was a natural born Canadian. I question why he renounced his Canadian citizenship. It was either his mother did the necessary paperwork, and he became a Canadian citizen later, or he was born a Canadian citizen. Another obama situation, coverup. I also don’t like the idea that his wive was so involved in the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force, The North American Community. It’s basically NAFTA on steroids, and she works for Goldman Sachs (currently on leave, not resigned). Did you know that romney owns a voting machine company through his son? Hart InterCivic. Third largest one in the US.

  • Eric Kohn says:

    Electoral Collage picks the winner not the voters. Your vote does not count. When Clinton ran for the second term in California he did not have the majority vote but he got all the Electoral Votes!

  • Lynn S. says:

    Things have way worse in last 40+ years….this is why I voted once at age 18 just to have the d experience ( my hometown got their 1St voting machines & no longer wrote names down). But back then I was naive about politics & actually trout popular vote was the way it was run…..that’s what they TELL you anyway…but your vote doesn’t mean a thing… Trump is right as he says the elections are rigged… After all… it’s the Electrical College with all their CEO’s. & 1 long Representative. that tins this country…. I don’t think they do ANYTHING for ANYONE but their OWN agenda. I personally like the fact that Trump is NOT a career politician….He couldn’t do any worse than the past presidents plus I think he will force to be reckoned with. Being a businessman, he knows how to get. people to do what he says or Iforesee a lot of “YOU’RE FIRED!!” being said!! This country needs a walrus call… we cannot continue to be a “come one—come all “country. Everyone closes their borders but this country seems to have a beefburger tolerating the wrong things

  • Doug says:

    Because they are covering up for Clinton And how the GOP is rigging the convention. Most people are not that naive.

  • Ron Coleman says:

    This is not news, same crap different year.

  • Name says:

    The election should be just the popular vote. 1 vote =1 vote no delegates!!!!!!!! and for sure no super delegates. Its all rigged right now.

  • Name says:

    The election should be just the popular vote. 1 vote =1 vote no delegates!!!!!!!! and for sure no super delegates. Its all rigged right now.

  • Sonny Weiss says:

    We don’t need delegates, count our votes or revolt….

  • Jack says:

    The Republican Establishment politicians are in bed with the radical Liberal Commies and that only leaves a tiny handful of people in Congress that you can trust. It seems a whole lot of them are bought and paid for by George Siros and he, like his protégé Obama wants to give the country to the Radical Muslim terrorists! We the people are up against a populace of freeloaders that lack a moral backbone or a brain to realize what is going on so their votes are mostly given so they can get their freebies and that leaves the country broken.

  • Leslie Fish says:

    I’ve worked in grassroots politics all my adult life, and I’ve seen the amazing stunts political parties will pull off just to make sure that THEY WIN and their cronies make money. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the Big Two parties, and I’m urging all my friends to vote Libertarian Party, if only to shake up the Powers That Be.

  • Leslie Fish says:

    A plague on both their houses. Vote Libertarian.

  • phillip light says:

    One politics is no longer a 2 party system, both are in it for power and greed alone!! There should be 2 yr term limits on all offices and let them finally get a real job, like the rest of us, make govt smaller!

  • Cecil Highsmith says:

    Look when Grorge Soros can employ tempary demonstrators to stand against Trump and if the news media ask why there outside against Trump they are like Duh. God I pray people will not vot that awful so called lady back into the White House. If we don’t get Trump then we’ve lost America as were once were.

  • Reggie says:

    “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” (Joseph Stalin)
    George Soros’s company Scytl counts votes. Two of his current or former stock holders were obama and romney. Romney now has his own voting company, through his son tagg, Hart InterCivic.

  • F. Tennant says:

    What’s the point ?? The election is not decided by the voters, but by the “super pack” – and the super delegates- so, why troop down to the voting booths-stand in line – offer up your proof to vote (ha) only you—so corrupt and pre decided by the ” ins”. I will be there. but only because I would be ashamed NOT to have voted !!!

  • Sandra Dorey says:

    All these secret behind door meetings; all this crap about delegates and not actual votes. Where does the American public actually come in. The Senate and Congress do what they want, not what we want.

  • Brad Gonzales says:

    Delegates should be bound by the people’s vote in each district. The electoral college, a mystery, why is it there? Who are they, and how did they vote? It needs to be made public.

  • Steve says:

    I’m surprised that so many of the people here are completely ignorant of how our election process works. Even worse, so many don’t know the difference between a Republic and an Democracy. We live in a REPUBLIC, people!

    The electoral college was created to allow states to have better representation in a national election, just like the Senate was designed to give states a say so in legislation. Sadly, we now let citizens elect Senators, which has caused the corruption to grow at a logarithmic rate.

    There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the way the Republican party chooses it’s candidate. Political parties are private entities and can do things they way they want. If you don’t like how they do it, you are free to start your own political party and choose your candidates any way you want.

  • Monica Sanders says:

    All the previous candidates were fluff. They were designed to loose. Cruz will loose and the party will fold because Americans can see elections are rigged and taken over by globalists (Heidi was a member of the CFR)

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