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What You Missed This Weekend: ISIS Attacks Edition



The Weekend Review, see more at:
The Weekend Review (Image: MGN)

It's Monday! We all know what that means. The weekend has come and gone and now we are left with another five days of work and busy weekdays. We hope you missed us just as much as we missed you.

We know, we know, “skip the celebratory recollections and get on with the weekend news.” Well, as you wish. Here are some of the stories that you missed over the weekend.


A man shouting “Allahu Akhbar” attacked two female police officers in Belgium with a machete. The Islamic State has already confirmed that they were responsible for the attack. It was reported that the two female officers are “out of danger” from the wounds they acquired from the attack. A third deputy, who was nearby, shot and killed the assailant.


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Second Belgium Attack, see more at:
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Second Belgium Attack (Image: MGN)

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It's only a few days into the Rio Game Olympics and America is already taking home gold. Thrasher, a 19-year-old sharpshooter, was the first to bring home the gold in a category for the United States. Yet, Michael Phelps wasn't far behind her with (another gold) for the King of Gold Medals himself. If the American athletes can keep this up, there is no stopping us!


That's right. A woman was arrested after she called the cops…on another police officer. A social worker from Houston was the victim to this new outrageous police procedure. It just begs the question. If the cops aren't there to protect you, and aren't there for your best interests, who is?


Iran, this weekend, executed a nuclear scientist because they believed he was spying for the United States. A lot of strange things are going on in Iran at the moment. Fist we hear that Obama is giving Iran hundreds of millions of dollars (not for a hostage situation), then Iran starts executing people that are “spying” for the United States. Something is going on over there, that is for sure.


At least 64 were confirmed dead in a bombing at a Pakistani hospital over the weekend. It was a suicide bomber attack, that has been confirmed, however, it is unknown if ISIS was involved. Although, when they are, you usually hear about it. They tend to brag about their destruction all over the internet.

Keep tuning in on Monday's and we will continue to give you the news of the weekend. Have a great work week, only four more days until the weekend.

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