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There Has To Be A Better Way To Pick Delegates



This video is nothing short of crazy. Delegates at the Republican National Convention will decide the next election, not voters. This has happened in the past and, in addition to this year, will happen again. However, the way these delegates are picked is simply shocking.

Ten seconds… Ten seconds is all the thousands of people who want a seat in Cleaveland get to make their claim on stage to represent their state at the RNC. The line runs through the stage and every ten seconds a new candidate walks up, makes a short cry for attention, and then leaves hoping that you remember their running number.

There has to be a better way to pick the next Republican nominee then this semi-organized chaos. This is representative democracy at it’s worst.

The video breaks down a few of the delegate’s speeches and the vast majority seem to be desperate calls for attention, where being memorable is much more important than political leaning or background. You are putting the future of the United States into the hands of total strangers, whose voice counts far more than the average voter.

Remember this in July when these are the people who decide who you get to vote for in November. Remember how you went out and voted, only to have your voice ignored.

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  • Marcella Bonnesen says:

    The people did not pick these delegates to go to Cleveland, the stinkin’ other delegates did. Why didn’t the people get to vote? I feel it’s because GOP needs its diaper changed because they know that Trump would win. Fair or not, Cruz if he truly wants to win fairly, then let the people vote. The reason Cruz is playing dirty politics, is again because he knows the people don’t want him, the people want Trump

  • Gerry says:

    If the people’s vote holds no bearing on who will be nominated then why have them vote, just to give the appearance of democracy ?????? It seems to me that there are wat too many ” special favor” politicians out there who can be bought. if the voters don’t matter then there should be a special committee formed of different normal CITIZENS each voting period to do the nominating.

  • Rich Ritz says:

    1st – the current system is an inaccurate represenation of the voters.
    2nd – the systems appears to allow political influence.
    3rd- voters are informed, no need to offset for the uninformed today.

  • Well…Colorado…do you really know who you are voting for. Really? Or are your listening to the talking heads and your party leaders. Here’s a little history…and THIS IS MEGA IMPORTANT for the survival of the USA and it’s all about Ted Cruz:

  • Eugene Bowling says:

    it’s obvious that the delegates are bought, yes there giving them all to Ted Cruz so the Democrat can when again, because the poles the poles have all ready showed other wise so change the rules because the demarcated party is scared of trump

  • Hildegarde says:

    That no way to choose a person for President

  • Patrick Gibbs says:

    Looks like a livestock auction not an election.

  • E papp says:

    System is archaic. Make the people’s vote count.

  • lou doss says:

    what a JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lou doss says:

    what a JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Henderson says:

    I have previously been a state delegate and an alternate. I have also done party work, and still work as a roving attorney on election day. The way that Colorado is set up, a micro-ground game is required, right down to the precinct level, to get your delegates to the State and Congressional district conventions. I do believe that the State party knew very well that Cruz was highly organized on that level, and would have at least 51% of state delegates. That, essentially, made Colorado a winner take all state after the straw vote was cancelled, which, frankly, I only learned the day before the caucus. How? The 10-second speeches are irrelevant in this scenario. The Cruz folks would have voted from a “cheat sheet” of core Cruz supporters, and, elected 100% of the national delegates, although Trump had very good popular support in Colorado. I have said before, and will say again, Colorado needs to join the states holding a primary.

  • Rose Houston says:

    It was not the way it was in 2003. I was a County Delegate. What has happened? We were all professional. Let us get back to not selling our values to the highest bidder. Votes should be from the people.

  • jJackie says:

    We do not believe that a few states, esp those in favor of Demacrats, should tell the country who the president should be. The number of delegates should be split between all the states thus making all states equal. The candidate with the majority and the most popular votes should win. This same old way has been the same sad way way to long. It is time for a new way of thinking about government!!!

  • royce kirk says:

    they are just plain stupid to try to skip the people vote. they are traitors to their own people.

  • Jarod Kintz says:

    The system is corrupt now

  • Robin says:

    Why Delegates at all ????? why not just let the people vote….

  • Jay R Proctor says:

    It should be the people who determines who wins the presidency not the delegates.

  • Name says:

    every voter has the right to vote their conscious

  • Chris Monroe says:

    Candidates who drop out…all delegates should go to the front winner….voters choice…not Establishment…the voters have a right to choose

  • ChrisMonroe says:

    Candidates who drop out…all delegates should back the front runner…with the most people’s votes…the Establishment and or Delegates have know right to take away the voice of the people.

  • adam says:

    Having actually been there and done this process for the last 4 election cycles, I know that delegates aren’t actually picked from the 10 sec speeches. That would be stupid. Why would a “rights” organization propagate nonsense from CNN, a known untrustworthy source, as fact?

  • O. Leilani & Ricardo Cortez says:

    We feel Betrayed for all Coloradians. We live in California and need to be sure it doesn’t happen here in California too! I feel that Mr. Cruz if he is Honest he would allow the voters in Colorado to have the right to Vote the right way if he really cares for all the American People!!

  • O. Leilani & Ricardo Cortez says:

    We feel Betrayed for all Coloradians. We live in California and need to be sure it doesn’t happen here in California too! I feel that Mr. Cruz if he is Honest he would allow the voters in Colorado to have the right to Vote the right way if he really cares for all the American People!!

  • Dave Scott says:

    This election is the worst and most illegal election I have seen in my 68 years I have been around. Fire everyone in office now and hire Iowa farmers they have more honesty than anyone.

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