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There’s Something On The Wing… Some…Thing (Image: MGN)

Just a few moments ago the FBI and SWAT was called to the Los Angeles International Airport after a threat was called in about an incoming plane.

The flight carrying 67 passengers, and four crew members, was flight 5931 of Compass Airlines from Huston to Los Angeles, was met on the tarmac by dozens of police officers and firemen, an armed tactical unit as well as multiple emergency vehicles.  An armored black vehicle approached the plane as the armed tactical team starting pulling out all sorts of devices and began sweeping the airplane. Not only was the aircraft checked, including the wheel wells, but a bomb sniffing dog was brought out and explored the plane thoroughly. After a half an hour of searching the plane firefighters and law enforcement began helping the passengers off of the plane, each of which were searched before being transported to the terminal. 

It has not been made clear what the exact threat was, or if any device was found. The same day police officers were also called to George Bush Airport to investigate another threat on a different plane, nothing was found and the plane later departed.

Some officials believe that it may have been correlated to the head of US Transportation Security Administration being removed from his post over the controversy of long security lines at airports. Not only did a new head step into his place but they also increased the background checks of TSA employees.

Since the EgyptAir plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea recently, these raised bomb threats onboard planes are being taken extremely seriously. A recent article came out that said around 80 pieces of remains from human bodies have been discovered from the Mediterranean Sean, all of which have marks that point to an explosion on the plane. I’m sure that we will soon see even more heightened measures no airplanes in the next coming weeks.

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