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Election 2016

This Years Election Has People Rolling In Their Graves



This Years Election Has People Rolling In Their Graves, see more at:

This Years Election Has People Rolling In Their Graves (Image: MGN)

  • Apparently dead voters do have a say, in Southern California hundreds of them are casting ballots.
  • CBS investigated and found 265 dead voters were voting in Southern California.
  • One of the voters has been dead since 1988 and yet she recently cast a ballot in 2014.
  • 86 of the dead voters were registered as Republicans, and 146 were registered Democrats.

Hundreds of “dead voters” are casting ballots in Southern California, according to an investigation by KCBS-TV.

David Goldstein, an investigative reporter for KCBS, cross-referenced voting records from the California Secretary of State’s office with death records from the Social Security Administration and found that hundreds voters are casting ballots under the names of people who have died.

The CBS affiliate’s investigation found 265 “dead voters” in Southern California.

Thirty-two of the dead voters cast ballots in at least eight elections apiece. One of the “dead voters” died in 1988, but records show she cast a ballot as recently as 2014.

Of the “dead voters,” 86 were registered Republicans, and 146 were registered Democrats.

According to KCBS, one such deceased voter, John Cenkner, who passed away in 2003, “somehow voted from the grave” in elections in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Cenkner’s daughter, Annette Givans, told KCBS that her father, a World War II veteran, “took a lot of time choosing his candidates.”


“He was a diehard Democrat, and I was thinking that if somebody else was voting under his name, he’s probably rolling in his grave if they’re voting Republican,” Givans said.

Givans expressed shock that someone would use her father’s name to vote.

“It just astounds me. I don’t understand how anybody can get away with that,” Givans added.

Ellen Swensen, a spokeswoman for True the Vote, a nationwide group that fights voter fraud, told KCBS that findings of their investigation are “very troubling.”

Swensen said that voter fraud “basically dilutes the voice of the lawful voter.”

“What it does is every single vote that’s cast by a dead voter actually cancels out a vote of a lawful voter,” Swensen said.

Source: The Blaze

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  • Charles Horn says:

    This has long been the problem with CA ,they don’t care about the people any more. They only push what they want and don’t follow the constitution, they need to be held accountable for not following the law and should not be allowed to vote until they follow the law.

  • Name says:

    Well due to fact trumps statement conflicts from speech to speech also he denied other facts when presented to him.

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