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Thousands Of Illegals Apprehended In June Alone



Thousands Of Illegals Apprehended In June Alone, see more at:…ed-in-june-alone/
Thousands Of Illegals Apprehended In June Alone (Image: MGN)
  • The number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has drastically increased.
  • In June alone, 34,463 illegal immigrants were apprehended while trying to enter from the southern border.
  • Republicans are blaming the Obama administration for it's lack of immigration enforcement.
  • Where Democrats are blaming the increased levels of poverty and violence in their native countries.

According to figures from the Department of Homeland Security, more than 34,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended entering the United States, in June alone.

In June 2015 29,388 illegal immigrants were apprehended entering the United States. The 34,463 illegal immigrants that were apprehended this year greatly outnumbers those figures of last year. The number of unaccompanied minors that tried to enter the United States in June was 4,809. Whereas, the number of “family units” that entered was 6,633.

The surge of the illegal population that is trying to enter the United States has drastically increased in the past few years. Both sides of the political coin have their own ideas of why this is. The Democrats, of course, say that it is from increasing poverty and violence in their native countries. Whereas, the Republicans, are pointing the blame towards the Obama Administration and his lack of immigration enforcement. Whatever the reason is, the number of illegal immigrants is drastically increasing.

Yet, apprehending the immigrants isn't helping the problem. The National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd testified in May and claimed that the majority of immigrants apprehended get released back into The States.

Judd said, “We’re releasing basically everybody as long as you’re not from the country of Mexico. And even if you’re from the country of Mexico and you claim that you have a credible fear and you’re asking for asylum for one reason or another — we’re still releasing those individuals. If I were to guess, I would say that at least 80 percent of the individuals that the United States Border Patrol arrests at the border qualify for this catch and release program and in essence we are just letting them come into the United States.”

The DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “We must enforce our immigration laws, and we are doing so consistent with our enforcement priorities. Those priorities, revised as part of the President’s executive actions in November 2014, more sharply focus our limited enforcement resources on public safety and border security.  And, those priorities are reflected in actual results.  Today, over 99% of those in immigration detention fit within one of these enforcement priorities; and around 85% are within the top priority for removal.”

Whatever the solution is, the problem is becoming too large to control. So, either we figure out the solution, or we embrace the problem.

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