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Tomi Lahren Is Sick Of Our Apologist In Chief



Tomi Lahren has had enough of the apologist rhetoric of our leftist leaders and goes on an epic rant, saying what our elected cowards won't.

“The Quran doesn't radicalize guns, it radicalizes terrorists.”

While that statement is easy to understand it is something that no democrats and increasingly fewer Republicans seem to understand. After over forty terrorist attacks on U.S. soil during Obama's reign, he still has trouble blaming Islam for the attacks, despite the fact that all of the attackers expressed their devotion to Allah and carried out these attacks in his name.

“The apologists love to lecture us on Muslim sensitivity. Operating on the logic that if we upset the peaceful Muslims, if we offend them, we're playing into the hands of ISIS. So what they're saying is that if we offend the religion of peace then the peaceful majority might be so offended that they become radicalized and turn to a path of jihad. That's your logic?

It's not hard to see the inherent problems with that argument. Granted after every attack a Muslim American group will come out and apologize for the incident citing not all Muslims, but where is Saudi Arabia's response? Where is the international condemnation of radical Islam from the countries that rule under their belief? If a crazy catholic shot up a night club you better believe the Pope would issue a response.

As Tomi Lahren says in the video, not all Muslims – in fact most – aren't this radical by nature, but that doesn't excuse the religion for these ever increasing actions of extremism. This will only go away when we hold the mirror up to Islam and force them to join in on the fight against their own radical element.

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  • Richard Burden says:


  • Richard Green says:

    She hit the nail right on the head. When your country is run by a Muslim extremist, there is no choice!!!

  • Glenn says:

    Because it’s true.

  • Carol says:

    Because I’m a Christian who hates hate mongers and ISLAM is a hate group if u love and are peaceful u don’t kill and maime u help U care u take care of pple my God is a God of love he died for all he didn’t come here to kill and maime he came to save.,,

  • Gary D Flatt says:

    All American need to get armed, get your CCW’s ASAP. Learn to dry practice, get better without firing a round of ammo.

  • Sharon says:

    Simple. This is a spiritual battle of, literally, Biblical proportions going back to Isaac and Ishmael. The hatred of the half-brother for the full son began in the days of Abraham and continue to this day. Our secular world does not understand this. We need to pray fervently for God Almighty’s protection and resolution of this grave threat to all free people everywhere.

  • Terry says:

    obama hates America and is trying his best to destroy it.

  • Robert Rothe says:

    She explained what everybody else knows is true, but they are to stupid to see the truth. Our they just don’t want to hear the truth.

  • Freddie James says:

    Sick of our leaders kissing ass with our enemy !

  • David Guptill says:

    This young woman has her head screwed on straight!! The democratic leadership is just bonehead STUPID!! Islamic terror is Muslim in nature, NOT PEACE!!

  • joan Brennan says:

    For all the reasons Tomi stated.

  • Joe says:

    Not only a beautiful woman, but full of common sense!

  • Name says:

    because the Karan is the bible of the terriorists something Obaman knows and why he will not name it. Also because he is Muslim

  • Joseph Faga says:

    She speaks the truth

  • Greg says:

    It’s the damn truth

  • Name says:

    Islamic ideology is incompatible with the culture and constitution of the United States or any other civilized country. In accord with their beliefs everyone must believe as they do. Impossible, since even all Muslims do not believe as one. An acceptance of citizenship in the U.S. or the U.K. denies their belief in their scripture.

  • Earl says:

    The quran tells the 5 a day brain washing prayers to convert, enslave, threaten, infiltrate, tax, rape, beat, or just kill non-muslims. Since many muslims don’t read arabic they are told what the quran says and never really know the instruction until deep in the fold and surrounded. isis is the true muslim! We must get that message out!

  • blaine wright says:

    its not the guns, its the person behind it that is wrong.

  • wanda abbott says:

    it isn’t the guns

  • Barbara Price says:

    I see Muslins out and about in their garbs, and speaking their language instead of English and I too am wondering what are they up to? They might or might not be nice people, and I get we all bleed red but I am afraid of them. I grew up in the 40’s/50’s where I had no fear of any neighbor. I sure would love to see that come back again. I get too that we are subject to many people who use drugs, and steal, kill for those drugs. I JUST WANT AMERICA BACK AGAIN!!

  • Rick says:

    Yes I agree…..Our own president has a office for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood supports all terrorist and terrorism in our country. The Koran teaches Muslims will inherit the earth and seed all women with Muslim seed. This is the birth and start of the Islamic extremism. Yet our own president will not say the words Islamic terrorist ( or Islamic Terrorism) as he himself is Islamic and probably supports these goddamn terrorist acts on our country too. I didn’t vote for this imbecile for president nor do I support him. For 8 long years he was ” Not My” president. And for every act of terrorism in this country I not only blame Obama but the idiots who voted him in office. And the very same idiots who now support Hillary. She is not the savior and will take this country down a dark path of no return.

  • Robert barton says:

    The left,Muslims and the BLM movement are all consumed by the devil.

  • DUKE says:

    WOW! You nailed it, Tomi! Get your messages out there via mainstream media and every other method so that EVERY PERSON IN THE U. S. of A. watches and listens to you. When you’re right, you’re right!! And YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

  • Devil Doc says:

    I have been taught to know my ENEMY. Study him and be prepared to defend and repel him. I am a Minuet man for the United States of America. I took and oath to Support and Defend The Constitution, Against All Enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. Need I say more!

  • robert hudson says:

    because she is speaking the truth

  • Jay R Proctor - Patriot!!! says:

    I whole heartedly totally agree with this woman. What the hell is wrong with the Democrats???

  • Sherri says:

    Very well said! I also am sick of the ignorance!

  • Alexander says:

    I fully agree with Tomi. Just open Koran 9:29
    it said: fight with those who do not believe in Allah
    Do you need people in USA with religions like this? I do not think so, Islam MUST be prohibited in USA( if you wanna be alive)

  • Bruce D Noyes says:

    This is most certainty true.

  • Kelly Goebel says:

    Tomi said it best…”What she said!” We need more people to speak out like she is.

  • Michael Bridgman says:

    Tomi is dead on. I too, am sick of the Democratic oligarchy of apologizing to our enemies…time to replace them…go Trump!!

  • Pam says:

    She’s informed, intelligent, and tells it like it is-no sugar coating here!!!
    Love ya Tomi!!!!

  • Ronnie says:

    The president will always side with his people,not America. He admitted that he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya. Even his paternal grandmother and the Kenyan Ambassador the the USA said so.

  • charlie says:

    She tells it like it is.

  • daniel garl says:

    All Moslems seek to implant Shari law and destroy our constitution ! The mission is the same for radical or non radical! You have heard the expression, good cop bad cop, the out come is the same!!!

  • mike arndt says:

    end gun free zones and start second amendment carry nation wide we would help protect anyone we could and obummer needs to be IMPEACHED now !!!!!!!

  • Ken says:

    The deck is stacked. Why is it we, the common folk see it, but the elected elite don’t see it. Too busy feathering their beds? Ultimate greed, lying and “what’s in it for me attitude”. Get them out!!!!

  • R champ says:

    does nothing to prevent. Lies to remove guns from people who need and this will needing in the near future. I believe he wants this country to become part of our enemies

  • Susan says:

    Tomi is right on about Obama and the Democrats!!! Obama is to blame for all the attacks on our US soil! He hates America and will do anything to bring us down!

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    Another dumb blonde CONservative Bimbo. Nothing she has to say is of any import to anyone…..

  • Bryant Davis says:

    She has some “Right On Target” insights into this major problem.

  • Kurt Evans says:

    I Agree 100%.. Now If The Government Would Wake Up Maybe We Could Start to Get To The problem.

    P.S. There Has Been More People Killed By So Called Religion Beliefs Than Anything Else The World Has Ever Seen. Maybe Religion Belief Is the Problem. No Mater What Kind Of Religion.

  • cls says:

    She’s right on!!!

  • leonard igrison says:

    so many people have read all this and have not checked Pro or Con. when you r eyes were open to the Truth and you will not admit ,but choose party over whats proper , you became the enemy of every one that swore in to protect the country from enemies within and without!

  • Don Chenowith says:

    open your eyes and seethe truth, Stop standing in the shadows hoping this will all GO AWAY, just because YOU BELIVE in one way is fine for you to go that way , BUT doe’s not mean it’s the RIGHT WAY FOR EVERY ONE ELSE !!!!!!!……

  • DUKE says:

    . . . . And so am I.

  • David says:

    This administration has been the greatest inhibitor of prosperity and progress that the country has ever seen. At no time have we appeared or been weaker as a military power.

  • Otis Dotson says:

    If we don!t. They would kill within our country. Because mission are sworn to kill Christians.

  • Robert G Allen says:


  • Name says:

    She nailed it!!!! She is so correct. She is beautiful smart, young and spot on. Hopefully her generation will wake up and believe what she says instead of the rediculous liberal media!! Way to go Tomi

  • Joe Clark says:

    Liberals are cultish and mentally ill.

  • Jack says:

    Love that lady.

  • Robert Swisher says:

    I agree with this woman that ISLAM is the Problem . So we Americans must not allow Hillary Clinton to gain the Presidency as she will bring in more Islamic terrorest than Obama has . We the People stand together !

  • Marvin says:

    I, too, am sick and tired of Obummer and his ilk apologizing to avowed murderers for True Americans’ response to the actions of the Radical Islam Terrorists – OMG, I actually wrote that phrase. Tomi has the courage to tell the truth, unlike the Lame-stream Media, and express the true feelings of the majority of the U.S. Population. Our marvelous country is being destroyed by these apologists and their mewly kowtowing to the “Peaceful” religion of Islam. It is time to recapture our government; our freedom and our Constitution.

  • Brian Robinson says:

    All you have to do is look at the news flashes that have come from that side of the world and what other conclusion can you come to. These groups are just as busy killing fellow Muslims as much as other nationalities.

  • Gerald Woods says:

    Obama is a Muslim, so what else can we expect out of him!

  • Larry Whitson says:

    Not sure the Karan proposes terrisum but those others use it as an excuse to justify ther’re hanis acts against everybody else.. We need to incinerate them…

  • Edwin Hyer says:

    Because it is the right thing to do

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