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Guess Who’s Back….Lying Ted Cruz



  • Ted Cruz is planning his comeback.
  • A dinner with over 20 conservative leaders was held in the honor of Ted Cruz's resurrection.
  • Apparently, they are planning a Ronald Reagan type comeback for Ted in 2020.

Lying Ted Cruz recently had  dinner with over 20 conservative leaders to discuss his miraculous comeback, in the vein of Ronald Reagan.

The dinner was held at the house of Brent Bozell, the founder of the Media Research Center. Can you image? Twenty or more old frumpy men sitting around a table with a beer in hand, discussing the political career of Ted Cruz. That's a dinner I wouldn't mind missing.

Many of the patrons at the dinner compared Ted's political standing to that of Ronald Reagan's in 1976. In 1976 Ronald Reagan lost his initial bid for the presidency, yet when he came back in 1980 he dominated the election. All those old conservatives believe that in 2020 Ted Cruz will have great potential for a political comeback.

Apparently, the meeting was to discuss how to position Ted in a way that will allow them to launch a political campaign in the future. They also discussed how to steer the conservative party from Ted's seat in the Senate. Of course, in a way that will make him grade A beef in the next presidential elections.

Now, I do have to say that if Ted Cruz and the leaders of the conservative party are planning his resurgence four years in advance, he might have a chance. A lot can happen in four years, and if Ted Cruz is prepared, who knows what can happen.

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  • Duff Olson says:

    Simple, because he is NOT a liar, he was slandered by others in his own corrupt party – he’s the only one to stand for Constitutional principles. also because he’a a man of integrity!

  • DangRight says:

    I would have liked to have been in that meeting. Cruz was the best conservative and constitutionalist in the race.

  • terrell says:

    I m leaving your site because like many morons who repeat what trump says Cruz is only lying Ted because trump used that term in reality trump is the big liar


    Speaking of LIARS, Why don’t you focus your thoughts oh The Donald and HiLIARy?

  • FAITH says:

    Why wait, bring him back now before both the presumptive nominees ruin what is left of AMERICA!

    • Jack says:

      We seem to be stuck with Lying Trump and a few years of strong man rule, or worse, strong woman. Just imagine, tho, a pair of principled patriots, Cruz and Fiorina, guiding the great American idea back from the morass of Democrat/fascist oligarchy to the Constitutional Republic. Along with this restoration, lifting the crushing burdens of taxation and regulation would create a boom even greater than Reagan gave us in the 80s. The Dream is alas, for the future.
      We must begin now to educate the voters as the folly of ceding power to the central government plays out. Republicans have too long abandoned their principles so that now a dynamic person, allegedly a Republican, steps forth with great sense of purpose but no sense of his role. As we have long ago learned, benevolent dictators and kings “get things done”, but at a terrible price. The centralized. power structure he creates is ready made for the tyrants to take up for their purposes, and they will surely follow by fair means or fowl. This is why we have a constitutionally LIMITED federal government, or used to before it degenerated into a shameless pander fest..

  • Bill says:

    He knows both the inside and outside of Washington Politics and would be a great asset to Donald Trump this Year.

  • MARIA INCZE says:

    Because HE’S A LYING POLITICAL !!!

    • Chiefatk says:

      Some people just spout off accusations because they heard or saw someones comment that may fit into their own personal bias. Which, I believe you are in that category unless you can prove the lie that you so easily accept. I have not personally seen any such proof, just political accusations by the opposition. Cruz has demonstrated his firm belief and support of the U.S.Constitution as all politicians should. After all, I do believe that their oath of office, same as the President, all military members and others, swear to protect and defend our U.S. Constitution. So, if you care to research Senator Cruz’s political career you will discover that he is very honest and does not lie. If you believe he does, prove it to yourself and not take the word of other politicians. Comments taken out of context is not a lie but a way of life for some politicians to take an advantage over the opposition. Such is the case you so readily accept. You would be better served in joining the countless thousands of legal U.S. Citizens in attempting to force our out of control politicians to honor their oath of office. Have a great day in your research and self conclusions. !

  • Margaret says:

    Cruz is a man of his word. He does what he says he will do. He prides himself in being honest. Lying Ted was fabricated by Donald Trump in order to win the nomination for President.

  • Eileen Mayhew says:

    You call yourself a conservative site??? Shame on you. Cruz was the most honest and steadfast conservative in the race. What are our two choices now? Lying Liberal and Faux Conservative Con Man.

  • Ernest Wheeler .Sr says:

    There was so much more lieing between Trump and Clinton and Cruz than between Cruz and both! Be careful to cast the first stone!!

  • Chiefatk says:

    Senator Cruz is one of a handful of politicians that demonstrate their belief in the U.S. Constitution. His aggressive manor may trouble some but that is what we need more of, in both the house and the senate. I for one am tired of the political correctness that seems to be destroying this country from within. Our judicial process is a disgrace and is political driven. The present administration has divided this country and it will be almost impossible to heal. We have a President that is more concerned with immigrant and emigrant opportunities than caring for legal citizens. We have become a nation of greed and deception. I have watched Senator Cruz and listened to him and have never seen him demonstrate his willingness to, or lie. His statements have been taken out of context to appear as a lie. Opposition of members of his own party is guilty of discrimination, not of race but of a personal dislike for young outsiders that have the backbone to pursue a positive direction for this country. If you want to see liars, look to the current political leaders. The political party’s are made up of too many old politicians that have forgotten what they have sworn to uphold and defend. They are the liars and need to be replaced by new personnel with better ideas that benefit this country and all its citizens, not just political or racial classes. This country needs TERM LIMITS so we don’t continue to be stagnated with the same “Good ole Boy” club attitude.

  • Bird says:

    One of America’s problems for the last 7 1/2 years is that we have an American hating, lying, racist, pro-ISIS POTUS who is PROBABLY NOT an American citizen. What has been totally IGNORED…. Cruz is NOT qualified, by reason of his birthplace and the fact that ONLY his mother was an American citizen at the time of his birth!! Our founders were very clear in saying that ONLY a “Natural Born’ citizen can be president or vice president! Exactly what is the difference between a ‘Naturalized’ citizen (who can be Governor, Senator, Congressman, etc.), ONLY THE JOBS OF PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT are required to ‘Natural Born’ citizens!! Cruz was born in Canada, his father is from Cuba! I don’t care what some ‘bought and paid’ for Judge says….. Cruz does NOT meet the criteria for being the president of the United States of America ! In August 2013, after the Dallas Morning News pointed out that Cruz had dual Canadian-American citizenship, it wasn’t until then that he applied to formally renounce his Canadian citizenship and ceased being a citizen of Canada on May 14, 2014!! He was NOT BORN here and his father was NOT BORN here!! By one judges opinion; even a Syrian born with a Syrian father can become president…. as long as he has an American mother!! Our forefathers knew what they were saying and hoped to prevent the very things being allowed now in America!

  • Don Reed says:

    Cruz was always eligible to be President. The Iowa vote mess was CNN/Carson and modern communications. You can’t separate abortion from Planned Parenthood . Cruz was not behind the pictures. There are two phases to a primary election to narrow the number of candidates, Trump only prepared for one. Eminent domain is a problem when BLM and EPA are involved, Incomplete statements can bring lies. Trump was the only one who never held a political office, Cruz attacked from the inside, Distance had to be made to separate the two. Cruz was the nearest to Trump without being Trump.

  • Donj Reed says:

    State where Cruz lied. Cruz was eligible. Carson and CNN caused the vote mess. T^rump had dropped out of the debate. The caucuses were all over in their stage of completion, Ted had part of the photo problem. People in the know will not separate Planned Parenthood from abortion. Is immigration. Is the deporting of illegals a touch back move? Getting committed delegate beyond the primary vote is part of the system as candidates drop out and the issues should be more clear. Eminent Domain is an issue in the West where so much land is owned by the federal government. Is or was the lying because of the lack of detail? Did Trump give up the small electoral college states. How do you separate candidates that were close on many issues? It is hard to talk detailed policy during a debate. With me Cruz and Trump were 1-2. Drop the lying Ted. Hillary is the liar, Chicago is a close second for the Democrats of New York and New York City.

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