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Top Trump Officials Issued Subpoenas By House Jan 6 Panel



Army Lieutenant General (Retired) Michael Flynn | Top Trump Officials Issued Subpoenas By House Jan 6 Panel | featured

Six Trump officials were given subpoenas to appear before the House select committee investigating the January 6 capitol riots. The panel announced that it is now calling for top campaign associates of former President Donald Trump.

The committee wants to know how much they knew about the January 6 riot that occurred in the nation’s Capitol. 

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House Select Committee Issues Subpoenas to Michael Flynn and Other Trump Officials

President-elect Donald Trump & Vice President-elect Mike Pence-Trump Officials

On Monday, the House select committee announced the issuance of six more subpoenas to specific Trump officials. The panel said that these six individuals helped with promoting the idea of a rigged election last November 2020.

The six include former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. It also includes a summons for Trump 2020 campaign manager William Stepien and former senior campaign adviser Jason Miller.

The subpoena targets also include lawyer John Eastman, Trump 2020 executive assistant Angela McCallum, and former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik.

The House committee ordered all six individuals to submit documents on November 23. Their depositions cover the last week of November into mid-December.

“In the days before the January 6th attack, the former President's closest allies and advisors drove a campaign of misinformation about the election and planned ways to stop the count of Electoral College votes,” committee chairman Representative Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said in a statement.

He said that the committee needs to know details about the efforts to overturn the elections. Specifically, the committee wants to know who the individuals talked to in the White House and Congress. They want to know who their connections are, and who paid for the demonstrators. 

Panel Expects Witnesses to Cooperate Fully

In addition, Representative Thompson said he expects the witnesses to cooperate fully with the investigation. Doing so will help answer questions on what happened. It can also help ensure that the January 6 event will never happen again. 

The subpoenas to Flynn and other Trump officials is the first round of summons issued by the committee. Previously, the committee asked the Justice Department to file criminal contempt charges to Trump ally Steve Bannon.

Bannon has continually refused to appear before the committee and give his testimony. However, the DoJ has yet to indicate whether prosecutors will actually indict Bannon.

On Friday, another witness, former Justice official Jeffrey Clark appeared before the panel. However, he declined to answer questions thrown at him. 

Stepien Is a Key Player In Trump Campaign

For the latest round of subpoenas, the committee said that Stepien’s role as campaign manager makes him a key witness.

He can help the committee understand the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn the election results. Stepien can also help shed light on the “Stop the Steal” narrative used by the Capitol rioters. 

The committee cites an anonymous witness interview that said Stepien played a major role in the “Stop the Steal” messaging.

However, an internal campaign memo showed that the Trump campaign knew that fraud claims against the vote machine company were baseless. 

Eastman Blamed Pence For Riot

Meanwhile, Representative Jami Raskin (D-MD) said that the panel also wants to know more about Eastman’s role in the riots.

CNN previously reported that Eastman blamed Vice President Mike Pence for causing the violence at the US Capitol on January 6. Pence refused to block Congress' certification of the 2020 election results. Raskin said that Eastman’s involvement laid out the efforts against Pence in a memo. 

Meanwhile, the committee also wants to get the side of Michael Flynn, a former National Security Adviser under the Trump administration. Even after getting fired in 2017, Flynn remained a staunch ally of the former President.

He also reportedly attended a December 2020 Oval Office meeting. During this meeting, participants discussed seizing voting machines and declaring a national emergency. 

Watch the MSNBC video reporting that the January 6 Select Committee releases new subpoenas for several Trump officials:

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  • Cecil Edwin Simmons says:


  • Anonymous says:

    If mafia Biden thought vaccine is necessary for our health, why are congress & 283,000 illegals that are being paid to come here, not required to get the shot!!!!!! All the repulsive things happening now are ALL intentional. He & all of government that are our employees (we’re THEIR boss) want our country to be beaten down so they can all walk around with their noses in the air & a cob up their asses. They are lining their pockets screwing us over & want to be dictators ( like they are) to tell us what, when, where, how & how long we can do ANYTHING. Communist for money & power. Why can’t we fire ALL of them??? They work for us!! They are openly doing everything hurting us & against our constitution. Why aren’t the courts charging them with treason for tramping on our constitution? Nothing is being done to these fricken, low-life pieces of SHIT!!!

  • Mark says:

    What about all the riots the Democrats created, fucking hypocrite s

  • Huapakechi says:

    Shall we also investigate those demanding an investigation?

  • Drifter says:

    every thing attached to biden belongs at the bottom of a very deep outhouse–Peroid

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    😂🤣😂🤣cry more please I love it🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sam says:

    Branden will be the first in the US-Chinese labor camp, and then he’ll be crying for real. I’m sure nothing bothers him because he lives in mommys basement, daydreaming of his lips wrapped around xidens.

  • David says:

    I guess Branden isn’t aware thst every other charge against Trump has slid off like oil. One wiych hunt afrer another, and failure after failure. But like all dems Trump is living in his head rent free. Hope you’re laughing about all the money they’re wasting on it too! Although he prpbably has no job so it’s not his tax money.

  • Jack Carlson says:

    This is plain and simple political persecution by the party in power. They purged the military of Christians and Trump supporters, are cancelling those who refuse to take the shot (even though many of them have natural immunity from having had the Fauci plague), they have people in solitary confinement (psychological torture) for months for taking selfies on January 6, and now they want to crucify all the Trump campaign officials for supporting Trump. This looks exactly like the old Soviet Union when Stalin ran it.

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