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Ron DeSantis Went to Brandon, Florida to Troll Joe Biden



Man dressed as President Donald Trump holding a Let's Go Brandon flag for Halloween | Ron DeSantis Went to Brandon, Florida to Troll Joe Biden | featured

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined the “Let’s Go Brandon!” movement to troll Joe Biden. The Republican governor traveled to Brandon, Florida to sign several anti-vaccination bills into law. 

The signing, which took place at a Honda dealership in Brandon, is an apparent nod to the “Let’s Go Brandon!” memes pervading social media right now. This phrase apparently is a veiled reference to a chant of dissatisfaction against President Joe Biden.   

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Conservatives Shout “Let’s Go, Brandon!” To Troll Biden

An insulting right wing Let's Go Brandon sticker mocking President Biden-Troll Joe Biden

When Americans, especially those in Conservative circles, are chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!,” they‘re actually saying something else.

The message is neither addressed to anybody named Brandon. In addition, the chant is anything but encouraging. In fact, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is a euphemism for “F*** Joe Biden.” 

The meme originated on October 2 during a NASCAR Xfinity Series race. NBC Reporter interviewed race winner Brandon Brown, who registered his first NASCAR victory.

However, the crowd in the background was chanting “F*** Joe Bide” during the interview. Reporter Kelly Stavast casually told TV viewers that “Let’s Go Brandon” chants, and not “F*** Joe Biden” was coming from the crowd.

Since then, when people want to make a public statement against the President, many choose to shout “Let’s Go Brandon!” instead.  

Ron DeSantis Went To Brandon, Florida To Troll Joe Biden

In a successful bid to troll Joe Biden, the Florida governor paid tribute to an actual city in his state that bears the same name as the troll meme.

“We are proud to be able to make a stand for freedom in Brandon, Florida,” DeSantis declared before signing state bills. The crowd attending the event occasionally broke into “Let’s Go Brandon” chants during DeSantis’ remarks. 

When asked by the media if DeSantis deliberately went to Brandon to troll Joe Biden, he remained coy. “I think that Brandon, Florida, is a great American city,” he said while he grinned.

In addition, State Attorney General Ashley Moody also spoke glowingly about the city. “Brandon, Florida, has become the shining city on the hill, representing freedom,” she said. 

Anti-Vaccine Mandate Bills Signed By DeSantis

During the Brandon event, DeSantis signed into law several bills that opposed the federal vaccine mandate imposed by the Biden White House. One bill imposes fines on employers with vaccine mandates.

Business owners can still implement their mandates if they offer certain exemptions that workers can apply for. Another bill prohibits schools from requiring students to wear masks or get vaccines. 

The governor said he needed to act fast to protect Florida workers. Federal vaccine mandates can force Floridians out of jobs if the state government will not intervene.

“Nobody should lose their job because of these Covid jabs. Mandate restrictions [are] tearing people down. Today we lift people up,” he said. In addition, state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo attended the event.

He hailed the wonderful legislation signed by DeSantis. “It completely pushes back against this belief that some of our leadership put forward that you don't control your body, that your body belongs to Dr. Fauci,” Ladapo said.

He referred to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the federal government's top infectious diseases expert. Additionally, Ladapo said that mandates were “spiritual warfare” and completely wrong. “It's your body. God gave it to you,” he advised. 

Watch the FOX 13 Tampa Bay video reporting that Gov. DeSantis signs bills preventing vaccine mandates from Brandon, Florida:

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Have you heard about the “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme? Do you agree that this chant applies to how Americans feel about the vaccine mandates?

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