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Trump Deserves The Credit For Helping End The Korean Conflict!



South Korea's government said late Sunday that it had halted propaganda broadcasts along the border with North Korea ahead of this week's much-anticipated summit between the two nations' leaders.

I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN, NBC, and the DNC sent all their liberal loons to the DMZ with loudspeakers in an attempt to sabotage the peace process.Anything to derail Trump… even if it means nuclear war.

This has been the message and campaign for months. Despite the negative attacks you have to give Trump credit. He is doing something no one else in the ENTIRE world has been able to do.

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North Korea Finally understands the USA doesn’t have a pushover anymore. What do you think? Let us know in the comments Below:

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  • Meathead says:

    Unite the Korea’s? How do you unite a democracy and a dictatorship? Ever tried blending oil with water? “Uniting” ain’t gonna happen without a war and defeat of North Korea. Otherwise, it’s a peeing into the wind situation.

  • AFMissilier says:

    This was inevitable. Kim Jong-un has exhausted his political resources, and his nation’s treasure. Most of the political and military elite were educated in the West. China has reduced its support; and, there is no other nation to make up the difference. Kim and his henchmen will ask to retain their wealth – stolen from their people. The North is suffering mass starvation – reducing the labor and food to a very small percentage of the people. For years starvation was a state tool to keep the masses under control. North Korea is no longer supported by communist regimes. China has become a part of the global economy. The USSR no longer exists. Russia, despite Putin’s facade as a “strong man”, has an economy that requires trade with all members of the global economy. Each day North Korea becomes less and less. At some point, North Korea has no friends; and, foreign-aide becomes a trickle. Don’t expect North Korea to reverse course within a year. It will be a process over many years. There will be set backs; but, they will be resolved. The United States and South Korea will remain vigilant and ready. Words and actions will be judged. But peaceful change on the World stage moves slowly. The World will be watching the process as the players come and go through their respective country’s government. We, Americans, can support the process by electing representatives that are committed to the process.

  • Capt. Ron LeBlanc says:

    Your show how much of a stupid ass you are to make such a commit about grammar!! Given the importance of what is being discussed!!!
    Go President Trump. The REALLY AMERICANS are backing you. As for the snowflakes…they’ are befitting from the good your doing , won’t say thank you , which shows what kind of people they are ! And worse they have raised children that are just like them !!

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