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A Naked Man With AR-15 Kills 4 Still At Large!



This is a tragic story that could have been avoided.

It begs the question…When will left admit that mental health plays a larger role in mass shootings and not the tool used!

Travis Reinking 29, of Nashville Tennessee, shot up a Waffle house early Sunday killing 4 people and wounding Many others.

Thankfully James Shaw Jr. was able to confront the shooter and get his gun away as he fled the scene possibly saving countless others.

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This is a classic case multiple failures and not taking time to look at real cause…

This man had previously been arrested breaking into the white house and investigators revealed in a Sunday news conference, saying he “wanted to set up a meeting” with President Trump. More than a year before that, Reinking claimed the singer Taylor Swift was stalking him, police said.

This is a man who would have caused harm no matter the tools at his disposal. But I can ensure you we are going to see more “Gun Control” talk spewing from the left for weeks to come.

At the time of this article, this young man is still at larger and is considered dangerous…

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  • Ghost says:

    Another fruit cake falling between the cracks? It’s beginning to appear these cracks are left open on purpose.
    How many more red flags does the authoritie need?? Why isn’t the Father arrested for supplying guns to his Nut
    case son ? I hope these victims relatives sue the Father out of existence. Our todays so-called authorities couldn’t catch a cold sitting naked in a snowbank. Maybe the little creep will remove himself from society on his own.

  • Meathead says:

    Ban the “Nuts”, not the guns. Ban guns and they’ll do what they are doing in England, use knives. Ban knives and they’ll use ice picks, ban ice picks, they’ll use screwdrivers, etc. Get the drift, you anti-gun idiots.
    WHEN all the guns have been taken.
    WHEN all speech has been censored.
    WHEN history has been erased.
    WHEN all freedom is gone.
    WHEN we are unable to defend ourselves.
    Only THEN will you understand why our
    right to bear arms was so high on the list.

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