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Trump Fired DHS Official For Cybersecurity



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President Trump fired DHS official Chris Krebs over a disagreement over election fraud. Krebs is the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). He got into Trump’s bad side by contradicting his boss’ claims of voter fraud. Together with other Administration officials, they issued a statement that there is no evidence of compromise of the US voting system. The statement runs counter to President Donald Trump's claims of election fraud conspiracies.

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Over Twitter, Trump announced the firing of Krebs. He tweeted: “The recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate, in that there were massive improprieties and fraud.” Then, he announced that: “Therefore, effective immediately, Chris Krebs has been terminated as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.” 

‘Most Secure Election’

On Thursday, the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Executive Committees issued a statement. They said: “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double-checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result.” 

The group consisted of Trump administration officials concerned with voter issues. They said that “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” In the end, the group urged Americans to keep the faith with the system.

Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow

Krebs knew that attaching his name to the statement can endanger his job. While he knew he might get in trouble, his dismissal came sooner. Soon after, media outlets in support of Trump started attacking him. Afterward, he learned about his firing from the President's Twitter feed. Accordingly, he used Twitter to react to the firing as well. Krebs tweeted: “Honored to serve. We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow (sic). #Protect2020.” 

CISA chief of staff Emily Early sent a letter to staff informing them of Krebs' last day with the agency. It stated “A change in leadership is not a change in mission and it is essential that we do not lose focus on the important work we collectively undertake on behalf of the American people. Fortunately, we have the best workforce in all of government and I know we can count on each of you to continue the excellent work you do every day as we all work together to Defend Today and Secure Tomorrow,” it added. 

Twitter Fact Checks and Rebutting Rumors

Krebs stayed subtle as he disputed the President's repeated claims of fraud. Specifically, he took extra care to not antagonize the President in a direct way. However, Krebs became more upfront in contradicting Trump’s claims after the elections. Thus, he started to increased his Twitter activity. He began posting fact checks of the claims and conspiracy theories pushed by Trump. 

Krebs led a CISA campaign to target foreign powers’ attempts at interference. While Trump continued to claim massive election fraud, the agency had to address the claims. The CISA spent the time to rebut the accusations of cheating. Many of these come directly from the White House.

Reactions to the Firing

An anonymous DHS official told NPR that Krebs' firing would rock the agency. “Chris has earned the trust of staff all across the agency,” the official said. “He's easily been the most competent and able of any political appointee I've worked with.” 

Democrat lawmakers questioned why Trump fired the DHS official. For example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it a “dangerous and shameful charade.” Meanwhile, Senator Ben Sasse thought Krebs “did a really good job” and therefore should not be terminated. Finally, Senate Intelligence Chair Mark Warner said Krebs was an “extraordinary public servant.”

Watch this as CNN reports that President Donald Trump fires DHS official Chris Krebs:

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Do you agree with the firing of CISA director Chris Krebs? Or, do you think he brought this upon himself for contradicting the President in public? Let us know what you think about Krebs and election fraud. So, why not share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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  • Lee Bevan says:

    Trump is an absolute fool. He’s jeopardizing the safety of this nation By being an a-hole. He knows damn well he lost. At least he certainly should. There was absolutely no voter fraud or cover-up or any of that crap he’s alleging. Because of his moronic actions, half the nation thinks the election was fraudulent because they believe anything that cheating, lying, degenerate says.

  • Howard says:

    Hey Bevan you sound like a crook as your man Biden that will i hope put you in a bread and soup line . unless your in on the TANK with the old fool Talk about lying Biden’s charity group collected 30.milliomn dollars. and not one cent went to charity it all went to his family and his cronies as well . that’s what basement bide does and has been doing for over 47 years and dummy’s like you are just plain ass stupid or super crazy

  • Bryan Dale says:

    I agree with the firing, not because he shouldn’t antagonize his boss because he’s clearly working with the Democrats to cover up their election fraud. No rational person could say, with millions of mail in ballots, that it was the most secure election in history.

  • Michael Rodger Gibbs says:

    I love my country and my family has sacrificed much in its history! Like many others have sacrificed! Voter fraud unfortunately has been a part of this nation for many years yet it’s not prosecuted correctly! We not only need term limits for our politicians in Washington! We need term limit for federal workers in Washington! The federal workers in civil servants are the problem! About every 10 years we need to flush the toilet! To keep a true Free Nation before it dies! Hell the government workers don’t care as long as they get their pensions! Does anybody remember the scandal from the eighties and the quadruple double dipping federal workers didn’t have a problem doing that! Till they got caught!

  • Thomas Fitzpatrick says:

    Trump is an asshole, plain and simple. He is not a decent human being. He will never win the affection of any decent American primarily because of him being a coward and paying off a doctor to write a bogus medical report saying that Trump had bone spurs so that Trump could avoid every True Americans duty to serve in the Military.

  • Thomas Fitzpatrick says:

    Bone Spurs my ass! Yellow bellied coward is a more accurate description!

  • Patricia S says:

    This is America. Remember free speech? Stop the Steal! Amen. Don’t let the Replublicans steal the election from Biden. I agree with Lee Bevan. And, if we had term limits like Michael Rodger Gibbs suggests, Mitch McConnell would have been gone long ago. Also agree with Thomas Fitzpatrick.

  • Julio Villamil says:

    This president remind me of Venezuela Chavez and Maduro and I believe he is mentally ill and his republican croonies think they are helping him as a leader, they are not helping to unite the country, Trump is destroying Amerca like Chavez destroyed Venezuela and Castro did it with Cuba.
    Trump is putting the security of the USA at risk He should concede he lost the elections congratulate his opponent and make the transition as wonderfully at it should be

  • Lee says:

    If God loved a liar, he would love Trump to death.He will in the future be remembered as a liar,cheat, cry baby and an all around asshole.He lost, accept it. I voted for Trump in the 2016 election and have regretted it ever since when I found out what type of person he really is. I hope he runs again in 2024 so he can lose again by a lot bigger margin.

  • Jo hF says:

    There was no voter fraud. All you stupid Magats are being brainwashed by the biggest idiot of all time. Why is trump trying so hard to be re-elected but doing NOTHING for the people Of this country in need Republicans and Democrats.. It’s just about his fat ass. Putting us all at risk during the transition. If trump really was a patriot and cared about America he could go out smoothly. CAN YOU TWEET FROM JAIL

  • Lydia says:

    Well Lee…trump showed the world what type of person he was when he said ‘just grab em by the pussy’!! How could you have missed that??!!

  • Debbie says:

    CNN needs to go away with there lies I am sick of those people and President Trump was right to fire him he knows that there was conspiracy he knows those machines were rigged and so was the election ballots from dead people ballots from dogs before you go under CNN why don’t you buck up and do the right thing and stop lying to the people because we all know you’re liars

  • David says:

    Funny jow ypu asshats claim Trump is ruining the country yet he had multiple historic market records, employment records, for all races, in particular blacks. Negptiated the biggest peace treaties in history, which is why he has multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominatioms. Ruining the country like Maduro?! Biden is more like Maduro than even Obama, and that was bad. Yet, you vote for a lifelong corrupt career politician who is going to tax the fuck out od you all! Why? Because it’s “patriotic to pay high taxes.”-Biden. Him, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiffx Newsom, AOC, Omar couldn’t be more communistic! Notice how they’re barking their Hitler’esque orders, No Thanksgiving, No Christmas, no singing, no church. You are all a bunch of fools. Why are they going after guns?! Ask Stalin, Mussoluni, Fidel why they went after guns! Hitler started the holocaust by disarming the Jews. But yea, you clowns keep voting for tbe communist tyrants who cheated their asses off. There has been fraud for decades upon decades. You cried for 4 years about a fraudulent election and an illegitimate President but this election has been completely on the up & up?! Yea right! Perhaps you’ve missed the videos/pictures and the witness testimony under oath? Maybe you’ve missed the ballots being thrown on the side of the road, or in dumpsters. Oh, and by the way, check out the tax plan on the way. They’re enough to show you what they’re all about. Annd in case you have something to leave, Bidens inheritance tax is enough to make you puke! But hey, you’ve provided us all with a laugh!

  • Lydia says:

    Spell check David Spell check!
    Ha Ha Ha

  • Marie Falcone says:

    You got it right David. Too many have their heads in the sand. And as for the election, anyone with an ounce of common sense would know sending ballots out randomly would cause havoc. Of course the news sure didn’t bother to report all the good he has done for all people. He acted quickly on covid and in my 88 years I have never seen a vaccine be ready so quickly. What people don’t realize or want to hear is that a strong business man can do things much better than many politicians. What has biden done in 47 years other enrich his family including Biden from foreign countries because of his name and VP title. Did anyone see on the news how crooked Biden is. Did anyone wonder why he stayed in his basement? Is it possible he knew the fix was in so he didn’t have to campaign? I could gomon, but enough said.

  • Brenda Starr Jaime says:

    Trump is still President of The United States in case anyone forgot & furthermore Voter fraud happened nationwide & I can personally PROVE it happened!!! Y’all are fools voting biden when he has done nothing 47 years & President Trump 47 months ❤️🇺🇸💫

  • Bernie Freedom 2020 LaFleur says:

    If Anti American Pelosi disagrees with Krebs firing, and says it’s a charade, then that verifies President Trump is POSITIVELY right in firing him! He’s obviously in her pocketbook too.
    Here’s another thing that bothers me.Bozo Biden from his “office of the elect prU%^%#” , I can’t even write it. What the heck is that?? He says, in that squeeky mousey pathetic voice, He is being set back months because President Trump won’t share his Operation Warp Speed plan with him. What an as@$##%le! Biden wants to be able to take credit for the distribution plan our President set up months ago. This has been the motis operandi of the Do Nothing Dems throughout the campain. I still feel strongly that the Dems that opposed President Trump for 4 years should be forced to remit their salary for that time because they did not do the job of serving the American people! If I didn’t do my job, I would be fired. So what’s the problem with Kreb getting fired? Also, the criminal investigation of the investigation of the Obama administration MUST CONTINUE. They have subverted the American Constitution. That is TREASON. Our founding fathers probably would have used the nearest tree to prosecute anyone who did the things they have done. HHMMMM

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