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OPINION: Trump Keeps Getting Things Done, Despite Dems

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Trump keeps getting things done, despite Democrats.

The greatness of a president is normally based on the economy and foreign policy. Although there are those who see Trump’s presidency as a disaster, I do not. Economically, Trump nailed It; seeing what even the greatest economist could not see, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive for Americans. Unemployment is historically low and the markets are historically high, all thanks to companies and their money pouring back into our country, because of Trump.

Wages are up and dignity has been restored to former food stamp recipients, now working. Additionally, America has already benefited from its energy independence.

Foreign Policy is another strong point for the president. Just last week, Part 1 of the China Trade Deal and the USMCA Trade Deal were completed, both historic, and both greatly beneficial for America, farmers and Technological integrity. Also, we no longer foot the bill to police the world, thanks to Trump forcing other countries to pay their fair share.

The president has the right to protect Americans, and he has. The Mother of all Bombs wiped out many ISIS fighters and destroyed their tunnels of safety. It won’t stop their hatred for Americans but it has slowed them down considerably. Plus, they know Trump will strike again when necessary, unless dishonorable Democrats stop him with their new War Powers resolution.

Soleimani killed and maimed many American soldiers and innocent civilians, but not anymore! Democrats cried when they were not informed before the strike. Smart move! We’ve seen for ourselves how untrustworthy they are. It would have shown up on the front-page of the New York Times, warning the brutal murderer. Democrats go out of their way to avoid protecting us, Trump does not!

Democrats are also quick to invoke the Constitution and Rule of Law, yet the first to ignore both. Basement dwellers denied our president due process during the impeachment inquiry; no representation, no witnesses, no difficult questioning. They said Trump was afforded every opportunity to prove his innocence. That’s scary!

When Russia collusion couldn’t be proven, Stormy failed, as did Avenatti (prison), Cohen (prison), quid pro quo, and bribery, they settled on impeachment for obstruction of congress and abuse of power; questionably vague. Remember, there is no federal crime.

Until Democrats are voted out of office, our tax dollars, and their time, will be wasted!

Diane Stuller.

New Windsor.

No, there’s no common ground on abortion.

Sunday’s letter (“Any common ground on reproductive rights?”) concerning abortion – let’s drop the euphemism and call it what it is – ignores that every abortion ends a human life created by God through the union of a man and woman. It is the life of a child who may or may not see his mother’s face depending on her “choice.” Thumbs up or thumbs down, little one, your unique and irreplaceable life is in the balance. May you be shown love and mercy.

Like a stone tossed into a stream, the ripple effects of abortion are endless. Besides damaging a woman in her elemental being to bring forth and nurture life, she may suffer physical consequences because not every “procedure” ends safely. And now we see politicians – candidates for the highest office in the land – boldly assenting if that is what the child’s mother desires. In our own state, the legislature this year will consider enshrining abortion as a constitution amendment, so that “right” will be untouchable regardless of any Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade.

In addition, all the lives that would have flowed from that one life are erased. No child, no grandchild, no adult with dreams, talents and contributions to society, no family of his/her own, no posterity. How poor we have become, all in the name of “choice.” I know that the circumstances and difficulties surrounding an “unplanned pregnancy” are innumerable, but what is difficult today may be achievable tomorrow. Abortion is irreversible.

Abortion advocates cite “the right of a woman to her own body,” but ignore the body within her body. Two persons are involved in her decision, each with rights, but the right to life is preeminent, the first right before all others. Since 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision, [approximately] 60 million have been killed by the lucrative abortion business, primarily by Margaret Sanger’s tax-funded spawn, Planned Parenthood. The time has come to regenerate respect and protection for pre-born children while assisting their parents. In our community the Pregnancy Support Center offers free services to assist parents in crisis pregnancy situations.

To answer the question posed by the aforementioned letter, no, there is no common ground between life and death. “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life then, that you and your descendants may live.” Deut. 30:19

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