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Trump Gives Heartfelt Memorial Day Tribute: ‘We Owe All That We Are’ to America’s Greatest Heroes



Trump Gives Heartfelt Memorial Day Tribute 'We Owe All That We Are' to America's Greatest Heroes-ss-Featured

In a statement for Memorial Day, former President Donald Trump described that the fallen military members of the United States as “unrivaled heroes” whose legacies are immortal.

The former president released the statement as the country honors military people who dedicated their lives to the service of the United States. He honored the “fallen heroes” who offered their lives to defend the country, its people and its freedom. He added that the devotion, resolve, and patriotism of these people are unrivaled “in human history.”

Trump added that, because of the “gallantry” of these people, everyone in America can collectively continue to pursue “America’s glorious destiny.”

Trump Thanked Fallen Military Personnel on Memorial Day

As per the Congressional Research Service (CRS,) over 1 million American service members have fallen in the history of the country. This dates back to the Revolutionary War. As per the source, the conflicts with the most fatalities included the Civil War and World War II. These two wars took the lives of over 400,000 each.

The Global War on Terror, the latest one, has caused the deaths of over 6,900 service members, per the CRS.

Trump continued, saying that Americans “owe all that we are” to them in his post. He also said everyone owes what everyone hopes to be to these heroes. The former president called their memory and legacy immortal. He said that the people’s loyalty to these servicemen and their families will last for eternity.

The former president then said that “America’s warriors” serve to become “the single greatest force” that pursues “justice, peace, liberty, and security” among every nation on Earth. Trump once again thanked the fallen personnel, enumerating the service branches in the military.

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  • Tommy C says:

    Trump honored our fallen. What did Biden do?

  • Portobello Mushroom says:

    Biden didn’t do shit cause he has dementia and isn’t even fit to run the country.The entire WH cabinet is a fn disgrace.

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep spreading the lies and ruining our country

  • Tina Lutkenhaus says:

    Trump ,regardless how some people may feel about him , he had been one of the Best President of United States of America 🇺🇸, who truly served all the people. He was especially did an exceptional job to Honor and pay respect to our military and their families and our law enforcement and their families as well. President Donald J Trump was a wonderful President ! ❤️🇺🇸🙏

  • SUNFLOWER says:

    I honestly believe that the present government officials [ I will not classify it as “my” government!] was hoping that we all would follow their lead & forget to honor our FALLEN HEROES. I think they found out they were mistaken! All over this country, we saw every fallen HERO remembered with the honor, love, and reverence given to them as the bravest soldiers that died FOR US & for THEIR COUNTRY. The selfish, cold-hearted, power-hungry people that are so evil they don’t even realize those brave men & women that laid down their lives far too soon, not only did it for love of country, but also for them! I pray one day soon, before these FOOLS die, they will have their eyes & their hearts opened to what a GREAT COUNTRY this is and will try in some way to compensate for the evil foolishness they are doing to every loyal American Patriot, living & deceased. God bless President Trump for his heart-stirring speech today! He IS a true Patriot !

  • Chas says:

    Someone who actually caress for there county and the people who live in it! @ANONYMOUS…is a hateful snowflake that needs to attend to there flock!!!

  • SUNFLOWER says:

    YES, I can see that ANONYMOUS is completely BRAINWASHED by the Leftist…….but that is his choice!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    President Trump is a class act

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