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Iraqis To America: Trump Is The Answer To The Worlds Problems



Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina on June 14, 2016.   REUTERS/Jonathan Drake

  • “America should leave the political correctness and be tough on these countries that finance terrorism,” Nseeif Al-Khattabi, a Shia Muslim and governor of the Holy Karbala Province Council, told
  • Another very highly-placed leader in Iraq's security and intelligence arena, who requested anonymity, stressed that the U.S. troop pullout in 2011 was a mistake.
  • Republicans will likely have a better chance this time, with all the problems in our world.”

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Donald Trump’s favorability rating is sky-high here, where citizens are paying surprisingly close attention to the U.S. election and see the developer and political novice as the clear choice for the White House.

In dozens of interviews conducted in various cities across the country this month – with Iraqis from different religions and walks of life – the overwhelming majority support Trump over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Many believe Trump would be tough on terror, and blame Clinton – at least in part – for policies that have destabilized much of the Middle East.

“America should leave the political correctness and be tough on these countries that finance terrorism,” Nseeif Al-Khattabi, a Shia Muslim and governor of the Holy Karbala Province Council, told “We need a strong leader and if Trump needs me to speak at a rally I will come. If he follows his words and his strong stance and points his fingers at these countries that support terrorism, he will be able to stop it.”

Another very highly-placed leader in Iraq's security and intelligence arena, who requested anonymity, stressed that the U.S. troop pullout in 2011 was a mistake, and said Iraqis are looking to the next administration to once again develop a strong military relationship.

“The Iraq invasion was not wrong, but the decisions that followed were wrong,” said the official. “Keeping the army intact and getting rid of the Saddam loyalist bad apples, while keeping our security institutions in place would have been better.”

Mamoul Al-Samraaii, the Baghdad-based head of the Al Itfaq political party, a non-sectarian, economy-focused bloc, said he was impressed meeting Clinton as Secretary of State in 2010 and that he was also impressed by Trump's business acumen. But ultimately, Samraaii noted, choosing his words carefully, he is looking to the next U.S. President for support in propelling Iraq into a more capitalist economy with imports and exports beyond the oil market.

“If there is a problem in the world, it seems Republicans take over,” he said. “When things are good, Democrats win. Republicans will likely have a better chance this time, with all the problems in our world.”

Gen. Sarhad Qader Mohammad, director of the districts and towns of Kirkuk Province Police Department, believes Trump will help fight ISIS on its home turf.

“I believe that America has always had a stable policy in fighting terrorism, but Hillary has a softer approach,” he said. “Trump is much harder when it comes to these issues, he won't put up with it.”

Even though the operation is underway to liberate ISIS from its stronghold in the northern city of Mosul, many recognize that peace can be fragile and fleeting, and that much of the nation – in particular the capital Baghdad – is still rife with terror.

According to the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), the country has seen an uptick in violence since 2013, and just over three months ago experienced its worst suicide attack since 2003 – one which killed more than 300 people in the popular shopping district of Karrada.

The topic of American politics makes for impassioned conversation among young Iraqis, who huddle in trendy hookah and coffee bars and upscale malls in major cities.

“I am for Trump,” Saif Hussein, a 27-year-old flight engineer, told, glancing out at the still charred remains of the Karrada market, juxtaposed with a bursting nightlife of people unabashedly getting on with life along one of Baghdad's “most bombed” concourses.

“I hope that U.S. policy changes after the elections, and helps us to further eliminate the militants and terrorist financiers who support them. It was a mistake to withdraw that quickly. I want the whole world to know that the Iraqi people love life, and want a fair state. We have lost a lot of young people to war, but we still have hope for peace.”

Dr. Zainab Abbas Elshafei, a 26-year-old gynecologist from a mixed Sunni and Shia family in the south of Baghdad near Babil, echoed that the U.S. elections are coming at a crucial time given their nation’s enduring violence.

“The USA as a country is considered the main leader and engine for the international alliance against ISIS, so the next president will really determine if the war to eliminate them fully will be serious or not,” she said. “I prefer Trump because of his opinions about the countries supporting terrorism, especially Saudi Arabia. We are against militant Islam. And Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State – they made ISIS by using all the wrong strategies, and now they are having to fight it.”

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While many Iraqis say they feel somewhat let down by the United States for an invasion followed by an abrupt withdrawal before stability was reached, the overall consensus pointed to a long term presence and tight relationship between the two countries.

And even though relations between Baghdad Central Government and the northern, semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) remain strained, the two governments are coordinating to expel ISIS from Mosul and appear to at least agree when it comes to backing Trump.

“This election is very important to the Kurdish people as a friend to the United States,” said Kurdish political journalist Aso Haji. “We have seen eight years of Democrats in Iraq, and their policies are not in favor of our desires, they care more about a unified Iraq. But we are focused on our independence.”

The Republican Party has long been viewed as a beacon of hope for many Kurds, who see the American GOP as more likely to support their ambition of independence. The Bush administration was immensely popular after taking out Saddam Hussein, and streets in Kurdish cities and villages often bear the name of the American political dynasty.

“Hillary Clinton as Secretary showed that she is a danger not just to Iraq, but the region at-large. Look at all the instability in Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya,” Haji said. “Obama was the worst president of all and we fear she will be even worse. We see Mr. Trump as a more honest person, and America should be led by an honest person. And besides, how can we trust a woman who cannot uphold her dignity as a wife and a mother who stands by her husband through all types of scandals? How can she be trusted to defend the interests of a great nation like America?”

Minority factions such as Christians and Yazidis – officially victims of ISIS genocide – also generally said the support Trump.

Yazidis who spoke to said they want the next White House to lead the way in establishing “international protection” for their people. A strong sense of betrayal has cemented itself among Yazidis, tens of thousands who are now scattered in squalor across the north of the country, driven from their homes and, in many cases, slaughtered and enslaved by their Arab neighbors.

“It was our neighbors, the Arabs we knew for decades, who turned their weapons on us,” one Yazidi community leader who asked only to be identified as Haider, lamented from their sacred temple of Lalish. “My whole family is gone. How can we ever trust them again? How can we trust Hillary Clinton who is afraid to call it what it is: Islamic terrorism? This matters to us.”

Yet for others, the reason for their apprehension is far simpler.

“She is a woman,” stated Waseem, a mid-40's Baghdad native who worked for high-level U.S government branches in both interpreter and cultural advising roles. “I don't know if most Iraqis are ready for that.”

Steven Nabil contributed to this report


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  • Rockdog says:

    Trump is not a part of the globalist banksters and those that want to rule the world. He is a true patriot and represents millions of Americans that are.

  • Jerry says:

    Mr. Trump is an outsider to politics and he cares about our country. He said he would drain the swamp and that needs to be done. Our existing government is so corrupt that they only care about themselves. I believe Trump will get rid of all the dead weight in out government and make this country great again.

  • Right now things are just repeating . We need a new breed in order to mke things different says:

    I am a pokictical idiot

  • Right now things are just repeating . We need a new breed in order to mke things different says:

    I am a pokictical idiot

  • The name crooked Hillary should tell the tale!

  • Name says:

    Clinton is a thief a lier and most importantly a trator to our great nation!

  • Don Downs says:

    Trump will take a hard stand on the Muslim terrorist, both in the countries where they reside and here at home.

  • we appear to our ememies as weak...trying to be political correct says:

    our government is corrupt.everything has a two-fold meaning.I understand why countries don’t trust us.Because they lie to us!!!!!!!

  • marion quinton says:

    He will get us back to the Constitution and kick out a corrupt government. both parties. And he wont commit treason as Hillary and Obama has done.

  • larry says:

    Hillary belongs in prison not running for the highest office in the U S A.

  • Pat Manchack says:

    I may not agree with the Irtanians on Donald Trump, but I certainly do agree on my own. i am a Donald Trump supporter. Huge, I might add.

  • deborah silkett says:

    This election should not be about progressions in the respect of ok America’s had its first Black President, now it should have its First Woman President. I am a US woman and that might be something yet for our future but this woman, Hillary Clinton is not the right one for the job Of “Commander & Chief” of a nation that has been looked at as a SuperPower. In the past 8 years America lost that status, due to inadequacies that our current president reduced us to , we stand short of being just short above a third world country. This response by Iraqis To America are people that have “Lived the Hell” and continue to each and every day. We are a nation under current adminstration and if Hillary is elected a continued nation that too will be “Living the Hell” that Iraqi has been living for years. Our administration threw away efforts and trillions of dollars, that our soldiers fought and died for for so many years and rendered nothing positive for the Iraqi people or their nation. They still choose to look to America as a SuperPower and we need a President, not a politician, who with fresh ideas, strong advisors in the critcal fields needed to restore this nation , this people to the SuperPower the world looks for us to be. We Must Have Donald Trump As The President Of The United States. Hell with political correctness, hell with politicians. Give the Businessman his chance at making America great again.

  • Joan says:

    Trump’s answers are “outside the box” and are not mired in all that “good buddy, buddy stuff”. Trump is FOR WE THE PEOPLE!

  • Carl Bair says:

    Because he has lived his life as a very successful businessman instead of in the government.

  • martha says:

    I like his Plan to get jobs back in the United States instead of 2nd sourcing out to China and Mexico. I also like the fact that Illegal immigrants will be screened before entering entering the USA

  • Smart woman says:

    If they like him so much, they can have him. Better he destroy someone else’s world.

  • rosemary gaskell says:

    Of all the second rate Republican candidates that presented themselves this year Trump Was and is the worst. Why. There are so many better Republicans that I could have put my vote behind but you chose Trump. He is a dysfunctional personality. Not the kind of person to handle negotiations with touchy, volatile nations. He has proven to not take advice from anyone because like the genius character Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang, he thinks he knows everything worth knowing. Although he has never demonstrated that he does. How is your party going to loo come December 16 when he goes on trial for rape of a minor. How is your party going to look if your POTUS candidate has to register as a sex offender. I am sure there was someone better you could have choose to lead this country, so why didn’t you.

    • Cooltruth says:

      Democrats also had a better candidate that could have been nominated but chose Hillary Clinton instead. Go figure!

  • Name says:

    Because he has the guts to do the job and also believes in our constitution and the righ to life.

  • Makingmyvote says:

    I’d bet that Mr Trump would be more than will to take out the trash but I also think he’s smart enough to not make us foot the whole bill, I think he will make that oil heavy country foot the bill for the help and that it’s only right !!!!

  • Jeanne Houghton says:


  • Jesse says:

    Trump is not connected to all the political corruption. Not tied to donations that require pay to play.

  • Tom Halliday says:

    He listens to the masses and addresses their concerns. He is not be-holding to anyone so his decisions are citizen based

  • Judith York says:

    I believe Trump sincerely wants what is best for the American people and the world.

  • Susan Dix says:

    The Iraqis can see that Donald is honest instead of a corrupt Hillary. She is terribly dishonest and cannot be trusted. Muslim countries will probably not deal with a woman president. Donald has dealt with dignitaries worldwide with success.

  • Name says:

    He is ignorant of the presidency

  • Jeffrey says:

    He understands business, our country is a business. He understands compassion, Trump employs thousands of people all over the world thus, he knows people. He is a negotiator. He does it every day.

  • Beth says:

    We need to bring America back. I constitution needs to be put back in play. We need to get rid of the power-hungry establishment type people not only on the Democrat side but also the Republican side. We need a president believes and will work for we the people of the United States of America. We need to rebuild our country, take care of our own country. As others who get our assistance need to pay us back and not continue to get it for free or expect to get it for free. I like it when Mr. Trump says wouldn’t it be nice to get along with other countries? If people would only respect others for who they are and not expect to come to other countries and change people that would work out well. I don’t go over to different countries and try to change who they are or believe like I do when I go over I try to understand their values and ways of living as I want to learn how other people live and try to understand and communicate with them. I don’t expect to be judged or killed just because I don’t believe in another person’s way of living. I don’t and I wouldn’t go over and try to change anybody’s way of living. If they ask for help and want to better themselves I think it would be great to be there and help them. But, for me to be told that I can no longer Live and believe in my values and morals and be told that I have to worry about not stifling somebody because of their feelings or their beliefs, I resent that. I have my right to believe as I want to in America. If people don’t like the way I believe, What I believe in or who I am and what I’m about then they need to leave me alone and walk away. We are not barbaric people.
    Mr. Trump I believe will bring back jobs as we’ve been lied to for the past eight years by a president so they call him, Who lived by Saul ALinsey’s ways as Hillary Clinton has studied and plans to do should she get in The White House God forbid!!!!! The democratic way is to deny deny deny and lie lie lie! They are through their studies of Saul a Lynskey have been told to do whatever it takes to get to where they want whether it’s honest or not. All they want to do is use the Hispanics and the blacks for votes it’s obvious. What are they done for them in the past NOTHING!
    The Clintons in the Clinton foundation in those involved are only out for power. They are not out for the people of the United States. Hillary is a cutthroat evil person and will do anything for money and power . We have studied her and the Democratic Party and believe they are the party of evil. They know what to say, they know what the promise, whether it’s honest or truthful. By the way, too bad The press is it showing the Teleprompter that Hillary had through all the debates. Also the earpiece she wore. A major cheater!

    I hope someone can get to the black communities that need to be rebuilt to educate them and ask them to back off so that they can come together with Mr. Trump To rebuild their neighborhoods and make America great again!

    As Mr. Trump says we need to become independent as a nation and live off our own resources and not depend on others in other countries. Get that pipe line moving our way! Who in their right mind would deny this? Obviously the Democrats.

    I watched Obama admit to a group of people that he was not a US-born citizen. He said he was not born in Hawaii he was born in Kenya. A liar as we figured. A puppet the Democrats used to try and destroy America for their own satisfaction in for us is a wish to become a socialized country. The one world government they want so badly for us to become part of. Obama also stated that we are a naïve country as we allowed him to become president and run our country for eight years. Many of us were not naïve we knew, we know, what he was. Corruption won on that one. He stated as well that anyone could become a winner even if they did things dishonestly any illegal. As long as whatever needed to be done got done.

    Mr. Trump is an amazing man. He is built his own empire it’s now time for him to expand and build the American empire! Have Addit Mr. Trump I believe in you as millions others do too. We have faith in you and we will live by interest in our faith to bring back America again. Bring back our farms, businesses, healthcare that people can afford and not die because it wasn’t adequate. Let us, we the people make our own choices as to who we want to serve us and our families. God bless the USA Mr. Trump !

  • Glenn Charette says:

    Donald Trump will make sure OUR Nations interests are OUR Nations priority!

  • Don Allen says:

    Liberals, all they do is bitch and do not have any common sense for world and US problems

  • SWA says:

    He completely understands the threats facing the world from terrorism, and is not afraid to defeat this.

  • Anthony Guthrie says:

    I think trump would sell us out if he got a big enough share between china and Russia
    And he’s out of touch with the working man.
    He’s a crook. I’m old school you don’t pay you business would of went down. in flames and it would show arson so insurance would not cover next would of been banckrupt

  • wayne steidley says:

    He has more business sense, an maybe Mr Pence can teach him how to hold his temper a small amount.

  • Tony Wixon says:

    Trump is the only answer we have at this time. Hellary would only make a mess we might not survive as a nation. Trump is the best that’s come up in a long time.

  • Arturo DeCaro says:

    No doubt Trump is a better candidate his plans make more sense. Clinton wants to continue the same course of the Obama administration, which has been a complete disaster.

  • l says:


  • gary says:

    He has been outsourcing his businesses for years and using child slave labor to fill his pockets he is a perfect example of a lying rich PIG.

  • sano says:

    Donald Trump cares for all people, He will go down in history to be included among one of the greatest leaders from the past.

  • Will says:

    Because Trump won’t be bought and sold for sheckles, like obama and clinton and MOST of the US government, Corrupted.

  • Cimmie says:

    He is not bought by anyone and understands business and money

  • bob says:

    Simply put, Mr. Trump is thinking outside of the box and not fixated on the current thinking of the inside the beltway commandos. He is an innovator and will use innovation to energize the US and hopefully the world.



  • Pamela Kline says:

    Due to all her corrupt ways; just like Donald Trump has spelled out for months.

  • Dennis says:

    Money is not his object here, where it is to everyone in Washington.

  • Bobbie says:

    I believe Trump truly loves this country and wants to make it great again for his children and grandchildren as well as ours! There is so much corruption in DC that we need new blood in there that isn’t beholding to so many. I love the idea of draining the swamp!!!

  • Frank Fenney says:

    Not afraid to buck the system. He is his own man.



  • Elizabeth says:

    Because he is someone who, I hope will bring down our debt. I hope he isn’t all talk and no do. He is a businessman and should be able to do it.

  • Name says:

    Because Trump is an uncultivated person

  • John Andreola says:

    Politicians are raping this country and getting paid to do it. We must reign them in or get rid of them, including Hilliar.

  • Martin Stewart says:

    Trust is Huge and I don’t think Donalds EGO will let us down….

  • salvatore J. Tuccio says:

    This is a man who gets things done. Not nation building but winning the war when we get into one. We have not done that for years starting with the Korean war. We also changed the name of the War department to the Defense department and we act as if we are on defense all the time. When it was the War Department we fought to win. Words do matter and Mr. Trump and the world knows that. Let us behave like winners and make the World Safe again.

  • Glenn says:

    Inexperience politically does NOT translate to naivte’. TRUST is key. His word is his bond. The TRUE POWER behind him rests in the PEOPLE, who want to help him DRAIN THE SWAMP by applying political pressure through their elected Senators and Representatives.

  • Ruben Martinez says:


  • deb says:


  • Gail says:

    Believes that God rules.

  • Michelle stewart says:

    He has been bankrupt.once pulled out of it. He knows how to handle these banks getting fat in vet g outr money most app alot will retire after he gets in or hopefully tell on each other ro go after the biggies

  • Dianna Santos says:

    I believe Trump will make the USA a better place ,where Hillary will keep things the same and make the USA a much worst place to live. She is a liar and a thief and never tells the truth

  • Steve says:

    It’s because he does NOT belong to any of these ‘One World Power’ consortiums so he is NOT OWNED like 90 % of politicians and other powerful people.

  • Avex D. Miller, Jr says:

    For the last 7.5 years we have had a president who has no sense of world affairs, no knowledge of warfare, military presence, standing up for the United States of America or its allies. He has spent his time telling the world he is sorry for what the United States of America has done, no matter what the issue is or was. This has taken the image of the US and made it appear weak, at the same time placing our men and women in the armed forces at risk. We need to get rid of this cowardly lying king and get a true leader in the White House. D. Trump is that leader.

  • donald weichold says:

    All my life I voted democrat until Oslima. Couldn’t let it go on again ,No more liars and thieves. Too bad we can’t clean all of Washington out and start over

  • marie says:

    Because Trump’s got the “spunk” to do what we the people want for this country and doesn’t have to kowtow to anyone. And he is basically a good, caring person who will be generous with his time.

  • David Wepler says:

    Go to walmart to get the movie, “hillarys America:” Then, go and share this with your friends. Remember, The only thing for evil to reign is for good men to do nothing. Vote Trump, possibly God’s last and only hope to save America. Vote your conscious! Thank You!! God Bless!!!

  • Glenna Cottrell says:

    Because He loves America and cares about the people. if given the help he will make America great again.

  • Katherine Willis says:

    America has always been a strong leader in the fight for truth and justice! Lately we have been very soft and apathetic and it shows all over the world. America was a beacon of Hope and Light to the world. Under God it will be again!!

  • Martln says:

    He will have the backbone to stand up to adversaries.

  • Vito Pantaleo says:

    It’s time to throw all the “Fat Cats” out, and get some people in that are dedicated to doing what is best for our country. It is time, and Mr. Trump is the one whose time has come to do it

  • ron says:


  • Morris says:

    Trump wants to make America great again, promote freedom and regain respect.

  • BOB NISSLEY says:

    A true AMERICAN



  • Forrest London says:

    we should have never pulled out entirely allowing a takeover of radical islamists

  • Aletha Jelladian says:

    Trump is a real human being, not a “politician”. He is there for the PEOPLE; he is not on the take, like “politicians”. By now we know that the Roth’s and Soros and the Bushes and Clintons and most of the Senate and House are all in cahoots AGAINST the PEOPLE–laughing their heads off in their dirty little hideouts that the American people still believe in Dems and Reps when they have made it into one big conglomeration where there is no such thing as two parties anymore–they are all ONE BIG JOKE on the American People!!! Our man, Donald Trump, is standing up for the PEOPLE!!! He is LEADING AMERICA and the WORLD now. If he wins the election, the HIPOCRITES will fight him tooth and nail. And if the MONSTER HIPOCRITES win, the AMERICAN PEOPLE are awake enough now, thanks to the STEAMROLLER TRUMP and his brash way with NO FILTER on his mouth (yay!!!)…..and the AMERICAN PEOPLE and probably the PEOPLE of many other nations, like IRAQ, will give the HIPOCRITES a run for their money. They will have to come out from their hiding places and quit the drug running and the money laundering and the sex rings that they support. Either way, they lose because, thanks to Mr. Donald Trump who has awakened so many people in such a short time, “they” will be going down! Haleluiah! Praise Jesus!!!! And God Bless America!!!! Thank you for keeping the faith, Mr. Trump!!

  • Jeannette Poe says:

    We need Trump/Pence to drain the DC Swamp and get this country economic engine roaring again. Make America Safe, Secure, and Great Again! ????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Kevin says:

    Trump is not a politician. He is a very successful business man. That made himself the wealth on his own. He is not owned by any superpac doesnt owe favors for contrabutions unlike killery who been bought and sold more times than any hooker!!

  • Donald Lehr says:

    The a OTHER choice would only be made by a complete IDIOT.

  • Marvin R. Wright says:

    Better to make a deal than go to war! Businessman or criminal? please…

  • joyce montes says:

    the peole in the east states dont what the TRUTH is, we need someone who cares for ALL the people. and tell the truth for everything he does and no backstabbing

  • David Nash says:

    Trump will enforced the laws of the US equally to all.

  • Ronald Kucharczuk says:


  • errodean says:

    He is the only one that is trustworthy.H is a true patriot who wants all that is good and right for America and her citizens. He wants her to prosper and be the country that our forefathers intended. He will adhere to the Constitution as it was intended for us to live in peace and tranquility..I believe that he is respected by the people of other countries of the world.most important America needs him!

  • James Powell says:

    I have been a fan of Trump since he first came on the scene.

  • Donald R. Rhodes says:

    Regardless of what jug-ears Obama lies about, as if America not being an Christian Nation anymore. He has been a Cancer on this Great Nation. The Almighty God knows his address, and he’ll send him down Screaming, for he has been a Slothful enemy, but will pay for his deceits & Lies..AMEN..

  • sandra lisella says:

    because he is not a professional politician he is a dedicated business man concerned for America and not the rest of the world

  • Alma Mercado says:

    Because they understand Trump is not against them .. but against radical Islamic terrorist

  • Ernie Ford says:

    He has scared shit out of Barrie Soetoro and his islamic vermin, billionaires, & FBI political parasites, Federal Reserve scum is terrified of a Trump Presidency. Their 100yrs control of US money ended in December 2013. I hope he enforces Kennedy executive order 11110 in it’s original form, declaring Fed legal ternder USD illegal & replacing it with the Kennedy silver dollar, it leaves the entire US debt as an obligation of the FEDs Bilderberg group

  • Roger says:

    hopefully he is for the people and US. If so he may be able to make changes and teach kids about the constitution

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