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Trump Immigration Ban Was The Right Call – Now It Needs To Go Further





Trump immigration law |Trump Immigration Ban Was The Right Call - Now It Needs To Go Further

Trump Immigration Ban Was The Right Call

There was a lot of noise made this weekend by the liberal snowflakes after President Trump issued an executive order pausing access to the U.S. for refugees for 120 days and pausing travel to seven Muslim countries for 90 days. The point of the pause is to allow the federal government to create a new, more secure system of admission procedures. He also capped the number of refugees who can enter the U.S. at 50,000.

Instead of pausing to say thank you to a man who is actually doing what he said he’d do and making our country safer, Democrats instantly get emotional and started protesting the executive order. Thousands and thousands of protesters at airports around the country  They caused massive chaos as commuters missed flights, with people unable to get in and out of airports.

I’m still not sure how that makes a statement, other than to cause innocent travelers stress and expense due to missed flights as a result of protests.

But here’s the thing about all of this…..President Trump needs to take it further.

Trump needs to make those pauses permanent. What’s more important? Making sure we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, or keeping my kids safe?

I choose my children. Every. Damn. Time.

Trump Immigration Ban Was The Right Call - Now It Needs To Go Further american family

If you’re surprised that terrorists are hiding among refugees to get into the country, then hey I’ve got a great deal for you on a bridge in San Francisco.

Look, these killers are coming into Europe disguised as refugees, then carrying out terrorist attacks here in the U.S. There’s no question that this country needs to step it up and strengthen our borders.

If we could build another wall, that’d be great. But unfortunately,  that can’t keep out radical Islam. But what can keep them out is stricter screening and visa permits into this country.

All the snowflakes want to hug every immigrant who comes into this great country. But when you’re hugging them, that’s when they stay you in the back.

Not me. And not my president. Trump is protecting us from threats foreign, and removing domestic threats.

Yet everyone is freaking out because he said people can’t come into the country. Or because he wants to remove the illegal criminals and send them home.

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But the better question is why is everyone really so upset?.

President Trump isn’t actually doing something new. The seven countries on which Trump put a travel ban are all based off of Obama’s precedents. And if you ask a Democrat how many illegals Obama deported, guess what their answer is? I know, because I made it a point to ask a bunch of them. Every answer was a guess. Some didn’t even give numbers, just said stupid things like “well, maybe a few”. A few geniuses even had the nerve to tell me zero.

Not. Even. Close.

Between 2009 and 2015, Barack Hussein Obama deported 2.5 million immigrants. More than ANY other president. And that’s not counting the ones who were turned away at the border. Funny how we don’t hear anything about that.

Meanwhile Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is inviting all the refugees into Canada.


Take em, Canada.

According to ABC News, 91% of those illegals Obama deported (just in 2015!) were previously convicted of a crime.

arrested man Trump Immigration Ban Was The Right Call - Now It Needs To Go Further

Trudeau can go preen around and smile and be the good guy. That’s fine. Because we finally have a president who doesn’t play all the political games.
He doesn’t care about being liked. He cares about being a strong, respected leader who makes his country great again. Who makes his country safe again.

And he’s doing it. But now, it’s time  to step it up. Wanna really make our country safe again? Don’t just deport illegal immigrant criminals, get rid of anyone who’s not properly authorized to be here. If they don’t pass the new requirements to come into the country but they’re already here, send them back where they came from.

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Did you agree or disagree with this post on Trump Immigration Ban? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Lynn says:

    President Trump is doing what has needed to be done for a long time. Homeland security needs to keep check on these people once here to check on whether they are assimilating. They need to get a job, learn English and take off the burque and hijab

    • CUZIN ERN says:

      Before you get beside of one’s self, can you remember when you were a child with unknown tantrums?

      What difference do you see amongst our guests from who the hell knows where start acting like some of our youngun’s who haven’t learned their ABC”S yet! Give them an inch and they take a mile and you have the rest of the story!

      Just think and grow rich …CUZIN ERN

  • Gary Bashaw says:

    To provide for the safety of the American People. Immigration is a right, it is a privilege. Yes it is constitutional for what President Trump is doing, and I wish he would even do more.

  • Thomas Harper says:

    Since we can’t seem to separate the terrorists from the refugees we must keep them all out until we can. Many of these people would make great citizens of our nation, some only want to do us harm.

  • Scott David Hawker says:

    I think we are being taken advantage of and there’s too much crime in the streets and I think if we monitor our borders and keep out those who do not come in the correct way by becoming a American citizen I believe should stay out

  • Rodney Bowers says:

    We need to get back to where we, the people, decide who and how many get to come into this country.

  • Dennis East says:

    To many in So. Cal. And they don’t speak English or want to.Seems they want to make America into Mexico!! And the cost to all of us!!No thanks to Jerry Brown!!

  • Alvin Arthaud says:

    Muslims are our enemy. We had 8 years of muslim rule look where it got us.

  • Billy says:

    Well said

  • Bruce says:

    We are being overrun with people we know nothing about.

  • Mike says:

    President Trump needs to halt ALL immigration for a period of time and when anyone comes here they must swear allegence to our country and our laws and adopt our language.

  • Michael Rivera says:

    Why do they not Understand that It Is for the existing Citizenry, not the Immigrants benefit. Are they that ignorant? We must Purge all schools on our soil of these Progressive, Liberal Terrorists.

  • susan says:

    Stop the influx of refugees — except those who truly need a refuge like the Christians being killed in those countries and those people who assisted our military who are now on death lists. Set up protected tent cities in the other refugees countries or other Muslim countries where they should feel more at home.

    Round up and send home the criminal element of our illegal immigrant population.

    Send home those who have overstayed their visa’s.

    Be sure visitors or visiting families go back home in a timely manner…perhaps their tickets should be round trip to come here.

    End the foreign babies being born here from being branded citizens.

    Unleash heavy border patrol to follow the laws we already had.

    I think a border wall had already been approved by Congress in years past. Complete it. Use Israeli counsel on how it should be done.

  • joyce montes says:

    Its about time ,we got a president that does protect the people of the u.s and he does need to do more these illegals and refugees dont belong here .

  • Richard Day says:

    Protecting our country is the paramount issue even if it means inconveniencing a few. To do otherwise is to put Americans at risk.

  • Paul Espinosa says:

    (1) In knowing who’s coming in to our country we can keep an eye on them, and by keeping trouble makers out we stand a chance to be a bit safe, we have to many non Americans trying to destroy our country apart, Trump is our president and he should be respected. The people that make fun of our president should be shipped out, I understand not everyone excepts this but it is what it is. To have a greater America we must pull together, support our laws and not fight against the law of the land, I myself did not like what Obama was doing but I did not protest. I love my country to much…

  • T says:

    These people are brain washed they hate Americans so why let them into our country

  • dave says:

    You GO Pres.Trump We the People that support the American Constitution are with you !! Can,t say much for others$#@SSes What obama has done the last 8 yrs is unforgivable God speed and God Bless….

  • Ron says:

    there is no telling how many terrorist that ass wipe Obama let in. He sure had an open door for the muslems.I know I shouldn’t talk about a former president but there hasn’t been a past president that has run the USA into bankruptsey.

  • Robert says:

    We need to do everything possible to protect the American Citizen form any terrorist! The President is on the right path in doing this.

  • ROY TAYLOR says:


  • Evan Bancroft says:

    Ban all muslims from coming to America!
    They have NO PLACE here!

  • John popek jr says:


  • David McGuire says:

    America and Americans first. I am sick of all the other people from other countries trying to fun my country. Go the fuck home to ur country.

  • Peter says:

    I agree. Finally a President that does what needs to be done.

  • Name says:

    It is hi time someone stops the flood of illegal immigrants and terrorist into this country, Muslims are the only ones that are terrorizing the world, the so called moderate Muslims never stand up and condemn these actions, therefore in my opinion they are just as much to blame, there should be no sanctuary cities it is ILLEGAL to enter this country therefore it is a crime and should be punished, I’m all for legal immigration into this country, but let’s get a grip on the situation, and do it right, No more immigration from Muslim countries they want to spread there religion, Obama did nothing but give them a platform to move about the world to spread there so called peaceful religion, well I believe from what I see it is not, Thank You Donald Trump for starting to save America, I think your the best and I’m behind you all the way, I’m 52 and would be willing to serve to help the fight !!
    I love my country too and we need to care of America first. Full steam ahead !!!

  • Boris says:

    SAFETY!!! We absolutely need to secure our country against any possible threats.. Democrats will sell out the safety of Americans just to increase their voter base. They are shameless and their treachery is boundless, all for the sake of staying in office.

  • Pam says:

    It’s obvious. We’ve been at risk for far too long. This should have been implemented long ago.

  • patricia brookhart says:

    Enough is enough!!! Where are the Irish and Polish-None are to come here from terrorist nations FED UP Patriot

  • Walter Sorensen says:

    A “ban” should have been implemented after Sept. 11th, 2001! There is no shame in closing America’s borders until we can do a proper overhaul of our immigration system. This isn’t back in the 1920’s or 1930’s when the influx of immigrants came to this country. They wanted to assimilate to the American way of life.This is a different, much crueler world. We need to keep everyone out til we can sort this out. Islam extremists have infiltrated Europe & of course the Middle East. We have to keep them out & find those already in our country. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. God Bless America! America First!!????????

  • cliff says:

    “vetting” was never done under obama (no caps intentional) even though he “made” the same Law as PRESIDENT TRUMP, obama never had anyone enforce it. Just look around parts of this country and see the areas where there are NO-GO ZONES in AMERICA. MUSLIME “areas” where sharia law is in force. (Michigan for ONE example)
    This is OUR Country and these “practices” and INVASION need to be Stopped.

  • chuck flemens says:

    we aren’t safe with the illegals

  • delmar weikel says:

    for the safety of American people. there should be a moratorium on all immigration.

  • delmar weikel says:

    for the safety of American people. there should be a moratorium on all immigration.

  • Victoria Jones says:

    We have homeless citizens and Veterans. They should be taken care of first. Then if we have truly vetted Immigrants they can be considered.

  • Norman Myers says:

    Because it is the right thing to do.

  • Pamela & Ray Smith says:

    Because when you filter out the bad, your only left with the good.

  • Pamela & Ray Smith says:

    Because when you filter out the bad, your only left with the good.

  • john bryan says:

    We need to feel safe in our own country

  • Kay melton says:

    When you have no respect for our Constitution and laws you need not apply or seek citizenship. When you leave a country that abuses you don’t bring their abuse to our shores

  • Tommy Jones says:

    The problem is that the people who want to truly come to America and have an opportunity to make a better life they also need to come willing to assimilate to our culture and not try to turn our country into what they left. When we just let the criminal elements through to do what they want needs to stop now! If it’s harder to enter then only the willing to change will come because the criminal elements are too lazy to make the effort

  • Greig Thbodeaux says:

    Because we do not have a clue who (or what) we are allowing to come into OUR country & NEED to protect OUR people & country from those who want to bring us to their ways.

  • Juan Pedroarena says:

    I came here when I was 3 years old from Argentina. I am white and living in a majority
    Hispanic city, I was bullied a lot because of my color. I see an increase of white hate crime, like Black lives matter and see what will happen to us whites once we become a minority. it is OK for every other nation to be proud of there heritage and race, but only whites cannot. We need to stop with this white guilt that is destroying our race. That should of been abolished after the civil war when so many whites died fighting to free the slave. More whites died then the total of slaves brought from Africa!!!

  • william taylor says:

    It is just common sense

  • Dan Nowotarski says:

    We should learn from others mistakes. Muslim refugees have been causing havoc in European countries that welcomed them in. The refugees have been beating and raping hundreds of young women from the European host countries, they have marched through the streets of the host country making it clear their goal is to bring the host country under sharia law by the sword if necessary. It appears the host countries have been tricked into inviting these radicals into their countries, why haven’t Muslim countries have hasn’t taken them in? I believe they saw and used the opportunity as a step to bring Islam into more western countries. The real refugees who need help are in Africa, people are diseased and starving, death is right around the corner for many of the young and old. President Trump is taking the bull by the horns and is doing what should have been done under former President Obama’s tenure. President Trump was and is correct in that we should know who is entering this country. The radical Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned President Trump during the presidential debates that if he should become President he should not stop Syrian Muslims from entering the United States or they will attack us. That statement in itself should be reason enough to ban Syrian Muslims from entering the United States, it’s better to keep the enemy at bay then to allow them to overwhelm us from within. If we know their goal is to replace the U.S. Constitution with sharia law, then do we continue to allow them entrance while at the same time allowing their numbers to grow. If we are to keep our Freedom we need a strong leader who isn’t afraid to make the tough and hard decisions even if it means to stop those from entering the U.S. whose goal is to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia law. “Hence it is a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their Liberty in defending our own.” Ben Franklin 5-1-1777

  • Kyle says:

    Of course it’s the right call. Thank you President Trump!

  • ABH AN THOMAS DANIEL WOOD USN Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran says:

    Because we have no jobs and the illegal immigrants that are already here basically think we our laws and way of life are just a joke. If they respected our laws and customs it would be a different story but look at all of them stomping our flag and disrespecting it walking all over it. I didn’t serve this great nation to watch it be put down and our flag walked all over by these immigrants and not shit happen to them. But now let me step in to stop it and someone starts hitting me and I fight back I’ll be the one that goes to jail because I’d be in the wrong for doing what I was trained to do in the armed forces and that’s stand up for what’s right in my eyes. And I think that’s bullshit because I’m standing up for what in my eyes is the right thing to do. But let me do the same thing to one of their flags or talk shit about their ways of life I’d be put to death and that ain’t right people so open your eyes and see what’s been right there in front of your face this whole time but yall been to busy being politically correct that it has blinded the fuck out of most Americans. But just so this is known if I see someone walking on old glory they gone get a boot in their ass size 11 sideways if I have to and I got plenty of friends and family that got my back when the fighting starts to know they don’t want it so they just need to leave and go back where they came from if they don’t like our ways over here in America!!!!! And that’s my thoughts on that subject if ya don’t like it you shouldn’t have asked me

  • sherlene tarte says:

    our president is trying to protect the American people and these illegals do not respect our laws with many killings and raping. We can not stand for these people to do this.

  • Charles says:

    The President is doing what is in the best interest of our nation. He has the legal right to do what he has set out to accomplish.

  • Bruce Rogers says:

    This issue is a greatly needed situation to help keep this Country safe, and we need to repair the broken system we have had in place that was enacted by the Obama administration!!!

  • Charlie says:

    If anyone wants to live in our nation then said individual must have some value for our nation , be of free will to assimilate and never disobey the Constitutional laws of our nation .

  • Charlie says:

    If anyone wants to live in our nation then said individual must have some value for our nation , be of free will to assimilate and never disobey the Constitutional laws of our nation .

  • Russ says:

    As a veteran we should do more to pervide a better life for our future family . This should have been done years ago.

  • wayne says:

    Update the Immigration law of the United States and enforce the law – period.

  • Debra says:

    Because we as a nation have got to be of one culture and that is the American culture and rule of law otherwise we no longer exist as a nation of Americans .

  • Chris says:

    We can’t just let everyone come here that wants to.

  • L. Hanson says:

    Via our Constitution, the President is responsible for, and we are entitled to protect our people and our country from those that wish to harm us. We need to protect our borders and know who wants to come to our country with good will or to harm us. It is our decision – not a right of anyone to come here.

  • William Reilly says:

    Yes a certain amount of people need our help , and they are right here in the U.S. , allowing out siders to come Into our country just put more strain on our resources , and to be honest , many are not what they portray to be , healthy men , almost adult children , if they want a free life. Then fight for your own country as we do ,

  • Bob says:

    Immigration into any Country is a privilege not a Right.To immigrate to a Country….means you accept their laws and way of life…..if you want what you have now ….stay home.

  • Gregory Fake says:

    We have no idea who can be trusted. Cannot afford to take chances at this point in time. America first!!!!!!!! We already have too many of our own problems we have neglected for too long!!!!!!! We already have too many RAGHEADS and others in this country and any asShole should be able to understand it is only a matter of time till we are hit again from inside our own borders. There are already training camps here in the US!!!!!!! I can’t understand these stupid liberals and their thinking. We need to send them all out. Let them live among the radicals who have no regard for human rights or women’s rights. I’d like to see if they would still believe in their stupid agenda then!!!!!!

  • Gregory Fake says:

    We have no idea who can be trusted. Cannot afford to take chances at this point in time. America first!!!!!!!! We already have too many of our own problems we have neglected for too long!!!!!!! We already have too many RAGHEADS and others in this country and any asShole should be able to understand it is only a matter of time till we are hit again from inside our own borders. There are already training camps here in the US!!!!!!! I can’t understand these stupid liberals and their thinking. We need to send them all out. Let them live among the radicals who have no regard for human rights or women’s rights. I’d like to see if they would still believe in their stupid agenda then!!!!!!

  • Larry campbell says:

    Time we take our country back. We have way to many people coming in here that can’t prove who they are. Anyone of us goes to another country we have to prove we are not criminals or terrorist’s. We all have to go threw a background check. So why not for people coming from terrorist country’s??

  • Gino DiLorenzo says:

    Jobs for Americans.

  • Tommy says:

    The ban is unconstitutional, immoral and not a Christian principal.

  • jim christopher senior says:

    ask them are they sharia law compliant also if anyone who will not conform and abide by our laws should be sent back emigrants must blend in to us and not us to them.

  • Frick says:

    Not only is Trump’s ban mean spirited and cruel, it is profoundly un-American. It is designed to violate the Constitution’s most basic insistence on establishment of a state religion. It will condem to death, individuals who have served our military as interpreters and guides. It will block from our benefit people like the father of Steve Jobs. Most importantly, it will put the lives of American soldiers at grave risk, while doing absolutely nothing to protect us from terrorism. Not one act of terrorisim -zero- has been committed on American soil from individuals from any of these seven countries. In fact, those nations who have members who have committed terrorist acts were intentionally left off the band because Trump has bus iness ties there.

  • rosa c. says:

    Please we need to educate others who are in ignorance about the muslims invasion, just underline what happened to Lebanon and this is what’s coming to us in a near future. People need to know better muslims horrible invasions in the past 1400 years and their stratégies, we don’t want Western World to become like Lebanon…Read, educate and share, we need to stick together now to protect our culture, values, land and religion.

  • william castleberry says:

    disease control and poverty control
    4500.00dollars for muslim welfare monthly.
    my ssa is about 1k /mth

  • Deplorable Lanie says:

    I agree because this is our country and we need to protect it. Obama just threw the doors open and said “Come on in. No background check? No problem, Minnesota is nice!” And now President Trump is just trying to clean up the mess that Obama left us. We have these laws and rules to protect us not to make it easy for the immigrant to gain access to our borders. My husband is a landed immigrant. And we did it the legal way. With all the background checks and all the interviews. So why can’t everyone else do it that way? It is only fair! And it is to keep us safe!

  • Dan Friberg says:

    We might let in xxx amount of people and there might be a lot of ok people ,but what about the ones that want to harm us .!!! So why take the chance with any of them !!!! Keep them all out and kick the rotten ones in our country now out !!!!!! The trouble makers have to go NOW !!!!!

  • George VALDESPIN0 says:

    Fear is a terrible thing; With every new Immigrant that gets through the fear increases. We know not if the immigrant a good friend or a terrorist that is here to do us harm. Background checks and our borders are lax, 9/11 proved that. We must scrutinize those we allow into our homeland. a very concerned military veteran.

  • Dr. Clifford N. Alford says:

    Overall, wehave it pretty good here. But, if we allow people who hate us to come in and attack us then we could lose it all. Better to keep them out to begin with than to have to kill them after they comes here and attack us.

  • Ken Laws says:

    Some people from other countries want to kill citizens but the Democrat idiots in the Senate and some Senators in the Republican Party are traitors to our President who is keeping his Campaign Promises in spite of what the Press and other liberal America hating people say. I was happy that he fired the Woman who refused to honor her sworn position and spoke out against Presidents orders. I voted for Him she is a paid hireling and not voted into office by the people.

  • Ken Laws says:

    Why are the press and other idiots in Congress calling what President did unconstitutional? Where were their outrage and big mouths when OBAMA issued same order banning some from entering our country was it not unconstitutional then? No for it was issued by a half breed Muslim.

  • Rick Craig says:

    There illegals don’t want to be Americans, they want to change America into Islam state.

  • D yoshi says:

    Trump has the balls to do what know other presidents would even think of. Its about change that we, as Americans are long over due.This this country was built on the morals of god. That’s why this country was so great. Now everyone wants to kick him out. It used to be God Bless America, now its God less America. All our values has gone into the Crapper and that’s why our country is the way it is.We need to pray for our president and the rest of his cabinet members

  • Paul Revere... says:

    You heard of JIHAD. Now learn about HIJRAH – the stealth mass emigration ( as a “holy” obligation of muslims) to uproot themselves from a perfectly peaceful existence in the Middle East countries, in order to establish SHARIA in Western countries and change every country in to an Islamic CALIPHATE.

  • rosa c. says:

    The Muslim invasion of Lebanon – Wake up Americans!!!

    We cannot as Americans ignore the facts and reality of history of other countries who been invaded by Muslims in not such distant time ago.

    Lebanon was a very open society before Muslims blows up their homes as the Muslims shouted ALLAHU AKBAR!!! Bringing down houses, communities and Lebanese tolerate people. Their only crimes were that those Lebanese were Christians living in their own Christian town in their country Lebanon. Brigitte Gabriel learned at the age of 10 years old the meaning of the words infidels; she received that day a crash course on surviving not in Girl scouts but in a boom shelter where she live for seven (7) years of her life, with no electricity with no running water and very little food. To be able to get some food she had to crawl under bombs and the snippers bullets to gather grass to eat and crawl to nearby springs to get some water.

    At the age of thirteen (13) she dressed in her burial clothing getting ready to go to bed at night getting ready to be slaughtered at the hands of the Muslims.

    By the age of twenty (20) she had buried most of her friends who were killed by Muslims, and they were not Americans living in New York or Canadian living in Toronto they were not British citizens living in London, she was an Arab Christian living in Lebanon.

    Brigitte Gabriel comes from Lebanon, and many people do not realize that Lebanon was the only majority Christian country in the Middle East. They were open minded just like Canadians, they were fair like Canadians, they were tolerant like Canadians, they had open policies like Canada have, they welcomed everyone like Canadians do because they wanted to share with Muslims the Westernisation of Lebanon with Muslims witch they had create to the heart of the world of Muslims in the Middle East.

    Because of the majority of presence of Christians in Lebanon, they were good in commerce and focused on building the country. In a very short period of time Lebanon become Paris of the Middle East, the Banking Capital of the Middle East.

    Sadly, because of their open border policies and their open minded and tolerance and fairness they welcomed people who were not supposed to be there in their country in the first place. Muslims used to send their children to study in their Universities because they had built the best Universities in the Middle East. The Muslims graduated and stayed in Lebanon after because they had built the best economy in the Arabic world, even if Lebanon did not have any oil.

    But even if they had the problem with the Muslims world and ideology especially about the Muslims population, the Muslim population grew because of the multiple birth rates and the Christians of Lebanon starting shrinking because simply they did not get married with multiple wife’s like Muslims do, Christians did not have children like Muslims did, so over 20 to 30 years of this trend Muslims become the majority and Christians the minority in their own country.

    They always had the problem maintain because Christians who had become the minority and the Muslims who became the majority and until the influx of the Palestinians in Jordan witch they as a civilized country and open heart country took them in a group of Palestinians terrorists.

    Araphat, was kicked out of Jourdan and tried to overthrow king Hussein out of power, and because of the dictatorship of the King. King Hussein kick them out and actually killed more Palestinians in black September then the state of Israel in all of his existence.

    They as a majority Christians, open minded and fair, tolerant and multicultural, the only Arabic country that took another wave of Muslims refugees into Lebanon country. Once Muslims came in they put their heads together with the Muslims in Lebanon and declared WAR on the Christians living in Lebanon. That’s when the Civil WAR began in 1975.

    Brigitte Gabriel was ten (10) years old when WAR started in Lebanon. Because of the presence of the Muslims, because of the open borders a lot of Muslims poured in Lebanon country to help the Muslims establish a presence in Lebanon. Muslims wanted to use Lebanon open borders, Muslims used Lebanon Laws, Muslims used the Lebanon Westernisation their fair and open mindedness against Christians Lebanese. People did not recognize that Lebanon was a Republic very much like the United States of America.

    So the Muslims enemies was not only able to infiltrate Lebanon but also the Muslims used Lebanon existing Laws to the benefits of Muslim invaders to established Muslims presence in Lebanon and twist Lebanon Laws to the Muslims advantages.

    Lebanon had even many people in their own country, many Christians who marched with the Muslims asking for more Islamist representations in Government officials thinking that the Lebanese were taking the cause of the underdog.

    However once the massacring commence in 1975, once the Muslims become the Majority and started to take over the Christians in Lebanon, and then killing them, that’s when they started walking into the Christians homes. Some of those Christians lefties basically demonstrated with the Muslims: What Do You Mean You Came Here to Slaughter US, We Demonstrated With You, We Pushed for Your Wrights in the Government We Help You To Be Part Of Everything We Have?

    The trend in Lebanon at that time once the Muslims started to massacres the Christians and they would welcome into Christians homes and some Christians even left their homes to demonstrate with the Muslims and fought for new Laws to take over existing Laws and protect the presence of the Muslims in Lebanon. Those Muslims came into Lebanon under the refugees act and status.

    The Muslims would kill anyone stating that you were as infidels as either any infidels or you deserve nothing but death. Those stories we heard about the people and Christians who fled and who came to their area, which was the last Christian area in Southern Lebanon. This was the price they paid for their open mindedness, there tolerance towards the Muslims who came into their country who had clearly NO INENTIONS OF ASSIMILATING with them, who hand NO INTENTIONS of BECOMING PART OF THE LEBANESE SOCIETY, and advancing with their society and the Lebanon Westernization but wanted to come to Lebanon.

    Once they were the majority wanted to impose their backwardness, their way of life, their way of being on Lebanese witch brought their own culture down. Today when you watch the news you are no longer seeing Lebanon as the Paris of the Middle East, you are seeing Lebanon as a terrorist infrastructure, terrorist organisation, where Osbola, Iran, Syria and the Axes of Evil have taken over and taken the control of the country. Now Lebanon has become the hot bed of Muslims and spreading all their extremisms to the rest of the world. Once the call of Jihad heard by the combine forces of the Muslims regardless what the Muslims background was, Muslims started to massacre, killing all the Christians. Muslims would walk into the Christians towns; Muslims would massacre the elderly, children as well men and women. Muslims would walk into a bomb shelter they would find a mother and a father trying to flee with their children. Muslims would take one leg of the babies tie one leg to the mother and another leg to the father and then pulled the parents apart splitting the child in half. Muslims would walk into Lebanon Churches and urinate and defecated on the holter using the Bible as toilet paper.

    Muslims would often Crucified the Christians on a cross and then poor honey on their chest and private parts to kill them so they can be stun by bees to die slowly. This became the faith of the Christians.

    During the Lebanese Civil War witch was not a war between the Lebanese Christians and Lebanese Muslims, it was a war between the Lebanese Christians trying to defend their existence in the Middle East and their democracy in the Middle East, and the Muslims who came from all around the Arabic world to fight with the Muslims to create a base witch to fight Israel and kill the Jews and throw them into the sea. Muslims wanted to take Lebanon and declare an Islamic state and this was what the Muslims wanted to do. And they successfully have done that using Lebanon Laws!!! Today the Christians in Lebanon are less than twenty (20) percent and during the Lebanese civil war and estimated one hundred and sixty thousands (160,000) people died in Lebanon. One hundred thousand (100,000) were Christians.

    Lebanon went prior to 1975 being majority of population Christians to being today less than twenty percent (20%) of the population, and the Christians who are still living in Lebanon today and if the United States or any other country would offer them visas to come to the West and leave the Middle East they would do that in a heartbeat and leave with their shirt on !

    Three phases of Muslim invasion and take over

    We all know Islam can be confusing at time because they use different channels to hit, and hit hard where our weak points are. You can meet a Muslims at the grocery or he’s your next door neighbour they can be the nicest persons in the World, their kids love our freedom and society. And then you turn on the television and witness Muslim just exploded a bomb that killed hundreds of people and wounded many hundreds in our free world. Or some other Muslims just blew up the grocery store you just made your purchases. What’s going on here, who represents the Muslims: the peaceful ones or the radicals ones?

    So you seek an answers like all the victims who survived Muslims bombings or stabbings or rapes or… and seek some answers? Where can I find true answers to all those urgent, life changing events in your life? Then you open up the Qur’an an read the sourat 2 2:56 : There is no compulsion in religion, that sounds peaceful and tolerant I guess the peaceful Muslims are the real followers then you read the sourat 9:29: Fight those who do not believe in Allah! That’s not nice now it seems like the violent Muslims got it right! The evidences point in different directions, so, what to understand.

    If you ever wonder why there are peaceful and violent passages in the Qur’an? If it ever bothers you that Muslims commands religion tolerance in the West while Christians and Jews cannot build Churches and Synagogues in Saudi Arabia if you never quite understand why organization like Cair claim that Islam is a religion of peace then this part of the document was written for you.

    You cannot understand Muslim in the world today without understanding one (1) essential fact Jihad proceed in STAGES.

    As the tiny tod grows up to become a bellowing bull frog as the seed becomes a full grown oak three so does the tolerant Muslims will grow up to become a Jihadist, so does the tolerat toddler will grow up to become a Jihadist that’s how we found out that Jew and Christians haters become bombers, killers and people who slaughter infidels shouting ALLUAH ACKBAR while slipping throats is really like in all its glory.

    Weather you look at Mohammed life or early Muslims communities or the Qur’an or the Yadiff or the Syria literature or the classical Muslims commentaries or moderate Muslims scholaships or the spread of Islam in the world today, you will find the exact same patterns.

    There are three (3) stages in the call to Jihad depending of the status of Muslims in a society. And if you do understand there three (3) stages you will be able to understand Islam, fourteen (1400) centuries of Islam and the situation we are in right now.

    Stage one: STEALTH JIHAD

    When Muslims are completely outnumbered and cannot possibly win a physical confrontation with non-believers / infidels they are command to promote peace with non-Muslims and to preach a message of tolerance. For instance when Mohammed and his followers were persecuted minorities in Mecca they criticized the belief of the polytheist but did so peacefully. The revelations Mohammed received in those times proclaimed a future jugement from non-belivers: Allah will one day punish those who reject Mohammed!!!

    But in the mean time: Live and Let Live Muslims were proclaiming to non-belivers\infidels, COEXIST!!!

    A characteristic chapter Qur’an 109 – Say: O unbelievers! I do not serve that which you serve, nor do you serve Him Whom I serve: Nor am I going to serve that which you serve, nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve: You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.

    Muslims in the West point passages like this as Islam and Muslims are peaceful but we know from Muslim sources while Mohammed was calling for religious tolerance in Mecca: he was already planning to conquer the world in the name of Allah!!! Mohammed also tried to lure peagans to Islam by promising them victory over the unbelievers.

    Let’s examine the passage, one day some of Mohammed tribes man went to his uncle to arrange a truth with Mohammed to stop criticizing their beliefs: At-Tabari, volume VI, p.95 – Abu Talib sent for the Messenger of Allah, and when he came in he said, Nephew, here are the shaykhs and nobies of your tribe. They have asked for justice against you, that you should desist from reviling their god and they will leave you to your god. Uncle, he said, shall I not summon them to something which is better for them than their gods? What do you summon them to? He asked… He replied, I summon them to utter a saying through which the Arabs will submit to them and they will rule over the non-Arabs. Abu Jahl said from among the gathering, What is it, by your father? We will give you it and ten like it. He answered, That you should say, There is no deity but Allah.

    Let’s think about this for a moment, Mohammed walking around the Mecca calling for peace and tolerance, but behind closed doors he tells the corresh join me and we will rule over the unbelievers: Christians, Jews, Persians…These groups were not attacking Mohammed at all, but Mohammed is already planning to conquer the unbelievers: Christians, Jews, Persians…behind their back. What does Mohammed needs to subjugate the non-Muslims? Mohammed needs an ARMY, so he ask his tribes to convert to Islam, convert to become Muslims.

    Now, let’s think how many times Muslims group in the world today calling for tolerance in public but saying something very different in private!!!

    Key features of stage one (1) of Muslims takeover our country

    All this goes back to Mohammed, the key features of stage one (1) is Takia: concealed Islam, Muslims true intentions in order to protect the Muslim communities. This was eventually made very explicit in Seurat 3:28: Qur’an 3:28 say – Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security.

    Muslims are not allowed to be friends with non-Muslims unless they are outnumbered and they feel they are in danger by a greater adversary. That’s what Muslims are told to pretend to be friendly. One of Islam, Muslim great scholar says: Ibn Kathir – In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship outwardly but never inwardly.

    Abu Darda – We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.

    Another key feature of stage one (1) is the victim status of the Muslims.

    Muslims likes to pretend that Mohammed and his followers were persecuted in Mecca simply because they were Muslims: total non-sense they were persecuted for antagizing the Meccan by mocking their beliefs.

    We can read in At-Tabari, Volume VI, p. 93 – The Messenger of Allah proclaimed Allah’s message openly and declared Islam publicity to his fellow tribesmen. When he did so, they did not withdraw from him or reject him in any way… until he spoke of their gods and denounced them. When he did this, they took exception to it and united in opposition and hostility to him, except for those of them whom Allah had protected from error by means of Islam.

    Notice that the pagan of Mecca had no problem with Mohammed preaching Islam, they became angry when Mohammed attacking their beliefs and : Christians, Jews…had to put up with quite a bite.

    We can read about what the Christians, Jews, Persians…had to get through in their own words: At-Tabari, volume VI, p. 101 – We have never seen the like of what we have endured from this man. He has derided out traditional values, abused our forefathers, reviled our religion, cause division among us, and insulted our gods. We have endured a great deal from him (Mohammed).

    Mohammed was condemning the Christians, Jews, Persians…beliefs and their values, Mohammed was causing divisions in the Cities.

    When the people from Mecca responded in kind and mock Islam Muslims responds was: OH we are persecuted, evil people attacking us Muslims because of our beliefs!!!
    Double standard is one of the goals of Muslims of the stealth Jihad stage is to give a privilege status above other religions.
    The constant antagonism from Mohammed towards the Meccans did lead to actual persecutions, and this early persecutions of the early Muslims community was the best thing that ever happened to Islam.

    When the people heard that the poor Muslims were mistreated they rush to Mohammed aids. The Christians of Abesenia, the Jews of Medeana and from various pagan groups all agreed at one time or another to protect the Muslims from the mean bigots, Islamophobes in Mecca.

    We have to keep in mind that Mohammed was already planning to conquer all of the Christians, Jews, Persians, and pagans, all of those people. But the Christians, Jews, Persians and pagans did not know that!!! All they knew is that Muslims were persecuted and Christians, Jews, Persians and pagans wanted to HELP Muslims.

    Once Mohammed and his followers had formed enough alliances and they were no longer at the mercy of the Meccans the message of the Qur’an suddenly change.

    Stage two (2) of Muslim plans: DEFENSIVE JIHAD

    Defensive Jihad, when there are enough Muslims resources to defend the Muslims community from attacks, persecution or criticism, Muslims are called to engage in defensive Jihad, fighting unbelievers who oppose a physical or intellectual treat to Muslim.

    Qur’an 22:39-40 – Permission (to fight) is given to those, upon whom war is made because they are oppressed, and most surely Allah is well able to assist them; those who have been expelled from their homes without a just cause except that they say: our Lord is Allah…

    Do you understand, according to the Qur’an the Muslims send out of Mecca simply because they believe in Allah, but we already know that the Meccan did not have any problem with Muslims believing in Allah, or even Muslims preaching Islam, Christians, Jews, Persians and Pagan had only problem because the Muslims were mocking their religions and causing divisions in their city.

    Again Muslims needed victim status for their protection, surviving and gathering more people to increase their numbers in order to proceed with Muslim hidden agenda.

    Now that the Muslims with Mohammed had enough several non-Muslims group ready to defend them Mohammed turned to the primary tactic of stage two (2) TERRORISIM.

    The people of the Mecca dependent on the caravan trade for their survival anyone who had money would invest in hope to get back something extra to feed their families. If a caravan was robbed, in return children will starve. Instead of living a peaceful life in Medeana, Mohammed starting to attack the caravans. Muslims launched seven (7) attacks against the caravans and the Meccans never retaliated. During the seventh (7th) attacks the Muslims killed the man and they took the goods and made captives as well. The problem was that it was still the holly month and everyone agreed not to fight. Mohammed become worrid about this first but then he received in sourat, Qur’an 2:217 – They question thee (O Muhammad) with regards to warfare in the sacred month. Say: Warfare therein is a great (transgression), but to turn (men) from the way Allah, and to disbelieve in Him and in the Inviolable Place of Worship and to expel His people thence, is a greater (transgression) with Allah; for persecution is worse than killing.

    Persecution is worse than killing, yes Muslims kills the men in the holly month but there was a universal agreement not to fight but Muslims claiming that the Christians, Jews, Persians and pagans persecuted Muslims and that’s worst. Don’t you dare judge us. The Meccan tried to avoid war but it was clear to all of them that the Muslims were not going to stop attacking the caravans and that Meccan trades and the livelihood of the city would never be safe.

    The pagan’s tribes send an army to protect the next caravans; Muslims of course attacked and defeated the Meccans at what we all know as the battle of the Bother. Notice that the first real battle with the Muslims with non-Muslims was the result of Christians, Jews, Persians and pagans trying to protect themselves from Muslims terrorising their lives and trade routes.

    It did not take long from Muslims protectors to realize that they been dupe by the Muslims and Mohammed their leader. Muslims were not quite the victims they have claimed they were. Mohammed and his Muslims were far more greedy and violent then the pagans they were now attacking.

    But these disillusions defenders soon learned that once you agreed to support Mohammed and the Muslim because you don’t get to change your minds at all. Anything than perfect allegiance to Mohammed become grounds for: expulsion, ceasing property, enslavement and even annihilation.

    Three (3) Jewish tribes found that out the hard way. Christians, Persians and Pagans, all non-Muslims no matter how much they disagree with Mohammed campaigns of violence and intimidations they had to keep their mouth shut!!!

    Mohammed started to order assassinations of critics in stage two (2) people who spoke out about Islam or wrote poems about Mohammed were brutally murdered, assassinated and the citizens of Medeana, the very same people who had invited Muslims in their city saw their rights rapidly disappearing in the name of Allah.

    Stage two (2) then is characterized by defensive fighting. Fighting those who attacks the Muslim community in anyway. What we need to get our minds around is however is that Muslims have a much broader definitions of what constitute an attacks then anything we are familiar with. Persecution and military aggressions certainly constitute as attacks but as we seen criticizing Islam count as an attack. Backing out of the lines after you figured out the true intentions of Mohammed count also as an attack.

    In the defensive Jihad stage, Muslims are ordered to respond to those attacks with physical violence and terrorism.

    Stage three: OFFENSIVE JIHAD

    Offensive jihad, when Muslims have established a majority, political powers, they are commanded to begin offensive Jihad. Once Arabia was under Mohammed control, the messages of the Qur’an change yet again. Suddenly Muslims were not just called to fight against aggressors they were commanded to fight non-Muslims: Christians, Jews, Persians and Pagans simply for being non-Muslims.

    Qur’an 9:73 – O Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them.

    Qur’an 9:111 – Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden; they fight in Allah’s way, so they slay and are slain.

    Qur’an 9:123 – O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.

    If Muslims have the military strength to expand their political religion, power into violently subjugate the non-Muslims population forcing the non-Muslims to pay a tribute the Qur’an command them to do so.

    Qur’an 9:29 – Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    This verses does not order Muslims to fight oppressors or critics, it orders Muslims those who don’t believe in Allah. We find similar teaching in Islam most trusted collections of halladifs.

    Sahih al-Bukhari 6924 – Muhammad said: I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: La ilaha illallah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and whoever said La ilaha illallah, Allah will save his property and his life from me.

    Sahih Muslim 30 – Muhammad said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.

    Mohammed did not say I have been commanded to fight until they stop persecuting us, which would be stage two (2). In stage three (3) and the same Muslims who complaint a few years earlier that Christians, Jews, Persians and pagans were persecuting them because of their belief now says they are command to fight people based on what they believe. TOTAL hypocrisy!!!

    In the offensive Jihad stage Muslims can also expel Christians, Jews and others from their lands even if they have been living there for centuries in order to keep certain areas that are important for the Muslims communities PURE.

    Area such as Arabia.

    Sahih Muslims 4366 – Mohammed says: I will expel the Jews and Christians from Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims.

    Mohammed will not leave anyone but Muslims. Is Mohammed a man who promoted religious diversity and tolerance? YES, only when Mohammed and the Muslims were in minority. When Muslims had control over the government diversity and tolerance went out along with the Christians, Jews and other non-believers.

    This is the pattern that been laid down for Muslims by their prophet Mohammed:
    Stage one (1): STEATH JIHAD: when Muslims are too weak to fight, Muslims promote peace and tolerance outward but never inwardly. Muslims prepare for Jihad behind the scenes. Muslims claim victim status and Muslims seek special privileges for Islam.
    Stage two (2): DEFENSIVE JIHAD: when Muslims are strong enough to fight but not enough to subjugate the non-believers they terrorize there enemies, murder\assassinate their critics and find excuses to attack the Christians, Jews and other groups.
    Stage three (3): OFFENSIVE JIHAD: when the Muslims are in the majorities they violently subjugate all the non-believers. Muslims strive to expand their political dominions and they rid all non-Muslims from their lands.

    These are the patterns we find in the Qur’an in the Haddif, in the Muslims commentaries, in the facts and in reality of today.

    Now take a look around the world that surround us today and tell me what you see?

    Saudi Arabia what stage are they in? Stage three (3) obviously. Massive Muslims majority Low and behold if you are not a Muslim you cannot preach, you cannot build a place of worship you cannot even set foot in the city of Mecca. EXACLY what we would expect based on the Muslims historical sources.

    Certain places in Africa, some areas of Europe are in stage two (2). Muslims have enough fighters, resources and alliances to fight defensively. And what can we observe all over those place? We what do we see we see terrorism, we see Churches being burned to the ground or blown up!

    Nigeria and Ethiopia we see also no go zones forming and critics of Islam being killed and in Europe!

    Again this is exactly what we would expect based on the historical Muslims sources and actuals ones.

    In Americas, here where Muslims form small minorities of the population what stage are we in? Stage one (1)!!!

    What’s Islam all about according to Americans Muslims? It’s all about peace and tolerance that’s what Muslims will answer you when confronted! Muslims claims they just want to be like everyone else, but racist, bigots, islamophobes attacks them because of their belief and Muslims portray themselves as victims of persecutions form Christians, Jews and anyone who oppose to them.

    That’s why we should all be thankful of our governments and Christians and Jews stepping in to defend Muslims from racist, bigots and islamophobes. Just as governments, Christians, Jews and others step in at the time of Mohammed.
    My good friends, brothers and sisters in faith and others how difficult it is to figure this out? What if we discuss that a six (6) years old can understand. Muslims have been using the same book for fourteen (14) centuries. It’s in all Muslims sources. Muslim strategies are as plain as day.

  • Rosa C. says:

    Please President Trump educate people all people about who are those people, what are their hidden agenda through simple words, every week talk to the ordinary people so they can understand the true intentions of the muslims and why they invade Western countries. Save us, protect us from the real treat. We do understand you have people who oppose, but they don’t understand who they are, the muslim brotherhood… If they knew more about history they would change their mind, not all but many. Only through education people will understand the real faces of muslims and there lies, manipulations and secret goals… Please read and make us strong and well informed…

    Yet our leaders, our elected leaders and medias cannot understand this, WHY? Because for our elected leaders we the Christians, Jews we are just simple second (2) class citizens in the Muslims world. Muslims in Europe, Spain, Sweden, France, Americas are ready to kill us even over cartoons. Muslims in Americas are so eager, desperate to have a victim status that they will cry discriminations when Home Depot does not pay for advertisements and use their image to promote their communities.

    It’s all right here in the Qur’an! Someone right here cannot understand that, maybe they are too busy with entertaining their own images instead of educating themselves by reading history and Muslims literatures. Our Champagne cocktails elected officials are too involve in their own agenda then to care about Christians, Jews and others who are massacres all over the world as we speaks.

    I say our elected officials don’t want to understand it by personal interests; they just don’t want to understand it that’s what I have to say!

    But we have reached a point in history where we need to get involved and we can no longer afford to be willfully ignorant and keep on avoiding the Muslim reality. If our leaders, our elected representatives cannot understand the three (3) steps of strategies of Jihadists they have NO BUSINESS, no rights leading us in any way!!! Let alone a Western Nation like ours.

    Unfortunaly for us Muslims have been very successful all those years to operate stage one (1) tow (2) and three (3) they have convinced our leaders and the Medias that the only information’s Christians, Jews and others need when it comes to Islam and Muslims is what’s handed to us by terrorist link Muslims organisations like Cair.


    If we want to send this message, if we want to popularize this message, the true nature of Islam and Muslims strategies to achieve their goals we have to do it ourselves. We need to give this document to as many people as we can to reach out and explain what’s cooking in our own communities. Please give this document and share the knowledge to the ones you know and this will be a good start.

    I also think some of us should also put these information’s in a form of pamphlets and we can all pass out copies discussing the three (3) stages of Muslims Jihad. We can print this out and give this document and spread the knowledge and hand it out to pretty much everyone it’s in our mutual interest.

    Islam – Muslims greatest allied in the West right now is IGNORANCE. We cannot count on our elected leaders to inform us, educated us on Muslims Jihad stages. WE ARE ON OUR OWN please keep that in mind. We don’t want to wake up one day and be force to subjugate us by force and violence in the name of Allah, Mohammed and the Muslims.

    Right now as we speak many elected officials are already working with the support and guidance of Islam, Muslims and Mohammed to subjugate our minds and prepare the soil to receive Islam message.

    We are the line of defence and the only obstacle now is US. We need to educated ourselves and stop thinking that all people ideology is peaceful. This is not the truth. An inform population is a free population of people. Wouldn’t you like to become an obstacle to Jihad and Sharia? I know I would. We need to get united. United we are strong and nothing can move us. Let’s say that in 2017 we will make a monumental effort to educate ourselves and others about these situations that we are all threaten about the inner workings of the Muslims and their plan to take over our lives, belongings and lands. We need to stop the Jihadist machine to invade our life and take our children, destroyed our heritage, values and ideology.

    In 2017 we will send a clear message that we will not back off at all on the Muslim agenda.

    I think it’s important to add a quick appendix on Westernized Muslims, I stated clearly on this document that Muslims in stage one (1) of Jihad are amended to deceive non-Muslims in order to keep us ignorant of Muslims – Islam violent goals.

    If you present this information’s to your Muslims friends they are going to denied it. Now does this mean they are practicing Tekiya? No, when you’re Muslims friends are telling you they practice a religion of peace? Are they trying to trick you? Probably not most Muslims in America are influenced by Western values or they have been influence by Islam and may pray 5 times a day, and fast and follow Ramadan, but their knowledge of Islam does not get deeper than that. They read very little about what’s in their sources and they know practically nothing about what we discussed in this document, at least this is what they want you to believe.

    Chances are that when your Muslims friends tell you Islam is peaceful they maybe believe it, no need to accuse them of lying to us. Sadly those Westernize Muslims friends aren’t a source of Islamic doctrines. Islamic doctrines are grounded in the Qur’an and the Sounats of Mohammed and those sources are perfectly clear when it comes down to explaining the Jihads stages and strategies to take over your communities, counties, values, morals, and ideologies.

    I think we need to add another stage to the three (3) stages of Muslims take over:

    Stage One (1): STEALTH JIHAD
    Stage two (2) : DEFENSIVE JIHAD
    Stage three (3): OFFENSIVE JIHAD

    Stage zero (0) the total clueless stage about Muslims Jihad, Muslims strategies, Muslims take over agenda to achieve their goals.

  • Mical Molnar says:

    America must have boundaries and laws that govern those boundaries. Obama’s lack of expertise regarding illegals has created an insecure Nation with no laws or consequences for the illegals. Eventually, unless Laws are implemented to stop these criminals, our Nation will be overrun with peoples that feel they have a right to be here. They do not and must be forced to return to their own homelands. If they want to come.back to America, go thru the proper channels just like everyone else has done. It isn’t abt the illegal but abt the security of our Nation. America owes no peoples anything, but it owes its citizens a secure and safe place to live!

  • Lorraine Beaudoin says:

    Until you can check out the people coming in to make sure it’s not Isis

  • Ray says:

    It is the rule of law!!!

  • Darryl Lovelace says:

    Trump campaigned on this and it is one of the main reasons I voted for him. I am tired of the liberals letting people in this country unfettered to take American jobs and to harm us. I want this Country back for my children and grandchildren. I do not oppose immigration at all but it must be legal and those that come here have to benefit America and want to be an American and assimilate into this culture. If they do not do that then they need to go back to their country of origin. Thank you.

  • Randolph Skora says:

    Ban all immigration until the legal ones here assimilate. Muslims will never assimilate because even the moderate want Sharia, which is against the Constitution, and because there is only one Koran that they all follow.

  • Barbara says:

    President Trump is doing right. We need to fix our own country before we help anyone else. We can set up safe zones for these people in their own country. We need to keep our country safe and take care of our own. We have our veterans, orphans, and homeless to take care of first.

  • DUKE says:

    The U. S. of A. must rely on THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. This can and will make America Great Again.

  • mary kuhn says:

    throw all them out f our Country

  • Lawrence says:

    Very simple,SECURITY! We need a better system of vetting those from terror prone areas and right now we don’t have it. You know, all those that are out mindlessly protesting won’t be happy until we have another 911 that could been prevented by the very things that President Trump is trying to do here. The hell of it is is if that did happen the very ones demonizing the President for what he is doing are the first ones who will be crying out “You should be protecting us”!! Well what those badly misguided souls don’t realize is that is that that is exactly what he is trying to do!! So I hope that answers your question.

  • Jonny Khan says:

    Find out the rejects and expel. It’s not like it’s right at the border where there are illegals coming in and gangs with guns. These are people from regions around the world that have their lives uprooted by parasites in their lands. They are good and there is bad. It is not hard to screen before entry but locking out people who are innocent. What a joke. The Syrians are caught in a quagmire. A strong sense of caution and humility instead of being heartless is inhumane. The Syrian rebels are being funded, trained and armed by the USA. Then accept the responsibility of the mass exodus of killings if there is involvement. It’s time to screen, screen, screen and help out also. Not to be a dog without a heart.

  • Paul Thower says:

    If,THEY WANTto be here, they SHOULD do it Legally. DO the Paperwork and WAIT their turn!!!!!!!!

  • Phil says:

    We should always be conscious that there are always those who want to do harm to the US! Knowing who you are allowing into the US and keeping those wishing to harm us out is always a good policy!

  • Sabatino Nuzzi III says:

    It is simple there are terrorists that are infiltrating refugees coming across store borders until we can figure out a way to find out just who they are and what their intentions are Trump is taking the right action. Quite frankly I don’t think he’s being strict enough

  • BEVERLY says:


  • B Kettering says:

    I feel that there are two problems with this ban the first is that it will serve as ab excellent recruiting tool for the likes of ISIS the second is it did not include the countries who really sponsored terrorist who killed Americans. Why is Saudi Arabia not on the list with their record of killing over 2300 Americans,could it be that Trump has business interest there?

  • Barbara Shepperson says:

    immigrants are killing Americans.they have no respect for the American people or our culture.immigrants are rioting in our streets destroying businesses burning the America flag and giving the American people the middle finger.The American people do not have free speech we are met with violence when we exercise our free speech and the democrats are fueling all the rioting and the violence that are in our streets.I have great admiration for Donald Trump and I thank him for fighting for the American people.Start deporting immigrants they are the ones who are doing the violent riots .Immigrants are tring to over throw are go.vernment

  • Verle Beucke says:

    Once a pon a time people came here to be free. To get a part of the American Dream. And they came here ligealy. To day they want bring their own beliefs to us and expect to live the way they did in their old country asnd for us to do the same. Go Trump

  • Bella says:

    Founding Fathers told us we would lose our country if we allowed mass immigration, as they would retain their loyality to their own countries. We are seeing the with the illegal aliens waving the countries’ flags while burning ours. The refugees have a culture that forbids assimilate which makes them forever an invasion force colonizing. The immigration experts are telling us we have more people here than our natural resources that we must deport large numbers. Finally they tell us we need a 20-year stop to immigration to allow those here to assimilate. No one should be allowed into our country ever, that cannot, or will not, assimilate.

  • Joanna says:

    Too much exposure to the American people
    By allowing all these unvetted refugees into our country.

  • Estella Elizondo says:

    Sick and tired of all those illegals coming into our country and getting into our US benefits i.e. free doctors free schooling with our hard earned tax dollars, foot stamps etc. Ship them alllllllllllll back

  • Estella Elizondo says:

    Sick and tired of all those illegals coming into our country and getting into our US benefits i.e. free doctors free schooling with our hard earned tax dollars, foot stamps etc. Ship them alllllllllllll back

  • Alex Fernandes says:

    We need to protect our country, we need to keep this people out until we figure out a safe way to do a background check on them and make sure they’re not coming here to hurt or kill us.
    I also thing all muslin countries should be put on halt not only those 7.
    More than that: When Obama was signing several laws, even those he (BO) used to say that were unconstitutional, no one, not even one single judge or the media, with few exceptions, was capable to say anything or to at least question if he was abusing his power… now the same media is crucifying Trump for doing the exact same thing, judges are saying he can’t do that, senators are flipping out cause he can’t do that… wth is going on, do they think we’re stupid and we can’t remember that until 30 days ago BO was still using his pen to “leave his legacy” behind him. BO wasn’t a tyrant but Trump is for doing the exactly same thing… Democrats have to cool off and accept they are not in power anymore and that in 4 years they’ll have another chance to be in power again, now we need to raise as a united nation and support our president.

  • Michelle Wenger says:

    Because there are terrorists that will now go like mad to get in here while it’s easy to do so! We are all now in more danger than ever! I fully believe that within the next two months or so there will be another damn bombing somewhere here inside the U.S. Just because they can, and they will!!! I would like to be able to read the riot act to all these Dems, all the protesters from high school level thru Collage age that when asked, have no damn idea what they are protesting for!! I’m sick of watching them all come out in the 100’s screaming and yelling, saying horrible things about Trump and having no idea why!!!

  • Joanna Smith says:

    I think this is the best thing that ant President did. We don’t need no more foreigners in this country we are overwhelmed by them and most of them are illegal. We should premantly keep it on and constantly check the immigrants here if they don’t have a green card off they go.

  • Gail Thompson says:


  • walter Bison says:

    The courts are trained to expect someone to
    do something and then decide the guilt. This
    is not the case with possible harm from ISIS.

  • Mercedes & Carlos Arango says:

    Immigration has to be carefully monitored and controlled, which is done in almost every country in the world. President Trump is correct in protecting the country.

  • Mercedes & Carlos Arango says:

    Immigration has to be carefully monitored and controlled, which is done in almost every country in the world. President Trump is correct in protecting the country.

  • LTC R. Allen says:

    Only a person with a hidden agenda would not agree that if an “immigrant” cannot be adequately vetted, they should not be granted entry. Does one invite total strangers into one’s home to live?

  • Peter De Rosa says:

    Keep going Trump

  • Caroline Shepard says:

    I live in Arizona, where the former admin. had NO INTEREST in helping control all the illegal immigrants coming over the border!
    Nuff said!!!

  • Robert says:


  • Tommas Brannen says:

    We need to help our own first

  • Craig Swenson says:

    I agree with stricter vetting and immigration limits. America cannot accept the volume that we have. Contribution to our society is important. Many have lessons that are good for Americans to learn. Deporting every illegal that has no crime record and is working is impractical, if not detrimental to many sectors of our country. No simple answer.

  • Gary says:

    Without Strong borders we are no longer a Country

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