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Tariffs: More FDR Than “Outsider” | A Real Solution Despite Trump



If conservatives do not stand up and fight President Trump on tariffs, we set up the democrat party for big victories in 2018 and 2020. Let me explain.

Since when do conservatives agree with Senator Bernie Sanders about anything? This alone should be a massive red flag. Unfortunately, we are currently being pumped full of propaganda and misinformation about tariffs and what they would actually do to our economy. If conservatives throw 100% support behind one man blindly, how are we any better than the Obama supporters, who to this day believe the economy is thriving? It is our duty to stand up for conservative principles, not a single man. If the President of the United States is wrong, then he is wrong! We must not allow big government principles to succeed no matter who is pushing them.

“Trade Balance” is such a phony talking point.

Are we supposed to have exactly even trade with every single country? If we have a $1k trade deficit with a country does this mean it is automatically a bad thing? What if I were to tell you that, perhaps we import a certain product from a country and they don’t import much from us. However, with this good or service that we procure, companies in the United States use it to produce a more scalable and expensive product or service. They then export this product to a third country. The result? A net positive cash flow for America.

“Net even” trade balance should not be the main priority of a trade policy. Simply, we must advocate for free trade and if the people of our country want a foreign product or service, our government should create an environment where the citizenry can easily purchase it.

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American companies are not moving their business overseas for “cheap labor.” Another talking point that sounds good. In actuality, companies are moving business to more favorable environments. I cannot believe Mexico has a better business environment than the US currently, but it is true. The United States government is so out of control with taxes, regulations, etc. Countries like Mexico have little to no tariffs on goods and have free trade agreements with several countries. This allows businesses like Ford to export their vehicles into countries with no additional tax. We should not punish companies that are seeking this type of environment for their business. Instead we should attempt to win them over. Create a better environment here at home. Slash taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations. Why can we not discuss these strategies? Instead we bluster on about tariffs like the 1920s and 1930s never happened.

What happens when we place tariffs on countries?

  1. Cost of goods increase. No foreign country or business will just eat a tax when they can pass it along to the end user. Expect most goods at Walmart to increase by 20% as an example.
  2. Increase of expenses on US Businesses. There are thousands of US businesses that buy parts from foreign countries. If these US companies see an increase in their expenses, expect either for them to kill jobs or to increase the costs of their goods. How is this beneficial again?

Let me give a quick history lesson before moving on to my proposed solutions.

Herbert Hoover and Donald Trump are practically identical on trade. Both were businessmen. Both advocated for tariffs. Once Hoover actually imposed tariffs,  it contributed to a little event called the Great Depression. Taxes were high. Goods and services were expensive. The complete opposite environment that we would want to foster. Furthermore, Herbert Hoover led to FDR. If Trump destroys the economy due to tariffs he will be defeated in 2020 by a radical leftist such as Elizabeth Warren. Mark my words and my warning.

Where is liberty hiding? Are we a Capitalist nation or not? Where in the US Constitution is it written that a main job of the Executive Office of President is to oversee and manage the economy? Do we really want to give power this enormous to the Executive Branch? How can one man say which companies are penalized and which are not? The side deals are another example of cronyism that should make conservatives cringe. We have a President negotiating one on one with private business about tax law! HUH!!??

It is not the duty of the President to force American made goods on consumers. If people want Chinese Steel or Chinese Paintings, they ought to be free and able to purchase them.

There is zero reason to protect these handful of unionized jobs. And that’s exactly what it is. We have already bailed out GM and Chrysler and it’s not enough apparently.

Time for my solution.

The auto industry needs to innovate or it will die. Period. I have never and will never advocate for the United States government to go out of its way to keep a specific business or industry “alive”. I am repulsed that a failing business would only survive because of tax payer subsidies. So quit chanting the line “we can’t compete with Japan.” Too bad, that’s the way life is. We don’t just automatically get the upper hand. You quit whining. You quit complaining. And you bust your ass to find a way to deliver a superior product or good.

The only thing the government should do is cut taxes, repeal regulations, and dissolve entities like the EPA. The government can only create a prosperous environment. It cannot do everything for private business. We all know plenty of mom and pop shops all over this country that survive without a single penny from the federal government.

It is time to defeat this nonsensical foreign trade policy. Unite and fight. Oppose tariffs and advocate for tax cuts and the roll back of regulations. Encourage American Business to rise up, innovate, and to compete. We have created some of the finest technology this planet has ever seen. I will not believe for a single second that we “cannot compete”.

If we institute tariffs, it will crush our economy. This will be the perfect storm for a leftist to propose a serious challenge to President Trump in 2020. We cannot return power to the Democrat Party after just experiencing 8 years of Barack Obama.

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Do you agree or disagree with this post about Trump’s tariffs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Anthony says:

    You’d have to be an idiot to believe the economy is thriving.

    • LibertarianSoldier says:

      Trade imbalance, as a form of tariffs, for the sake of protectionism is the same kind of irrational argument that the left uses to rationalize “income inequality,” that someone’s success equates to stealing from the poor. It’s fake. Build the better mousetrap. Control what you can control, that’s efficiency, that’s using the American exceptionalism that served as the engine that made us a super power from the beginning. No corporate welfare! Taht’s been trump’s success, if he actually had any. That’s been the net that trump has used to serve as a net to insulate his inherited fortune and his inherited enterprise against his horrific failure as a businessman. There is no safety net to serve as government when you’re in the government and operating in the socialistic, crony capitalist mode.

  • Lana Duffey says:

    I grew up in an age when you could always get a job. As a divorced parent I was able to send my oldest to college, a foster child to a good trade school, pay my bill and ask nothing from anyone. This changed in the 1980’s. Mexico opened up, wages dropped an average of $2 an hour. Businesses started closing and moving. I was not able to give my youngest child the same advantages of the first two. And don’t say you should have gone to school. I am college educated. I began working at fourteen and paid my own way. Women were not paid the same back then so when I got a chance to move to a manufacturing job I took it for the pay. I can count on 1 hand the jobs I have had that are still here over a 52 year job span.

  • Charlotte Blair says:

    I am very happy with President Trump so far because he is human and he’s not afraid to show it, but every human can make mistakes and he needs our imput on that to do the best job possible.

  • Rabelrouser says:

    Yes, The Government needs to quit trying to “Create Jobs” and they need to create a better atmosphere for The People to invest in themselves. This particular article presents a truth that many dont want to see, and we need to speak up for ourselves and not be propagandized into believing that the government has all the answers, Especially when it comes to the Economic Stability of this Republic; they havent got it right yet sense the Federal Reserve took over the money.
    Consider this article:

  • Nancy Guiles says:

    Free trade please. Create a less regulated business environment. OSHA has gone WAY overboard with regulations.

  • Nick Scamperino says:

    It makes sense to me. As nice as it would be to have everything made and purchased in the USA it should ultimately be up to the end user what they purchase and from whom.

  • Charles says:

    History tells us that tariffs lead to “trade wars” leading to inflation and EVERYBODY looses.
    There are no winner in tariff wars !!!!!!

  • Craig Wright says:

    I agree with the concept of holding back on tariffs but first, we need to motivate industry to move back to the U.S. Lowering taxes and fees in the U.S. is a start BUT to get them to WANT to move back may need the tariff inducement you are hearing about. Dialogue must be opened and a plan for success drafted. Both are necessary to be successful but which is the chicken and which is the egg is left up to the administration.

  • Rosa C. says:

    Saint-Trump is making things happen, it’s more than obvious. He’s very dynamic, very patriotic and concerned about US and US Citizen. He did more for everyone in the West than the traitor muslim hussein Obama ever did in 8 years. I, WE feel so much better since President Trump is in office. Thank you God for sending us a great man…

    • Cicero (Author) says:

      This is the sort of thinking (and really, its idolatry) that will deliver Democratic Victory in 2018 and 2020. We should not blindly support 100% of the things Trump does or advocated for. When he is wrong (i.e. proposed big government solutions), it is our duty to push back.

  • Dale Patterson says:

    We have seen free trade between the U.S. and Mexico for 25 years and it has gotten us zip. President Trump is only doing what we’ve elected him to do so if their is any negative consequences it is on us. However we have put up with the lies, layoffs, PRICE INCREASES, and other problems associated with open trade America and I are ready for change and while trade wars and other problems may come, if we have jobs that pay a living wage we will weather these changes.

    • Cicero (Author) says:

      You blame free market capitalism and free trade for layoffs and price increases? Then you have a lot in common with Senator Bernie Sanders. You believe the President of the United States should manage the entire economy including the private sector.

      Jobs that pay a living wage? There will be no jobs if businesses are forced by government edict to pay employees more than what they are actually worth.

      Here’s some advice. Go listen and learn from Milton Friedman. Learn about the minimum wage and why its actually harmful in the big picture scheme.

  • Ramona says:

    Well I Have never in 87 years have I ever seen anything so disgusting and shameful as what is being done To Our New President Trump and his Family it is a true disgrace. All those dumb protesters who get out there protest don’t they realize he is only trying to do his job that they weren’t smart enough to do. Now they are yapping they need to quit causing trouble and shut up ! and the media needs to clean up its act they have went of thier way to Put Trump down by telling lies and causing turmoil in the country they to need to shut up and start being Truthful maybe then I will watch news again. Or do they belong to the Clinton cartel also ??

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