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Trump: ‘It’s a Very Sad and Dangerous Tale for Our Country’ Following Witch Hunt Investigation



Trump 'It's a Very Sad and Dangerous Tale for Our Country' Following Witch Hunt Investigation-ss-Featured

Former President Donald Trump lambasted the latest political “witch hunt” that targets him. This comes as the Manhattan District Attorney recently started a criminal probe into the former president’s business organization.

In a statement, the former president revealed that he recently learned, only through leaks via mainstream media, that after investigations that lasted more than five years, the probe is now more than just a civil matter.

Trump then claimed that “nothing is more corrupt” than a probe done to desperately look for a crime. He said that’s what’s happening with the witch hunt. He claimed that the New York Attorney General has pushed to prosecute him even before knowing anything about him. The former president then claimed multiple instances of when she showed her partiality. He also pointed out that she announced removing Trump from office, even before she was elected and had seen any piece of evidence.

The former president added that this case only takes place in “failed third world countries” and not in the United States. Trump pointed out that if a person can run as a prosecutor while promising to take out adversaries and be elected, then the country can no longer be considered a free democracy. He also pointed out that the District Attorney’s office has continued to go after him on a basis of statements made by “a lying, discredited low life.”

Additionally, the former president aired that such investigations have been happening for years. With this, Trump claimed that many members and associates under the Trump Organization have been “attacked, harassed, and threatened” just to try and get dirt on him.

Trump went on to question why “Democrat offices” are putting more effort into this “witch hunt” when there are more pressing matters at hand. He cited the elevation of the crime rate in NYC as well as the southern border crisis.

The former president then went on to mention that these Democrat figures intend to silence millions of voters because they don’t want to see him run again.

He then highlighted that “Our movement” that started when he won the 2016 elections, have become the “biggest and most powerful” one in the history of the United States. Trump then contrasted this to what Democrats want: not “Making America First” but instead “Making America Last.”

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