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Trump Aims at ‘Saving’ America with New Social Media Company, Unlike Liberal Facebook



Trump Aims at 'Saving' America with New Social Media Company, unlike Liberal Facebook-ss-Featured

Former President Donald Trump has revealed that his new media and tech company was established with the aim of “saving our country.”

On Tuesday, the former president released a lengthy statement explaining the reason behind the establishment of the Trump Media & Technology Group and what he wishes to accomplish with this new company.

First, this new company intends to break the “chokehold over the voices of the American People” currently held by Big Tech companies and mainstream media.

The former president said these platforms have a “corruption” that “cannot be ignored.” Trump added that the country has “fallen far down the ‘slippery slope’ of censorship” in the United States. He added that the topics people have become more and more limited from debating include some of the most pressing issues of today.

He described aggressive censorship and cancel culture as “un-American” and said that these have significant consequences to the real world. Trump also gave instances of the “catastrophes” happening under President Joe Biden’s administration. These include the southern border crisis, the Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation, and the “socialist spending” worth trillions of dollars.

Trump added: “In a country that had free speech and a free flow of information, none of this would ever have happened — and no one understands that better than the people doing the censoring.”
The former president then urged members of the GOP, Democrats, and independents to welcome a platform where people can “fiercely and openly’ debate many different topics before going forward “together, as Americans.”

“We are inviting people of all political stripes, and all different viewpoints, to come and participate once again in the great American debate,” Trump said, adding, “That's what our country is supposed to be about.”

Trump also called social media “the public square of our times.” He adds that a small group of people are censoring the people of America and dictating what the people can say, share and do.

“We have seen renowned medical doctors being banned from platforms for contradicting ‘health authorities' or questioning the political narrative of the moment. We've seen scientists blacklisted for sharing evidence that the pandemic began in a Chinese lab.

He then added: “We've seen vital reporting about Joe and Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings — information that voters needed and deserved to hear — ruthlessly suppressed and erased from the internet just weeks before a presidential election. And as everyone knows, we’ve seen a sitting president of the United States effectively silenced by a small oligarchy of tech titans and ‘mainstream’ media corporations.”

Trump also said that mainstream and social media’s “wokeness” and censorship have had “more subtle” effects in the country.

He then asked how many Americans have stopped trusting anything leaders, media, and public health officials because they know they’re not getting the whole story.

“How many ordinary citizens have sadly come to resent their neighbors, feeling that they now live in two entirely different realities? And how many millions of Americans silently oppose so much of the nonsense being inflicted on us, but see the heavy hand of the cancelers, and conclude that their voice can make no difference, or that the cost of speaking up is just too high?” he further stated.

The former president revealed that his Media and Technology Group will start an on-demand video streaming service that would compete with the “woke” and politicized “entertainment” platforms. It also wants to make “cancel-proof” alternatives in other important industries like web services and payment processing.

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