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Trump Is “Not My Kind Of Conservative”



Trump Is "Not My Kind Of Conservative", see more at:
Trump Is “Not My Kind Of Conservative” (Image: MGN)
  • Paul Ryan said that Trump is “not my kind of conservative” while giving his speech at the Republican National Convention.
  • It is well known that Ryan and Trump disagree but Ryan has remained loyal to his campaign.
  • After his speech, however, a rivalry of Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump broke out on the floor.
  • Ryan is scheduled to make another speech at the convention today.

Paul Ryan, being the Speaker of the House, certainly knows how to turn a phrase. So that begs the question… what was he thinking about the Republican National Convention. Ryan said that he and Trump are “on the same page” when it comes to core principles, but the Trump just isn't “my kind of conservative.”

Now, for being the one in charge of unifying the Republican party, that seems like a strange statement to make.

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Ryan went on to say, “But I come from a different part and wing of the party. I think he is a conservative. There are different kinds of conservatives, that’s for darn sure.”

It hasn't been a secret that Ryan and Trump don't see eye to eye. Ryan even declined to endorse Trump at the beginning of his presidential campaign. The two have continued to keep their distance from one another. Although Ryan endorsed Trump for the Republican president, it is assumed that he did so out of necessity rather than personal preference. It's well known that the brash vocabulary and comments about the Mexican border pluck at the good-boy heart of Ryan.

However, he remains loyally supportive of Trump's campaign. Ryan said, “What I do know for sure is if we disunify, then we hand the left the country by default for another four years. I just don’t want to be a party to that. I don’t want to be complicit to that.”

Ryan is scheduled to speak again at the convention today. Last time he spoke a debate between Pro-Trump and Ant-Trump broke out on the floor. Hopefully, this time, his speech won't be marked with such controversy.

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