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Trump Reacts to Election Fraud Evidence Released in Fulton County Audit



Trump Reacts to Election Fraud Evidence Released in Fulton County Audit-ss-Featured

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President Donald Trump has reacted to new evidence from an election audit in Fulton Country, Georgia. The said audit report hinted at 2020 election malfeasance.

In his statement, Trump said the news was “beyond incredible,” describing the recount in Fulton County as fake. He noted that people “stuffed the ballot box,” adding that “We will lose our Country” if people continued to allow this action.

Trump then mentioned a recently released report from Garland Favorito and Voter GA. The report mentioned that the hand recount was 60% incorrect. Additionally, 100,000 went missing while thousands of extra votes for Joe Biden reportedly duplicated. Additionally, they made up vote counts in favor of Biden multiple times.

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The former president then concluded that Brad Raffensperfer certified what Trump called “the 2020 Presidential Election Scam” despite all the errors and provable fraud. Trump also said that the report proves what Suzi Voyles, a long-time Fulton elections worker, suspected – election workers counted fraudulent, photocopied ballots for Biden. This comes on top of around 35,000 illegal votes, 100,000 obsolete voter registrations, and the thousands of people who have passed away only deleted after the election.

Trump then posed a question of whether Georgia’s Attorney General, Chris Car, will act or not. He also asked how Gov. Brain Kemp let this happen.

He then exclaimed that what happened was “corruption at the highest level” and that “Our Nation is at stake!”

Independent Election Audit Shows Evidence Indicating Fraud that Trump Claimed

As previously reported, an independent election audit team has found multiple examples of fraudulent ballots double-counted in the 2020 elections. The audit team found the fraud while reviewing ballot images in Fulton County.

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The forensic auditing team explained how they found the double-counted ballots in a video released.

Several ballots scanned had exactly identical markings. This issue corroborates video-recorded evidence where election workers in Fulton County ran stacks of the ballots through tabulators.

A recording taken from State Farm Arena late election night showed workers pulling out ballot boxes from under a table. This came after observers had been wrongfully sent home early. The video shows workers running the stacks through tabulators multiple times.

Contrary to what the media has spread, and Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist pointed out, no one has debunked the video

Following the release of thousands of ballot images under Georgia state law, making them public, mainstream media finally conceded that a significant number of ballots have been double-scanned in Fulton County.

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  • CHUCK KELLEY says:


  • Mark Hiatt says:

    It was the most corrupt election in America of all time! I’m afraid it will continue

  • Ed says:

    Even if you hate Trump, the votes in the USA need to be counted and accurate. What a joke. Why even vote if the results are not true?

  • Delaney Parke says:

    Let’s get Biden out of the White House NOW! And, put Donald J Trump, the 2020 WINNER, back in the White House NOW !!!

  • Kristie White says:

    Shocker, the ultimate battle of good and evil. The libtards have taken the USA down the toilet faster than ever conceived. It’s not just 1984 on steroids, but Apocalypse Now.

  • Belva Fox says:

    They should put Trump back in white house. Why should we even vote if they are going to do this to our election and get away with it. Biden needs to go he is so far out there he doesn’t know what the hell is even going on, and Harris dosen’t even know what color she is, and for her not go to the border and help the people out, Biden and Harris our disgrace to our country, it’s pretty bad when you have to cheat to win an election.

  • Scott says:

    Wow, should I even vote if it’s not real?

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