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Trump Rips Biden, Niece’s Book in Fox Interview



President Trump's Trip to Asia | Trump Rips Biden, Niece’s Book in Fox Interview | Featured

In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, President Trump defended his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and touted the strength of the stock market. He also took on Christopher Wallace, who often took a combative stance against the president during the interview. Wallace pushed the president on a number of issues, from flagging poll numbers to his niece’s new tell-all book about the Trump family.

Trump Denounces Niece’s Tell-All Book

The president was visibly upset while discussing his niece’s tell-all book, which was published just days ago. The book is titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” leaving little doubt as to how the president would be described. Mary L. Trump paints her family in a scandalous light, portraying Trump’s father as having damaged the family. The book sold nearly a million copies on its first day,

The president’s niece commented on Donald Trump’s father: “He learned to become the killer… The man who needs to succeed at all costs … who will do anything to get attention, financial rewards and to win.”

When asked for his thoughts on the book, particularly his father’s portrayal, the president said, “My father liked to win… My father was a very good man. He was a strong man.”

Chris Wallace noted in the interview that Trump was no stranger to hostile press, but asked whether this book was particularly painful, since it came from a family member and mostly discussed his family.

The president replied: “It hurts me more about attacking my father, not being kind to my mother. I have a mother who was like a saint. She was incredible. She was an incredible woman and she was nasty even to my mother.”

Trump: Biden “Doesn’t Know He’s Alive”

Christopher Wallace pulled no punches when grilling the president on his reelection prospects. He brought up several polls which put Biden well ahead of Trump, which Trump dismissed as “fake news”, saying Fox News “has some of the worst polling”.

Wallace told Trump that, while there were still more than 100 days until the election, he was currently losing, to which the president responded,
“First of all, I'm not losing, because those are fake polls. They were fake in 2016 and now they're even more fake.”

Wallace then challenged Trump to answer a difficult question: is Joe Biden senile?

The president demurred, declining to answer the question directly. However, shortly after being asked, he said,
“Joe doesn't know he's alive, OK? He doesn't know he's alive. Do the American people want that?”

The president went on to repeat a position he’s taken several times, which is that he’d be happy to face off against Biden in an IQ test.

Full interview transcript here

2020 Race Intensifies

Wallace and Trump discussed a wide range of topics, from the president’s handling of the pandemic to his general performance in his first term. The underlying theme, however, was always the upcoming election. In taking a difficult interview, Donald Trump’s goal was clear: to cut through the muck of the media and reach the American people directly. His message: Biden wants to dismantle America, I want to save it.

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