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Trump Says Haitian Immigrants Are From an “XXX Country”




According to Trump, immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa are from xxx countries. He clearly doesn't want immigrants from those countries in the United States. His statement, made on Thursday to lawmakers, is sure to make a life for the “Dreamers” seeking amnesty more difficult.

What is DACA and who are the Dreamers?

The Trump administration has actively fought against DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) since he took office. DACA is aimed at allowing the children of immigrants to stay in the United States.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been discussing a deal on DACA and the Dreamers. A deal was looking promising until the president made his statement.

Reaction to Trump's “shithole comment” is negative

Andrew Gilliam, candidate for governor in the State of Florida say Trump’s comments are “disgusting and repulsive and only further clarify the President’s racial discrimination that has been evident since the first day of his campaign. He is an embarrassment and disgrace to the Oval Office.”

Gilliam is just one of many politicians and community leaders to denounce Trump's comment.

South Florida is Key to Immigration Issues

South Florida is a melting pot with many Dreamers from “XXX” countries seeking to stay.  Should we let them?  I say yes.

Immigrants from all over the world arrive and make their homes in South Florida.  As a result, South Florida is a key area for DACA and the Dreamers.

Many immigrants begin their pursuit of the American dream in the three counties that make up South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach).  Many of those immigrants are from the three world regions Trump referred to as xxxholes.

Immigrants fuel the economy

Between 2006-2010, immigrants started 286,744 businesses in Florida with a net impact of 13.3 billion. Immigrants fuel the economy both by starting and running businesses.

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They make up a significant portion of the workforce (24.5%).  Many of these jobs are jobs not wanted by US citizens. In Florida, immigrants help drive the economic engine that makes this such a profitable area.

Haitian Americans are Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders

I think Dreamers from Haiti are well worth keeping in our country.  They add to the melting pot that makes us great. I have seen first hand the huge positive impact Haitian Americans have in South Florida.

There are over 300,000 immigrants from Haiti living in South Florida, according to the Miami Herald.  The community is active politically, with elected officials in all three counties.

Haitian Americans add significantly to the economy by becoming entrepreneurs.  There are, for instance, many community groups in South Florida dedicated to Haitian American entrepreneurship, including dozens of Meetup groups.

Trump is a hypocrite and courted the Haitian American vote

When Trump campaigned in Florida, he actively courted the Haitian American vote, referring them to as “unbelievable people” and declared that he would champion Haiti and its people.” 

Clearly, these once unbelievable people have become leeches on society from a shithole country now that Trump has taken office. Or have they?

President Trump Does Not Want Haitian Immigrants

On Thursday, President Donald Trump singled Haiti saying that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal.  “Why do we need more Haitians?” Trump said. “Take them out.”

Given the growing influence of Haitian Americans on the political landscape both nationally and regionally, Trump is no doubt regretting his statements.

While not US citizens, immigrants have rights, including equal protection under the law.   Trump seems hell-bent on violating immigrant rights.

Haitian Americans are a vital political, social and economic force in my home state of Florida. I want Haitian American dreamers to stay. What do you think?

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  • David says:

    NO more illegals, “refugees” and others from all over the world.

    We need to start here and fix the problem of hunger, and the homeless, our veterans. If we have money left over we can help. But don’t come here looking for a hand out, stay in your country and make changes there, and not come to my country and try to live off the taxpayers money. Seal the border and add the wall with drones patrolling 24/7. If you get caught turn them around right then and there. Place a tracking device on them so it will be easier to track them the next time they cross the border.

  • robert benitez says:

    I stand with President. we have to many negros that commit so many crimes. we don’t need people from third world countries. we need people that are educated. that can ad to the economy. most negros are muchoors. we have to many negros in America. I say start shipping them out the country. If Lincoln would have been alive his plan was to ship negros out the country. without negros we would be a much safer place. negros have a life because they are in white Christian America. why to we celebrate a negro day when this negro didn’t do anything great.

  • Bandy Y says:

    “He who made the eye, does he not see? He who made the ear does He not hear?” He reads everyone’s hearts and thoughts and knows that Dick Durbin and many Democrats are resorting to outrageous, brazen lying. Many at the meeting said that Trump never used those words “Sh***hole countries.” Yet the Media takes a lie and blows it up.

    It is just a typical strategy commonly used by Satan: throw a distraction in to stop good: Immigration Reform that Trump wanted to get accomplished to save America. Now everyone who doesn’t have any discernment is totally distracted with this juicy bit of gossip based on a Durbin lie, instead of the issue of how we can honor the taxpayer again by bringing in people that will only be an asset for our country’s interests.

    The Democrats are being used to take America down so the Globalists can have the One World totalitarian control govt. They must get America the superpower out of the way before they can do this. So that is why they must take this courageous fighter Trump out of the way. This was all planned by the Communists from Lenin and Stalin of Russia over a hundred years ago….to infiltrate America from within by going thru’ the Democratic Party, then going after the Republicans (thus RINOS). Yep, going on right now. Anyone against Trump’s M.A.G.A. is so foolishly blind and working against himself. Pray and donate everyone! Get in on the fight to save your country. Trump cannot fight this war against the Globalists Elites (the richest people on the planet from every country) himself.

    I had wanted to emigrate to New Zealand but could not b/c I had to have a profession they really needed…. or bring in 1 million dollars. ….only $500,000 if you are 29 years old or younger. I thought how wise they are….they don’t take bums I said. And I didn’t make the grade either but accepted their good wisdom. Trump has a wide spectrum of knowledge and knows this. I am well-read but would not have known it unless I was interested in moving there.

    Russian collusion, racist because he (Trump) wants Merit-based immigration-those who can add to our country, not drain the pockets of taxpayers, a Bandy X hype name psychiatrist who never even examined Trump, met him or talked to him in person, and yet diagnoses him as insane…..just by hearsay and gossipping of mainstream media…….this is very unprofessional and is not even acceptable in her medical circles. Send this prideful arrogant lady back to Asia to unlearn all the stupidity she learned at this Marxist-Communist school where she got her degree. (Yale)

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