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Left-Wing Facebook Takes Down Trump Interview



Former President Donald TrumpTrump Speaks on 2024 Run During a Viral Interview that Left Wing Facebook Took Down. Ridiculous -ss-Featured

Facebook's attack on freedom continues…

On Tuesday night, former President Donald Trump stated in an interview that there is “hope” for him to run in 2024. The video of the said interview, however, was deleted from Facebook as “the voice of Donald Trump” is not allowed to be on the social networking site.

Trump spoke on “The Right View” with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump. During the said interview, the former president that his followers need to have “hope” that he will run for president once again in 2024.

Trump also reiterated his claim that he should have won in 2020. He then criticized President Joe Biden for the president’s performance since the inauguration in January.

Lara then asked the former president whether he will possibly run in 2024.

To this, Trump said that “You do have hope,” and added that they love the country and that they “owe a lot” to it. He then said that it’s time to help the country. The former president also enumerated his accomplishments during his administration.

Facebook Deletes Interview Video of Trump

On Wednesday, however, social networking site Facebook decided to delete all videos of the interview from the platform. It said that the site will take down all forms of content “in the voice of Donald Trump.”

An employee from the social media site allegedly sent a message to multiple Trump affiliates. The message warned them that Facebook would delete such content on its platform. The message also allegedly stated that breaking this directive continuously could result in “additional limitations” for the accounts that put such content up.

According to the email, as posted on Lara’s Instagram page, this instruction is applicable to “all campaign accounts and Pages” connected to Trump. It also applies to “campaign messaging vehicles” connected to their platform.

A Facebook sportsperson confirmed the social media platform’s decision to NBC News.

Facebook decided to block Trump after the Capitol riots that took place last Jan. 6. They insist that the risk of allowing the former president to use their platform following this incident was “too great.”

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  • David says:

    FakeBook is acting STUPID! What if We The People decided because of their actions that WE were to take down and cancel FakeBook AND all people who work for it?

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Folks, if you have not completely deleted your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, then you are part of our problem.
    Each of us needs to leave this comment on each and every story we read and get the message out ASAP! 🤜🤛

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Folks, if you have not completely deleted your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, then you are part of our problem.
    Each of us needs to leave this comment on each and every story we read and get the message out ASAP! 🤜🤛👏👍🏼

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Stop using this meda crap, and put them out of business

  • Jr boles says:

    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will Not be used by me! President Trump will attract ALL
    the socia media with his own site and then “truth and freedom” will reign! Put the socialists/commies out of business.

  • Mary says:

    I took my Facebook down a long time ago!!! Wooo hooo!! I have more family time now instead of drama time!!! Love it! Never going back.
    If Facebook doesn’t have any accounts.. guess what? No more Facebook! Ha !! Maybe President Trump can start a “America Greatbook!” Woot

  • RB says:

    Just watch it on Rumble, it was a great interview. It’s Fakebooks loss, all they’re good for is links to get to other platforms that aren’t biased

  • Anonymous says:

    Look you bunch of dumb asses it’s not the left or the right it’s his no nonsense bullshit. He incited a riot along with The Coward Cruzy all his cronies are full of shit just like the rest of you

  • Anonymous says:


  • Sam says:

    Looks like it may be time for me to drop facebook. Facebook apparently cares only for THEIR OPINIONS -not FACTS. I prefer a media source that believes in and practices unbiased presentation of news without them choosing who and what in aired. I am shopping. Hope you are!

  • Bill says:

    Where do we go to see the video of Mr Donald?

  • Tina Roberts says:

    The way I heard the story it wasn’t just the one entry that they took down. I heard that they were using voice recognition software to find anything in FakeBook with Trump’s voice and delete them.
    One might note that this is EXACTLY what the Chinese communists do to control their population.
    A government that uses people they don’t like for slave labor and uses forced abortion to control the population of the lower class. They even dissect people they don’t like and sell their organs. Pretty much the same as the cartels in Mexico.
    The point is: IS that the direction we are heading if we allow Facebook to rule over our society? Remember, many folks in our government are very close with Facebook and the other big tech billionaires.

  • Hatman1793 says:

    T45 should have begun an Anti-Trust case against these social media LeftMedia platforms. Break them up. Mr. Potato Head Joe Biden* will do nothing to harm these scumbags, they’re doing his work for him.
    Pretty sure when Trump announces his new platform 75 million voters will sign on & follow.

  • Marilyn says:

    I believe you’re right about that Hatman 👍🏻 Freedom of speech ? I think not Facebook !

  • Anonymous says:

    Facebook sucks.

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