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Romney Says NO to Support Gun Reform



Senator Mitt Romney-Romney Says NO to Support Gun Reform -ss-Featured

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah has expressed his refusal to support gun reform and said he plans on not voting for new federal gun measures.

Speaking to The Salt Lake Tribune regarding his stance on gun control, Romney mentioned that he made a commitment when he ran for office. He said he plans to honor that commitment, so he plans on not voting for new federal gun legislation. Romney said he will leave the decision-making to the lawmakers of Utah. He said those lawmakers are closer to the people in his state.

The senator also said he thinks gun legislation should be made on the state level.

The statements Romney made with regards to gun reform have prompted a local parent, Rachell Miller, to submit a letter to The Salt Lake Tribune, telling him to act.

In the letter, Miller said that with every mass shooting, she feels like she’s part of one of the families that are in Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery,” who feel sorry for the victims but relieved that she was not a part of it. Miller, however, noted that other countries already gave up on the lottery. She added that she believes Romney is willing to “reach across the aisle” for legislation that makes sens. She then urged the senator to “work towards gun reform.”

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  • Richard Taylor says:


  • Lea says:

    I really don’t trust Romney to do what he says he will do. Those that want to put more restrictions on the 99% of the gun owning public who do not commit mass shooting, are not thinking clearly. People that commit these heinous acts are not going to comply with any federal state or local gun laws.

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