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Trump Speaks Up on Biden’s Weak Response to Israel-Palestine Attacks: ‘World is Getting More Violent’



Trump Speaks Up on Biden's Weak Response to Israel - Palestine Attacks 'World is Getting More Violent'-ss-Featured

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden’s response to the clashes between Israel and Palestine. Trump accused the latter of “weakness” and that he lacked support for Israel.

The former president is known to have always had a pro-Israel stance during his administration. On Tuesday, he released a statement, claiming that under Biden’s leadership, the world is becoming “more violent and more unstable.”

His statement said that his administration was known to be the “Peace Presidency” as Israel’s enemies were aware that the U.S. stood by Israel and that “swift retribution” will take place if Israel gets attacked.

Devastating clashes between Israel’s military and rocket squads at the Gaza Strip have prompted a diplomatic push to stop the fighting, considered to be the most serious one to happen in the area since the 2014 war.

The United Nations, the U.S., as well as Egypt have all appealed for the de-escalation as Israeli air raids and Palestinian rocket barrages continue, resulting in a climb in the death toll. As of writing, 48 Palestinians have reportedly been killed in Gaza while 6 people in Israel have died since the violence escalated abruptly on Monday. Three more Palestinians have passed away as a result of confrontations in the West Bank with Israeli security forces.

Biden Administration Asks Israel and Palestine “To Show Restraint”

On Tuesday, the current U.S. administration called for the two parties, Israel and Palestinians “to show restraint.” It asked both sides to veer away from actions that may cause “deeply lamentable” civilian deaths.

The ambassadors from both parties of the conflict criticized the U.S.’s seemingly lukewarm response to the clash. They both said the response was unacceptable and called for the U.S. to do more than to stand back.

Ambassadors on both sides to the conflict have criticized the U.S.’s lukewarm response to the clashes. They called the response unacceptable and urged the U.S. to do more than stand back.

Regarding this, Ned Price, the State Department's spokesman, rejected this criticism on Tuesday. He claimed that the Biden administration’s ability to act and respond will be limited “in some cases.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • yvonne says:

    Hamas controls Gaza and Iran controls Hamas. Did Iran got any additional money ( except Obama gave them $158 Billion) from Biden? Where do they sell their oil?

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