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Trump’s State of Union 2020: Reaches Out to Iran, Vows Longer Border Wall



Podium During President Trump's State of the Nation 2020 | WATCH: Pelosi Rips Trump Speech, Right There On the Podium | Featured
Screenshot via Youtube (NBC News)

United States President Donald Trump tended his hand to Iran and said Tuesday during his State of the Union address that the relationship between the two countries depends only on Tehran.

Trump said US sanctions are hurting the Iranian economy and that his country could prevent this, adding that relieving the pressure on Tehran “depended on them.”

The US president added that Iran had to abandon its nuclear program, “stop expanding terror” and work for the good of its own people. He also boasted about having killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and called him “the world's greatest terrorist.”

The leader also mentioned the death of slain Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, assuring the extremist group had bee “100 percent destroyed.”

However, he added his government is working to end wars in the Middle East, promoting his newly announced Israel and Palestine peace plan.

The president also spoke of his project to protect the US border with Mexico, saying more than 800 kilometers would be built to separate the two.

He said about 165 kilometers had already been built to combat the entry of undocumented immigrants through the US southern border.

Trump also boasted about having reduced the flow of immigrants from Mexico, which he said had decreased by 75 percent since May, as a result of his administration's efforts.

The Washington Post newspaper Jan. 13 that Trump plans to divert another $7.2 billion from the Pentagon budget for the construction of the wall with Mexico.

The funds would allow the Executive to build some 1,400 kilometers of wall along the border, which stretches 3,170 kilometers.

He said illegal migrants would be quickly deported and that his government had worked with those of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to address a situation he called a “humanitarian crisis.”

In May alone, 132,859 immigrants were arrested, a figure not seen since March 2006.

Trump also praised Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who attended the Tuesday speech and whom he recognizes as the country's interim president.

He told Guaidó that Americans were united with the Venezuelan people and that he would challenge Venezuela's leader Nicolás Maduro, calling him a socialist dictator.

From among the guests of the White House, Guaidó stood up after hearing Trump and greeted the president and people in the room.

Trump's tribute to Guaidó was received with an ovation by both senators and congressmen, and with the applause of the president of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The president called Maduro an illegitimate leader and said Guaidó is a man who carries with him the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Venezuelans.

The proximity of the Nov. 3 presidential elections, in which Trump will seek a second term, has increased his attention toward Venezuela and Cuba to garner the support of Americans with roots in either country in the key state of Florida. EFE

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Mike Kevitt says:

    I don’t think Trump was reaching out to the Islamic regime running Iran. He was reaching out to the people of Iran to overthrow that regime.

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