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Trump’s Tax Records Turned Over to Manhattan Prosecutors



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The New York district attorney is now in possession of former President Donald Trump’s tax records.

According to the spokesperson for the district attorney, prosecutors managed to obtain Trump’s tax records on Monday. This comes as the Supreme Court denied the former president’s effort to keep the documents private.

Sources claim that the documents include the former president’s tax returns from January 2011 to August 2019. They also include his financial statements, agreements, and other documents connected to his tax returns.

The documents, which were handed from Mazars, Trump’s accounting firm, won’t be accessible to the public due to grand jury secrecy rules. However, their transfer ends Trump and his legal team’s efforts to block prosecutors from getting them.

Investigating Trump’s Tax Records

New York District Attorney Cy Vance has been tasked to investigate whether the former president and the Trump Organization dabbled in tax and insurance fraud. He is also investigating if they provided false information regarding the worth of certain properties and assets.

Now that they are in possession of the documents, the prosecutors now have the means to dig deeper in their investigation, contact and conduct interviews with potential key witnesses, and find out if Trump broke any state law.

The documents released might prove to be crucial in the investigation as they reflect Trump’s decision-making and actions behind certain valuations and tax write-offs. These are important as they can show if the intent to commit a crime is there or not.

Apart from the Mazars documents, the district attorney’s office is in pursuit of obtaining other documents. These include records from the Deutsche Bank, which served as one of the former president’s creditors. Deutsche Bank has granted loans to Trump, valued at more than $300 million. The prosecutors have also interviews employees from the said bank.

In addition to Deutsche Bank, they have also subpoenaed Ladder Capital, an investment trust which has granted the Trump Organization loans worth over $100 Million. The Trump Organization has also been subpoenaed for records that are connected to consultation fees they have paid.

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  • Niceto Batac says:

    I strongly object to the released as there’s no need for the public To know
    Other than for political reason.

  • Vickie says:

    Leave the Man ALONE!!!

  • Deborah Carder says:

    Do people think the IRS would have let Trump get away with Fraud and how the hell are they proving intent. God are they afraid of him now. They used him when he wasn’t in politics to get donations etc. now they just want to attack him.
    This is going to open the door for anyone’s taxes

  • David says:

    Let them do it. It will be another witchhunt rwsulting in nothing hut wasting taxpayers $! Maybe all of these swamp rats should pay for it out of their own pocketd. But, it’s a grwleat precedent. Next let’s see Obamas(came out of the WH 3,000% wealthier) biden (im sure it shoes all of that Chinese, Ukranian & Russian $ he’s been getting) pelosi, schumer. Lets see ALL of the taxes!

  • Carol Christopherson says:

    this shuldnt be allowed! its fishing where a crime has to be made first before investigations start! unreal!

  • The professor says:

    Leave the man alone he was one of our greatest presidents but just remember when all these illegal aliens come into our country who is going to foot the bill for their food stamps their education their abortions their healthcare think about it

  • Debbie Meaux says:

    They are so insanely Scared of him…He will be Back…And when that day comes he is going to ROCK THIER WORLD!!!!!????

  • WILLBE REVLD says:

    These Democrat’s are still trying so hard to find anything criminal against President Trump. Who cares about his taxes. They should be investigating Hillary Clinton and her”lost” email’s!! Or how about Hunter Biden??!! Such hypocrites and such hatred from the left Democrat’s, Its so obvious they hate Trump since the day he was inaugurated, They’ve tried everything to get him out/impeached etc. so sickening and pathetic.. its been non stop harassment against Trump. I agree with NICETO BATAC.. this is all for political reasons.

  • Anonymous says:

    He is a con-man. And a consummate liar, homophobic, and bully.

  • Herb says:

    President Trump is the best president we have ever had, the Democrats are dangerous, this will be the hardest four years that we have ever lived through

  • Pay Attention! says:

    and you are a fool if you really think that. He is the best President and cares about the people including you. Unlike the current residents of the office. If you opened your eyes and looked at what he accomplished you would see but you don’t, and wont. If you are paying attention you would see that he is rolling back the accomplishments that Trump made and its destroying America.

  • Pay Attention! says:

    I was responding to :
    ANONYMOUS says:
    February 26, 2021 at 2:16 AM
    He is a con-man. And a consummate liar, homophobic, and bully.

  • Sage b says:

    If he has nothing to hide why does it matter? Why was he trying so hard to hide if he is innocent. Also, acquitted does not mean innocent. I’d be surprised if he doesnt write a book about how he got away it 2x’s like OJ Simpson. Or how he wrote how many boasting of all of his bankruptcies. Guess some see failures, multiple ones at that, and having your or someone else’s tax money pay for his failures with your bailouts eh. Didn’t think there were so many of you that think it’s such a great accomplishment. Sad.

  • Anonymous says:


  • The professor says:

    This is to Mr. anonymous read what I said…. who is going to pay for all these illegal immigrants ….. their education their healthcare their abortions their dental who is going to pay for this think about it Mr. anonymous …. when my grandparents came from Poland there were no bank statements in Spanish if they dial the phone there was no one for English and there was none for Two they had to learn English …. and don’t forget about these illegals on food stamps …..did you ever hear of MS 13 ?….educate yourself sleepy Joe is going to put us so far back you’ll be living under a bridge soon

  • Frank Rivers says:

    I believe President Trump was one of the best presidents we’ve had in decades. He accomplished a lot with all the controversy that he had to go through fighting the left wing radicals at every turn. Our unemployment rate was the lowest it’s been for years. Because of his efforts of keeping jobs in America, he help the veterans of foreign wars more than any other president has for the last 50 years. This country Hass to be run like a business to get it back on it tracks where it’s not going bankrupt. I hope to see him in the White House again in 2024.

  • Mot says:

    This is ridiculous! It states right in the article that they are trying to identify if any laws were broken. That is the definition of a fishing expedition or witch hunt. FIND A CRIME FIRST then pursue it. There is no crime, they are just getting his complicated taxes into the press so that he can be criticized for using official tax laws. This world is becoming so UNAMERICAN! Presumed Innocent unless you are a real Republican (Conservative).

  • Not interested in your business says:

    Leave the Man alone.
    Would you want your neighbors to see your tax forms? How about your Church. Your Relatives?? They might wonder where the money came from for that new pool? Or your wife’s new car? “How could you afford it on your income?”
    Is nothing private anymore? Your taxes are really only the IRS’s business.
    Leave the Man alone.

  • Kim says:

    Trump is not the best president he the worst let all people believed no sickness outside it just the flu it go away all people died from the virus no remorse send people to the capital building to destroy his own senator on fake elected vote trump know y’all dumb you believe anything that why the court’s threw that nonsense out check his taxes even his own niece said look into his taxes trump go down worst president in history lol

  • Sage b says:

    Why are you guys so mad? He said he would give his taxes 5 years ago….then as a man of his word, didn’t. Are you calling him a liar? Lol. He tried every trick he could to block/stall the IRS of even getting em. Every president and or EVERY politician should have to show their taxes. They want to lead us “the people” they shouldn’t have anything to hide as OUR representative or leader. Transparency in politics would drain the swamp real quick. It’s also funny that hes already made brazen remarks that he could get away with anything….and you would be right there cheering him on. I think it’s you trumpers that need to realize he keeps getting away with injustices that you or I couldn’t, and you praise him for it all the while.

  • Brenda C says:

    If President Trump is so crooked why is he the only President, the only politician, to not accept a salary while in office? What do we care about his personal businesses since he didn’t use taxpayers dollars to support them? Why can other politicians use insider knowledge to make personal investments and leverage taxpayers money to force companies and other Countries to do what they want them to and no one seems to care?

  • David Kostos says:

    Anonymous says that Trump is a con man….but Anonymous is worse than that…he is a liberal and cannot even consider the sleazy democrats that have consistently screwed the American people,
    remember…when you point a finger, there are three pointing right back at you.
    Just look at Pelosi’s covid bill. Only 9% goes to covid, the other 91% goes to her buddies!
    And also…why are you anonymous??? Chicken hearted!

  • David Kostos says:

    Kim, you really have no idea what you are talking about.
    Trump never sent anyone to the Capitol (FACT) he encouraged peaceful protests, yet Kamala Harris encouraged violent protests (FACT). Also, You so easily forget Pelosi in china town shoulder to shoulder telling people to come there (During Covid) (FACT).
    You in true liberal fashion call people “dumb”, yet you cannot string a coherent sentence together, and only repeat what you have heard from the liberals.
    Stop being a hateful person, and educate yourself with FACTS!

  • Jameson says:

    This is outrageous! I pray to God Almighty that these NY witch hunters find nothing. And following that, I pray President Trump sues the hell out of them! They will no doubt try to change some numbers to a negative because thats what NY lawyers and politicians do.
    I thought new yorkers were tough. Guess you need to be to live in such a corrupt and disgusting place.

  • james platt says:

    Well let’s get one thing clear an yes he was a great president an will be again. An to all you demwits who hate him just wait till biden and the demwit party takes all your rights away. An there will b a civil war. Lets just say all you democratic demwits are nothing but stupid sheep slaves.

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