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US Gas Prices Hit Record of $4.17 Average Price per Gallon



Fuel tank filled with money, symbolizing the high cost of fuel | US Gas Prices Hit Record of $4.17 Average Price per Gallon | featured

Soon as President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian oil import, US gas prices rose to their highest rates. A gallon of gas now sells at an average of $4.17, according to the American Automobile Association of America (AAA). 

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US Gas Prices On An Upward Trajectory, And It’s Not Coming Down Soon

Oil prices are going up. Arrows point up | US Gas Prices On An Upward Trajectory, And It’s Not Coming Down Soon

US gas prices are currently on an upward trajectory ever since demand outweighed supply last year. As the pandemic started to wind down, many businesses began resuming their production activities.

However, oil-producing countries weren’t so eager to increase oil output. They said that their economies suffered in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 cratering demand.

They won’t increase production again unless they’re sure disruptions won’t happen again. With demand outstripping supply, prices began going up. 

Then, Russia happened. The world’s second-largest oil exporter decided to invade its neighbor Ukraine. The already-precarious supply of oil began to dwindle further as countries began shunning Russian oil.

OPEC has yet to act on the developments, but it’s already saying that they cannot offset Russia’s production.  

US Gas Prices Now At Record High of $4.17 Per Gallon

Following Biden’s decision to further sanction Russia by banning its oil and gas imports, US gas prices shot up again. According to the AAA, the new $4.17 average per gallon is up by 10 cents from the $4.07 set last Monday. Last week, US gas prices sold at an average of $3.61 per gallon. 

In addition, the new price of $4.17 erased the previous high of $4.11 set in 2008. When adjusted for inflation, however, the 2008 rate remained more expensive, as it will come down to $5.25 using today’s rates.

Either way, US gas prices are now very expensive. Even diesel prices are nearing the old record of $4.84. Current average diesel prices are now at $4.25. 

US Gas Prices Will Keep Rising

Tom Kloza, the chief global analyst for the Oil Price Information Service, said that US gas prices will keep on rising in the near future.

Russia is the second-largest oil producer in the world. Until the conflict between Russia and Ukraine ends in a peaceful solution, the impact of Russian oil will remain. 

Meanwhile, Gas Buddy projects that US gas prices will likely average $4.25 by May and stay over $4 this year. Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, warns Americans to brace themselves.

“Americans have never seen gasoline prices this high, nor have we seen the pace of increases so fast and furious,” he said.  Ongoing sanctions against Russia are curbing the flow of oil.

This is putting further pressure on oil production. It’s just not gas, but also diesel, jet fuel, and others. What about the chances that US gas prices reach 5 per gallon? De Haan says that while remote at present, chances remain. 

California Reporting Gas Prices of $7 Per Gallon

Due to local tax laws, gas prices vary from state to state. Stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco sell regular gas for more than $6 per gallon, with some reaching nearly $7.

Meanwhile, only 28 states have average prices over $4. Only South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas averaged less than $3.80. In fact, the cheapest state to get gas in is Oklahoma at an average of $3.71.

Watch the NewsNation video reporting that gas prices hit a record high of $4.17/gallon:

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What do you think of the continued rise in gas prices? How soon can Americans enjoy lower gas prices? Or, should they expect high gas prices from this moment onward?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.

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  • Cherie L Taylor says:


  • Edwin wilson says:

    We need a new president one that can at least talk and Runn a country he can’t keep people from invading Our borders we would not even be in Ukrainian if he and the Demerats where not in bed with them I think trump might have ben right all along

  • Nguyen says:

    We would not have to rely on foreign oil if our idiot-in-chief had not stopped our domestic oil productions. Oil production here or oil production in some other country is still the same; it’s still on the same damn planet!! We’re not saving anything by stopping our own oil productions. At least here, we have the EPA to watch and make sure oil companies adhere to guidelines set to ensure the safest and cleanest processes possible. But of course, you can’t explain any of this to a Democrat because there’s no cure for stupidity!

  • Sam says:

    These are thr major failures, and certainly too many to list, when you install an incompetent, pedophile with dementia and a woman whose only qualification is her color, and using her body to advance professionally. I give her credit for that!

  • Texas Heart Breaker says:


  • jimmie roan says:

    anyone with any common sense that isn’t completely ignorant knows this country can produce enough oil to offset the problem. i couldn’t even make a guess at how many wells have been capped in the last 40 or 50 years, not to mention drilling new ones. and i haven’t heard anyone mention the billions of gallons of crude we have been told are sitting in tankers off shore, waiting, waiting for what, maybe the pipeline goofy joe stopped. i can’t imaging all those tankers just vanished over night, off load that crude and put it in trucks and get it to the refinery’s, we need it now not after we start being rationed, or has the public forgot that.

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