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Afghanistan Crisis

US Generals Advised Biden Not to Withdraw From Afghanistan



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Top US generals advised President Joe Biden not to completely withdraw from Afghanistan. Instead, they suggested the US should leave a force of several thousand troops.

This statement, given during a Senate hearing, contradicts an earlier statement by Biden. The President said last August that no one warned him not to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. 

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Senate Armed Services Panel Invites Top US Generals

During yesterday’s Senate Armed Services panel meeting, top US generals took the stand to answer questions from US Senators.

They included General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command. In addition, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley also answered inquiries from Senators. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also participated in the hearing. 

Their testimony showed a stark contrast to statements issued by Biden regarding the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Many Americans criticized the handling of the withdrawal, which resulted in the deaths of 13 American troops.

The abrupt evacuation of US military forces also led to the quick fall of the Afghan government. As a result, the Taliban once again assumed control over the nation. 

General MacKenzie Recommended Maintaining A Small Force

General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, US Central Command chief, appeared before the Senate Armed Services last Tuesday. He said that prior to the withdrawal, he recommended maintaining a small force of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

Earlier during the Trump presidency, he also advised that the US retain a contingent of 4,500 troops. 

Asked by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) about his advice, McKenzie said he would not share his “personal recommendation” to the president. However, he did say that his personal view shaped his official recommendation.

He believed that withdrawing US troops will lead to the collapse of the Afghan military and the government. 

Recommendations Contradict What Biden Said

General McKenzie also said that he told Biden about recommendations coming from General Scott Miller, commander of US Forces Afghanistan.

He said that Miller advised that the US should leave a few thousand troops on the ground. Miller detailed this plan to the Senate last week in a closed meeting. 

“I was present when that discussion occurred and I am confident that the president heard all the recommendations and listened to them very thoughtfully,” McKenzie said.

The remarks directly contradicted Biden’s comments made in an August 19 interview. Talking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden said “no one” that he “can recall” advised him about maintaining 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

During the interview, Stephanopoulos asked Biden if nobody told him to keep 2,500 troops stationed in Afghanistan. Biden answered: “No. No one said that to me that I can recall.”

Senators Interview General Milley 

Senator Inhofe next called General Mark Milley, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Inhofe asked if Milley agreed with the recommendation to leave 2,500 troops. Milley said yes.

Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) asked Milley if Biden's ABC interview was a false statement. Milley did not address the question. Instead, he said that he’s not “going to characterize a statement of the president of the United States.”

Sullivan also asked other US generals over Biden’s statement. He asked McKenzie the same question he asked Milley. He also stressed that US generals do not “have a duty to cover for the president when he's not telling the truth”.

However, McKenzie also declined to reply directly. Instead, he said that he only gave his opinion and judgment.

Watch the Guardian News reporting that top US military testify before the senate on withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Did President Joe Biden give a false statement that no one advised him to leave some US troops in Afghanistan instead of making a complete withdrawal? Will the presence of a few thousand troops make a difference during the evacuation of the rest?

Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts below.

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  • Gary S says:

    I find it very difficult to believe, that these military leaders would advise Biden to pack up the troops and get out of Afghanistan in such an unorganized fashion. I believe he blew off his advisors in order to score big political points.

  • CB says:

    This is what I call, a Dem photo op leadership. With 9/11 fast approaching, what a scene as they would crow on their leadership. Now with a complete failure and lives lost, it’s Trumps fault while are media chortle and pawn it off as the truth.

  • walter says:

    drop joe off in kabul on the tarmat wiyh his icecream cone America wouldn’t miss him

  • Princess says:

    I don’t believe anything Biden stands for or says!!!!!!!!!

  • The professor says:

    We have a president governing the greatest country in the world and he’s lost it …. his wife needs to take him by the hand and sit him down and say it’s time Joe resign give it to Pamela ….( I know her name is Kamala but I call her Pamela )… he should then go to his palatial estate in Delaware and sit on the porch and smoke a cigar once in a while….. maybe he can borrow one from Bill Clinton ….. so many of us see what is wrong why can’t our government leaders Senators congressmen even ice cream Nancy she should see this she’s white six years older than him … she’s ready for the rocking chair too…..we are in big trouble big serious trouble like I’ve said in the past make sure you’re guns are clean you have plenty of ammo bottled water toilet paper and you better learn how to grow a garden

  • BBA says:

    As the in control of this country Democrats totally lie, cheat, kill and ruin this country we as patriotic Americans continue to sit on our hands and do nothing? Yes-yes, I know I’m not doing anything either but the old saying goes “ten is a lynch mob, 100 is a militia but 3 million is an Army not to f#*% with!!

  • GomeznSA says:

    slow joe says the generals are lying – they say he is. Most likely they are all lying. Here is one way to decide: who has the most to lose if the truth comes out? Unfortunately We The People are the ones who lose either way,……

  • Mary Weese says:

    No military person no matter the rank would have wanted us to pull out at night like scared cats and leave fellow Americans and friends behind I believe they could have filled our plains and helicopters with as many folks as possible and got them out then destroyed the largest of the equipment so as not to allow it to be used by the talaban to destroy other countries as well as our

  • Sam says:

    Anybody still saying democrat this, republican that, virus this, vaccine that is very lost and confused. ALL OF THEM ARE CROOKS AND LIARS. They accuse one another of cheating, lack of transparency, etc. And it’s true. They are all criminals. And if they aren’t now, give ’em time.

  • Beverly Burkhart says:

    We left troops in South Korea for that same reason in the 50’s, and they’re still there in 2021! What part of this lesson do they NOT get?

  • Chisel says:

    Stand them all up against a wall and shoot them for treason!

  • John Flowers says:

    I agree with the generals. Biden didn’t want to hear it so lives were lost and the USA is the laughing stock of the world!

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