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Solages: US Must End Accelerated Deportation of Haitian Migrants



Deportation order phrase written with a typewriter | Solages: U.S. must end accelerated deportation of Haitian migrants | featured

I am deeply disappointed by the Biden administration’s current plan to accelerate deportation flights to Haiti – a policy that continues the obvious thread of historic racism that runs through U.S. foreign policy in its interactions with the Haitian diaspora.

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Solages: US Must End Accelerated Deportation of Haitian Migrants

Members of Black Lives Matter protest outside Federal Building to denounce the segregationist immigration policies of the Biden administration-Deportation

When former President Trump continued and intensified these racist policies, I called him out for it. I must do the same with President Biden.

It is clear to anyone watching that Haiti is deeply in crisis – but once again, Haitian migrants are being treated differently. The current proposal is no different from the ‘wet-foot, dry-foot policy that placed Cuban migrants on a fast-track to citizenship while Haitians and others languished.

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The people of Haiti are continuing to grapple with the aftermath of the recent assassination of President Moise. Political instability continues and there is no clear pathway to an election. In addition, the entire southern half of the country is still in the dark due to the recent major earthquake.

At such a fraught time, we must ensure that Haitian migrants are properly vetted and processed so that their rights are protected.

The United States must not send the women and children and others back to Haiti without being processed because some have rights and relationships in other countries such as Chile, where they were before they came to Texas.

In addition, the United States has a duty to provide necessary medical care and see if these migrants have any potential claims for asylum.

It is also important to note many of the migrants we are encountering left Haiti years ago and did not leave the country as a result of the recent disasters.

While the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan was direct, our military and diplomatic interventions in Haiti’s affairs date back more than a century and must not be overlooked.

It is my firm belief that the United States should take a similar level of responsibility for Haitian migrants as they are currently taking for Afghani migrants.

As I continue to see images of my fellow Haitians living under a bridge in Texas, I pray for these migrants who are enduring unimaginable conditions and challenges.

I urge the Biden administration to impose a humanitarian moratorium on deportations in order to resolve the situation in the most equitable way possible.

Carri Solages, of Lawrence, represents the 3rd Legislative District in the Nassau County Legislature, which includes the communities of Elmont, Valley Stream, South Floral Park, Meadowmere Park, and Inwood, as well as portions of Lawrence and North Woodmere.

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Article Source: NewsEdge

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