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Vicente Fox Is Ready To Pay For Trump’s Wall



Vicente Fox apologized to Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, had been quoted as saying “I’m not going to pay for that f-ing wall. He should pay for it. He’s got the money.”

This was of course in response to Donald Trump saying that he was going to build a wall and Mexico would pay for it. A statement that angered many in Mexico, including the former President Fox.

Yet, just one day after Trump was the last man standing in the Republican race, Fox apologized on video to Donald Trump and asked if Trump would do the same. A Trump apology would be unlikely, to say the least.

Fox will be the first of many that denounced Donald Trump who will now get in line to kneel before the presumptive presidential nominee.

We have actually seen this already in the Republican Party. So many who denounced Trump and committed to the #NeverTrump movement have come back around and started to support the man. Unfortunately , there are still many in the party that would rather see Hillary Clinton as president.

Donald Trump has his work cut out for him. If he can truly unite the Republican Party then I think the White House is his for the taking. The only question is if those #NeverTrump-ers in the party will subject the nation to 4 years of Hillary over a grudge.

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  • Cliff says:

    Not only “liberals” are worried, the RNC and their “elite” cronies are worried that their “money and Power” will be reduced as seen by the many in the RNC that are “hinting” at a third party candidate. (probably one that can be more “controllable”) AND we have to also consider the RIGGED voting machines, (proven) voter fraud, (proven) illegals, (proven) dead people, (proven)and felons ALLOWED to vote (proven) and so on and so on. MY question IS with all these so-called “allegations” proven to be so, (and the man that RIGGED the voting machine to vote DEMOCRAT only has been quietly prosecuted) Why in the HELL isn’t this corrupt, ILLEGAL “administration” GONE???

  • Leonard SkodK says:

    I don’t mind them coming here as long as they come legally.

    • Rick says:

      I would add, and get a job and stay off the welfare rolls. I live in south central Texas and have known many wetback laborers. With very few exceptions they are hard working serious young men who are working to pay for things their families need. They also fill a need left vacant by young men unwilling to get dirty and work hard. Here, a young man who says he wants to work in construction what he actually means is he wants to drive around in an F150, in his starched jeans and white pearl snap shirt topped off with his $100.00 Stetson, traveling around to the companies different job sites telling the real workers of the bosses wishes or running to the yard to pick up whatever and take it back to the guys who actually do want to be working in construction to assemble. This in mind we need Mexican labor but they can’t be a fringe labor. They need to be taxpayers., The problem is most of them don’t want to be citizens and can’t understand the return to them by being taxpayers.

  • evelyn gallenstein says:

    This guy is a real piece of work.. he must be related to Hillary!

  • Pierre Canu says:

    No group of people are more vainglorious than the Mexican elite. Vincent Fox is the personification of the most elite of that elite. If nothing else, his pride would prevent him from allowing Mexico to overtly pay for the wall.

  • Stephanie says:

    It’s his people escaping

  • jeff says:

    unfortunately trump is a social savant but nuts and dangerous. think back to barry goldwater and the dems. campaign slogan.”in your heart you know he is right but in your mind you know he is nuts.” and then there was the photo of a little girl playing with a flower as a mushroom cloud rose into the sky behind her. hillery isn’t great but at least she is sane.

  • lou says:

    they need us more then we need them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mexico had better pay !!!!!

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