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Hackers Are Manipulating The Presidential Election




  • The report also warned the public dissemination of unofficial voting results potentially could be manipulated by hackers.
  • Cyber criminals and hackers are likely to continue to target voter registration personally identifiable information data.

Elements of America’s election infrastructure potentially are vulnerable to hacking and other cyber-intrusions that could impact the ability of voters to cast ballots on Election Day or manipulate unofficial election night data, according to a Department of Homeland Security report obtained by

“We assess multiple elements of US election infrastructure are potentially vulnerable to cyber intrusions. The risk to US computer-enabled election systems varies from county to county between types of devices used, and among processes used by polling stations,” states the Sept. 20 intelligence assessment.

“Targeted intrusions against individual voter registration databases, however, are possible. Additionally, with illicit access, manipulation of voter data, or disruptions to their availability, may impact a voter’s ability to vote on Election Day.”

The report also warned the public dissemination of unofficial voting results potentially could be manipulated by hackers.

The DHS report, titled “Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities to US Election Infrastructure,” explained that some states have started “migrating to the cloud” with systems that report election results to the general public and media.

The report said: “Vulnerabilities in the public-facing Internet portion could be used to display inaccurate vote results to the public and media. Election Day results are not the official results of the state or local jurisdiction.”

At the same time, the report stressed that an “intrusion into vote tabulation systems would likely be contained to the manipulation of unofficial Election Night reporting results, which would not impact the certified outcome of an election.” But this “could undermine public confidence in the results.”

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Other election infrastructure vulnerabilities and concerns were outlined in the “Official Use Only” report, including:

Cyber criminals and hackers are likely to continue to target voter registration personally identifiable information data.
Electronic voting systems are vulnerable to compromise. DHS assesses the election outcome would only be impacted if a compromise happened on a large scale across multiple machines or jurisdictions, which officials judged beyond the capability of any adversary. (DHS did not respond to questions on measures to prevent or respond to potential voting system compromises.)
Kay Stimson, spokeswoman for the National Association of Secretaries of State, told they are taking “every precaution and using all resources” to address potential issues on Election Day including results-reporting.

“At this point there are no reports of critical or specific threats reported by our federal partners and no issues reported up from state or local level,” she said, without commenting specifically on the DHS warning.

The DHS report voiced confidence that malicious activity could be detected.

“In addition, local election officials, media organizations, and political campaigns carefully monitor local voting patterns, particularly in electorally significant jurisdictions, and are likely to detect and begin investigating potential anomalies quickly,” the report said. Multiple redundancies make it likely that cyber manipulation by a nation state intended to impact the election outcome would be “nearly impossible to avoid detection.”

The report, which outlines cyber risk and offers guidance to operators of U.S. election systems, was designed to assist state and local governments in “protecting, preventing, mitigating and responding to cyber incidents against US election infrastructure” – at a time of heightened cyber-alert.

Unknown cyber actors in mid-July used an open-source scanning tool to identify and exploit a vulnerability and extract personally identifiable information data from a Midwestern state board of elections website, according to FBI sources with access and information provided by a cybersecurity organization supporting states. In at least three other states, voting and non-voting related websites during the same period observed unsuccessful attacks of a similar nature from unknown actors, according to the same reporting.

According to sources and public statements by DHS officials, various additional DHS resources also have been deployed to election polling and other locations in the run-up to the election and will monitor results on Election Day.


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  • Samw says:

    It maters not who votes, but who counts or rigs the vote. If we lose confidence in results howcan we have a Republic?

  • RC RUSSELL says:


  • Name says:

    Cause of the poles that’s been caught and scam in North wearhouse of the boxes filled with balets marked Clinton. As far as I’m concerned it’s been reged

  • Cecil Black says:

    Lying, Cheating, Demonic Hillary and her Boss the Devil (Obumer) will do anything to stay in power .

  • david barwell says:

    Dem’s will stop at nothing.

  • walter says:

    they will do it just to prove they can and to send this country into a tail spin that will be hard to stop.

  • Michael Ferguson says:

    AT because all elections with a brock Obama or hacked

  • Name says:

    Are you kidding?!? Potentially?!? Potentially you could die before the votes are counted. So what?

  • jq smilee says:

    Voting machines are not on line so they cannot be hacked, transmitting totals to SOS offices and news outlets could be but not likely be a serious problem as it can be later verified if doubts arise so in the end the election will be accurate.

  • Hylon J. Heaton says:

    The crime, if it is possible, would be limited and the punishment unlimited.

  • they are paid to do so. how much do you think they make for a billon doler job like this. says:

    it is all the part of the plan

  • they are paid to do so. how much do you think they make for a billon doler job like this. says:

    it is all the part of the plan

  • Hetrb Voigt says:

    Hackers are known to do this , not only in the US but other countries too. Just look at the outcome in any election . It seem to leed in the direction of the establishment controlled by money and money is power. The average citizen is just a pond to manipulate to their needs..

  • Clare E Butterfield says:

    Hillary Clinton will lie, steal and cheat to become the President! She is a criminal!

  • spyder says:

    Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia and probably the entire world are seeing first hand what a joke our government has become. That is why we need to stop all this political correctness, put our foot down and demand respect. We need to earn respect but putting a criminal into office will not be the way…God bless and protect America

  • Joan Neel says:

    Hillary, Soros and Obama admitted the Democrats would steal the election, and they also were caught allowing Hillary to have the questions prior to the Debates!

  • Deplorable Robert says:

    Bet it will be hacked exclusively by good old Harry Soetoro and company. Anything to keep Trump from spoiling the party!

  • Jeff wallace says:

    When i went to vote today it would not let 4 voters press anything other than the buttn to vote for all Democrats. After 20 min me and the other 3 found out we all where trying to vote trump and the one guys wife was voting for Hillary and had no problem. It finally let us vot i took a picture to show it.

  • charlie says:

    Always happens Nobody ever does anything about it.

  • michael Barrett says:

    look WHO is in office NOW?? I am positive elections are RIGGED! when there were questions about the LAST ELECTION, they were SWEPT UNDER THE RUG? and never DEALT WITH WHY??

  • VeronicaLynn says:

    I DISAGREE. Hackers are LIKELY to do many things, as is anyone else. Seems to me the DHS found their fall guy, if this vulnerability were of true concern, know that it would’ve been address, assess, & amended long before now; only weeks away from Election Day. Its a shame this website is participating in such scare-tatic propaganda.

  • Phil says:

    Clearly the establishment is terrified by a Trump win. Trump himself said during the Primaries, that Republicans & Democrats are in the pockets of the big party donors.

  • Lawrence says:

    Trump should be leading in the polls by a large percentage.

  • D.S says:

    voters in some States have already complained about the ballot machines not accepting their Trump choice. I wonder many people didn’t pay attention.

  • burl says:

    Slime can’t win in a fair election!

  • Maureen DeGennaro says:

    I heard too much about casting votes from deceased people and where they get more
    votes then registered voters.

  • Lauri says:

    Duh! Hillary has cheated until this election is a joke! I just hope that IF she wins by cheating, Trump contests it!!

  • Thomas says:

    Democrats have hired many to subvert the results where they can get away with it.

  • Teddy says:

    She has Never Told the TRUTH becauseShe don’t Know so LAIR LAIR Puppet’s

  • Ellen says:

    I have seen people on TV voting several times. Know for a fact many polling places have dead people on the rolls. never remove. Whose job!!!

  • James Scates says:

    I saw a video on the Web that showed a rigged voting machine, but cannot explain how it was done.

  • george says:

    Too many dead people and criminals are voting.

  • Russell says:

    evidence of corruption from those who desire to force their desired end

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