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Pro Football’s Redskins Renamed Washington Commanders



NFL Washington redskins club equipment | Pro Football’s Redskins Renamed Washington Commanders | featured

The professional football team headquartered in Washington DC is now officially the Washington Commanders. The announcement of this new name ends a name search that took more than a year.

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From Washington Redskins to Washington Commanders

The Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants | From Washington Redskins to Washington Commanders

Earlier, team president Jason Wright appeared on the TODAY program last Wednesday. He said that as of today, the official team name is now the Washington Commanders.

Wright also said that they settled for the final name after more than a year of searching. Washington chose to replace its own name, Redskins, after years of protests. Many Native Americans considered “Redskin” a racial slur.  

In choosing “Commanders,” Wright explained their decision. “It’s a name that has the weight and meaning befitting a 90-year-old franchise,” Wright said.

He added that Commanders broadly resonated with fans. It also embodies the values of service and leadership that define Washington DC. “It’s also something that we could own, and grow for the next 90 years,” he added.

Washington Commanders Follows The Cleveland Guardians of the MLB

Actually, Washington joins Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Guardians in adopting a name change. The Ohio pro baseball teams previously sported the name “Indians” and also used a Native American mascot. The Cleveland Guardians' name takes into effect at the start of the 2022 MLB season.  

Meanwhile, Another major league baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, has yet to signify their plans to change their name. However, not everybody seems to advocate for change.

Specifically, Major League commissioner Rob Manfred claims that the Braves enjoy support from local indigenous organizations. In fact, many people find the “Tomahawk Chop,” a cheer that makes fans mimic a slow ax-chopping motion, more controversial. 

New Digs For Washington Commanders

With a new name in place, the franchise will now focus on securing a new stadium to replace the dilapidated FedEx Field in Maryland.

In fact, FedEx Field made headlines when its deteriorating state caught the attention of the media. Issues include a broken sewer pipe and a railing that collapsed after a game. 

In addition, the club also showed interest in reacquiring the RFK field, where the team played between 1961 to 1996. There it plans to build a new 60,000 seat stadium.

However, the US Department of the Interior owns the land where RFK lies. This means securing a new lease to operate within the premises. 

Watch the NBC Sports video reporting that the Washington Commanders is the official new name of the franchise:

What do you think of the name Washington Commanders?

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What do you think of the new name Washington Commanders? Also, do you think the name properly represents the community in Washington DC?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts below.

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  • Nathan J Kittrell says:

    Its 100% bullshit-should have left it as it was The Redskins–im Native American-Tsalagi/Seminole and making a big deal out of a name is petty shit,there is much much more important things to fight for-this is a waste of freaking time-grow the hell up ya bunch of whiners-many of my family went to FSU and did the chop at football games-and they are Native–let spend our time on cleaning up the swamp- getting rid of the corruption like Brandon and Harris-what they are doing in washington is a criminal act-and ya idiots are worried about a freaking name of a football team-it a stupid game for god sakes

  • Mac says:

    A poll or vote should given to all American Indians on this issue. I suspect that only a few felt that this was a concern. I also suspect that political activism was involved.

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Nathan is a lair idiot he is not native and definitely didn’t go to college Biden is a American hero let’s look at the record: got us out of Afghanistan(trump couldn’t) passed massive infrastructure(trump couldn’t) and he did it with a 50/50 senate and barely a majority in the house stupid nazis don’t realize they are being lead to their slaughter,first the came for… but I said nothing…. Wake up and stop doing your own research your not qualified obviously

  • E. Weaver says:

    Brandon, talk about not being qualified!! You wanna be the pot or the kettle? If you truly think that your leader, Brandon is anything other than a total fuck up, then you’re a special kind of stupid!! Go back in your mommy’s basement and troll somewhere else

  • BBA says:

    Wow Branden OConnell, I’m very surprised your mother let you skip school to post your stupidity. Luckily for the country, you are the minority of total f’ idiots.

  • Sam says:

    Moron Brandon wants to toyt Afghanistan?! Yea rught, bail on Amerocan serviceman, bail on the country and bail on our allies! You really lack intelligence. Go through hostoey, this isnt rhe first time it was done by democrats either. Kerry was involved the last time. And by the way, Trump had a strategy for pulling out but they made up a coup “impeachment” over a phone call. And you’re the one being marched to your grave with the shots. Please keep taking them! Oh and he even abandoned millions of dollars of militsry service K9’s, not to mention embassy personnel, which are all still there stranded. Be honest, he’s done nothing since he was illegally installed. Brandone has a Biden blow-up doll because he likes molesting little children too like XCi Joey, the nipple pincher.
    As for the Redskins, they should gave changed their name because clearly the owners are cowards and have no business being named after a people with such bravery and courage. Who cares about the national felon league anyway. Their ratings are in the toilet anyway.

  • Texican says:

    You are obviously suffering from Bidenitis a TOTALLY debilitating condition, Blinding common sense! #1. Biden got us out of Afghanistan alright, in the BIGGEST retreat DISASTER this country has ever seen! oh, and minus 13 brave Marines who were blown up! #2. Billions of $$$ of Military equipment, guns, rockets, and Bombs left for the enemy to take! Joe Biden did that! not President Trump! Biden/Harris and INCOMPETENT butt kissing Generals are responsible for AFGHAN failures!

  • MetalMike2112 says:

    BRANDEN OCONNELL, It’s Obvious You Are A Close Friend Of Hunter Obiden. You Have Been Doing Drugs Too Long. And It Really Shows By Your Pure Ignorance. The Fact That You Actually Put Your Name Attached To The Lies You Stated Really Shows The Level Of Ignorance You Have. You Have Jumped In The Lead To Win That Week Long Camping Trip With Hunter, His Father, Pete Bootyjudge & Rachel Levine. Do You Get Your News From Kamalamala Harris & Jen Psaki? It’s Just Hard To Imagine How Tough Life Is For You Being That Stupid. Now Go To Your Safe Space. Dude, You’re Really A Fucking Idiot!!!

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