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We Cannot Move Forward While The Government Keeps Us Dumb




We Cannot Move Forward While The Government Keeps Us Dumb, see more at: ?
We Cannot Move Forward While The Government Keeps Us Dumb (Image: MGN)

I must admit that I am outraged by the recent “censorship” of Omar Mateen’s phone call with Orlando law enforcement. Not only am I outraged by the fact that it is being done, but by the fact that they have the audacity to tell us to our faces that they are editing information.

Our government is taking us by the leash and prancing us around their yard like a trophy. How in the world does a government organization think that they have the right to edit information that is already publicly known? Oh wait, what was I thinking… it’s the government, they think they can do whatever they want.

Yet, what we don’t understand, or what the government doesn’t think we understand, is that they are keeping us dumb for a reason. The more they are able to keep information away from us the more control they have over the public.

We know that Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS. That has already been documented. Yet they still have the gall to say, “yes we know he said that, but we are just gonna Sharpie that out real quick.”

The attacks on America are real. People have been dying. They have been dying because the radical Islamic group ISIS has been targeting not only Americans but Christians. We are making the public naive if we keep that information from them. How can a public protect themselves if they are not given correct information on the enemy that they are fighting?

ISIS wants death to Americans and death to Christians. They have said that over and over again and yet the government is now “editing” that out of the public’s eye.

The scary thing about censorship is that it can easily slide to a larger scale. First, they censor out the words Islam and ISIS. What’s next? What stops them from censoring whatever they want next? I mean, they now have done it before. Yet, not only did they do it. They told us they were doing it and we let them. That just shows the government that censorship is not something that matters to us.

We the people established the government, therefore, we have every right to know whatever information they know. They are not above us. They are our hired hand. They are the manager that we have asked to oversee our business. In a company, if an employee starts to overthrow the boss that’s called a mutiny.

We cannot allow our government to mutiny over our authority.

We deserve to know the information. We deserve to be educated on the happenings of America.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Tom Heinz

    June 21, 2016 at 9:36 AM

    Get those RAG HEADS out of America

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