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Obama Proves His Incompetence Once Again



  • Barack Obama is trying to get the public aware of the dangers of climate change by using false information.
  • This isn't the first time that Obama has falsified information about climate change, earlier this month he said that Manhattan would be underwater.
  • Scientists are warning about the dangers of classifying problems with climate without having all the necessary information.
  • Scientists are worried that detrimental policies may be put into place because of hysteria.

During Barack Obama's well-deserved vacation to Yosemite, he talked about the environmental state of the country and warned Americans of the dangers of climate change. However, he used information that wasn't correct, not even remotely.

“Fires are raging across the west right now … all while it’s still really early in the season,” he said while visiting the park, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Obama isn't alone on the train to false information regarding climate change. California Governor Jerry Brown has also connected wildfires to climate change which has scientists shaking their heads in disagreement.

Breitbart News actually commented about this back in October:

Scientists are rebuking California Gov. Jerry Brown over his attempt to link recent California wildfires to climate change. (Even more remarkably, the Los Angeles Times is reporting it.)

As Breitbart News reported in August, Brown blamed climate change for the Rocky fire in August, and specifically challenged Republican presidential candidates to tackle climate change in the context of “Longer fire seasons, extreme weather and severe droughts.” …

However, scientists say Brown is wrong and that the scientific evidence does not link recent fires to climate change.

Scientists have actually said that Brown is engaging in “noble-cause corruption” of climate science. Those are harsh words, but unfortunately accurate.

Fires are growing more frequent. The cause for that, however, has not been determined, and scientists believe that falsely classifying the problem could lead to misguided policies.

This isn't the first time that Obama has jumped into the deep end of the climate hysteria swimming pool. Earlier this month, Obama came out and said that Manhattan would be underwater if drastic measures were not taken. Scientists, of course, said that is an extreme exaggeration. Manhattan could experience some flooding because of climate change. They said that not even  in the most catastrophic models was the entire island flooded.

Well, Mr. Obama, we understand your frustration over climate change, but next time when trying to get people to be more aware of a growing problem, use accurate information.

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